This book was channeled directly from nine out of the twelve guides that assisted in the astral journey writing process of the book; "12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul." As many have discovered through their own seeking, once a persons conscious process begins unfolding as long as there is a willing recipient to receive, the answers will come. This book was written before 12 Planets and after "A 94 Day Chakra Journey". During this writing nine divine guides were present with whom I knew very little about yet desperately wanted to know more closley. I opened myself as a vessel through meditation to their teachings and over a thirty day period they came into my mind and wrote through my hands, automatic writing. Never knowing what the end of the sentence would say, I wrote with no fear, the ULTIMATE test of TRUST in the divine. It was by reading and understanding the channeled words that my body began accepting the twelve beings into my energetic field which would inevitably take me on the astral journey that lead to writing the book, 12 Planets, 11 Bodies, 1 Soul. This book helps its readers to find the ways in which their own energetic field is ready to open up to divine energies.

eBook - 77 Windows to the Soul
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