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YOU: Finding your fluidity while grounding your energy into outside relationships.

BLOCKING: Need to find your courage, you do this by aligning your willpower to what you know to be true in your mind. I usually give a paragraph of information for each of these, but this is so in connection to me and chris that I don’t want to project!!! hahah I find myself pulling back from giving all the details because I don’t want to put too much of me in here. but FUCK IT - here we go!

GOAL: is to become more vulnerable. You are currently manifesting this energy with Archangel Chamual at your side. All beings share one heart. The sacred heart belongs to no one person. The sacred heart is a collection of the love we hold and have for ourselves, and unified by the connections we have with all beings. We must learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are. There is no more hiding the truth of our being. We must emerge from our protective shells and be ready to call from the mountain tops. They will hear our calls of devotion to ourselves and our dedication each and every day. Finding and loving more pieces of our true being. There is no more time to be afraid of what people will think. Fear is what keeps us trapped in believing that what we are is unlovable. We must love ourselves enough that our love reaches every heart everywhere in the seen and unseen worlds. We must have vulnerability so that we may give ourselves over completely to the understanding that if we love everyone as much as we love ourselves, we can shift the vibration of all beings to that of peace, care and stillness. Our sacred hearts are all unified by the same source creator. By filling our own hearts with love, we intentionally fill and love each other. By acknowledging that we are vulnerable when we love so strongly, we take power away from fear and an incapability to love and give the power to the movement of love itself.

FOUNDATION: You are narrating this story LOVE —-> its time to ground your voice into the conversation. This is manifesting into the picture right now so when you do this and start dictating (haha)/directing the story (LEADING w/ COURAGE) you will create the solid foundation needed.

DISTANT PAST: Usually shows the patterns we could recreate into this new timeline and here the energy is that of patience. Interesting because this is all about your willpower and your relationships and finding the balance between forcing others to follow and allowing time and space for things to evolve. I would have you look at who you typically are as a producer and who you have projected yourself to be in this triangle of this “retreat” project. Is this an extreme of how you typically operate? Find the balance point so you don’t re-create a pattern here.

FUTURE: WOW this is big… Spiritual Disbelief HYPO crown chakra - where has this story line pulled back a bit for you? Where do you not feel 100% aligned to how this retreat is moving forward? You have to put more of your narrative into this story line to get yourself back in balance with the project. *This is interesting , because I go in and out of this field here too, the energy seems to fluctuate a lot with this retreat.

YOUR ATTITUDE: You are manifesting complete clarity - CLEAR VISION on not only who you are but who you are in connection to this. Your mind, intuition and clarity are all coming into perspective so again don’t let the potential block (not sticking up for your mind and what you know to be true - stop you from creating the foundational energy for all of us (you are the base of the pyramid!)-> which is you narrating telling or guiding this story.)

HOW OTHER PEOPLE SEE YOU: Shadow of Solar Plexus Chakra which is shame…. here I see this as a complete block out of your authenticity. ***I will validate this, I miss your direct approach - I know you to be very specific with how you see the big picture of a project (creating copy with Rhondalynn is on my mind!!!!) and it seems as if you have taken a step back, your direct approach is missing at least how I know you to be when you are directing a project.

HOPES & FEARS: Your high self is wanting to express through you. The card here is tolerance - specifically defined as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with. = When you do not agree you are out of alignment with High Self and this becomes part of the hope (to reconcile) and the fear (scared to express your alignment completely) in order to stay in alignment HIGH & LOW self w/ this project you need to find that balance point and start telling the story.

OUTCOME: LOVE IT!!! You are manifesting PROGRESS energy which is you grounding your willpower into this situation. SHES BACK!!! - let that LION roar!!!!

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YOU: its saying there are still solar plexus chakra shadow energies coming up for review. So lets figure out where your going this month. Also remember we are in 1-1-3 energy which means this is like the last gateway to enter into TRUE/AUTHENTIC self for you.

BLOCKING: hahaha ok I am interested to see what comes up for you here. This window is TOLERANCE. This window is all about your high self wanting to express through you… SO what have you been denying on a spiritual level that high self is trying to align to you? Lets go very straight forward - what outside of you do you have NO TOLERANCE for right now - where is your trigger? And how is this coming in as another item that needs to be released for you to clear this shadow side of the solar plexus chakra? example: I have no tolerance for my husband when he_____ or how you are looking at the Pelaton instructor who feels so in-authentic when she does________. SO this same area is where you are not giving yourself a break and it is here where you are not fully expressing your own desires that you are blocking high self from completely manifesting through you.

GOAL: Your readings always remind you to speak up for yourself. The goal for you ALWAYS is to speak instead of swallow (old thyroid issues…) speak what you feel so that you don’t swallow those feelings and confuse your emotional / feeling body for what you are wishing to express.

FOUNDATION: Clairvoyance. Yes, you are getting sooooooo clear. Clear sighted, so I just looked at your FUTURE because here your foundation becomes a support for what you are moving towards in your future. And the future window is DEVOTION, where you high self wants to serve a greater / bigger population. You have expressed wanting to get into training and here is where your clarity is guiding you towards this future timeline.

DISTANT PAST: Spiritual disbelief or hypo crown chakra. Meaning when you got to close to your purpose or fulfillment of goals, you sabotaged yourself (your words) this placement shows old patterns where when things started aligning so perfectly you might have dismissed them as happening to you instead of acknowledging that you created every opportunity and everything was aligning to you for the highest good. So here the warning is to not pull back to stay connected to the moment and own everything that aligns to you because it is the stepping stone for your next catapult forward.

FUTURE: Devotion, your high self pulling towards the group that await your expertise!

YOUR ATTITUDE: Archangel Michael YAY for you your finding your people. I would not be surprised if you started magnetizing people into your life that began helping you achieve this FUTURE card. Interesting for you and old patterns (not letting people get too close / or helping you) you taking on the entire load of work. You are in a place now where people are going to show up who want to help you because it is a part of the destiny to help you get to a place where you can lead bigger groups of people (YOUR ENERGY IS EXPANDING - YOU WILL NEED THEIR HELP) and know that they need to help you!!! its part of their destiny.

WOW OTHER PEOPLE: Are ready for your message - throat chakra card… They see you as walking your walk and talking your talk - PURIFIED to speak a message clearly and with transformative potential! (i feel all education w/ spa)

HOPES & FEARS: Hypo Root Chakra (here is comes again) am i ready, am i good enough, am i schooled enough. All these minor hesitations (not quite fear) but the beginnings of pulling back from this being your complete reality and new foundation.

OUTCOME: Progress you are grounding the momentum the willpower the drive into your physical reality to achieve your goals (Speaking your truth) - now i am back to you asking for what you want and co-creating this next step. Remember all of this here in January is to release these last bits of shadow from Solar Plexus so that you can expand into this next version of self!

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MA reading2.JPG

YOU: Manifesting prudence to speak what you know to be true. What is it that you have not spoken… You have taken time and built up the awareness to speak this understanding. You intuitively know what is happening and thus far have been mentally making up your case. This card show that you are ready to speak this truth, to express this knowing. Its manifesting so get ready.

BLOCKING YOU: This “prudence above” must have to do with a one-on-one relationship. This window is all about you walking your walk and talking your talk in the presence of this relationship. You have been expressing your truth outwardly through your actions, but its time for what you have been doing through your actions to be spoken directly. It seems like the person hasn’t gotten the message, and your now being asked to SPEAK your truth not just act in accordance with your beliefs. To change this situation and really teach this person or give them the message it will require your words.

GOAL: You are manifesting the potential to lead a group. All windows that come up "(cards)” tell the same story, so here you are getting ready to lead a group, your intuitive guidance is clear on this and your ready to guide a bigger group towards a collective goal. So where does this come in with this individual who you need to speak up to???

FOUNDATION: It also seems as if this is a new group because here in your foundation you are manifesting these connections. (to the larger group you are supposed to lead) it feels like this one-on-one relationship is like the gatekeeper that has been keeping you from this take…

DISTANT PAST: this spot clues us into the patterns or old paradigms that we could bring into this new timeline. Here the old pattern is that you have not been able to manifest the conviction to go after / or speak your truth to this “person” one-on-one relationship. There is a power that you give over to them where you have allowed their energy to dominate you and overtake your intuitive senses are, you have allowed them to dictate the terms (???) Its about not have enough conviction to stand up for your intuitive knowings and allowing their power to direct you.

FUTURE: Archangel Uriel - you are being asked to release a very deep seeded aspect of self and surrender and trust that this incredible feeling of SELF you are in connection to will lead you into the next stage of personal development. Call on Uriel when you need validation and need a push to step into this next phase of self. This is a caterpillar to butterfly moment for you.

YOUR ATTITUDE: to have awareness. This is about learning from the present moment when you actually use your voice and speak your truth. This window is about duality - let me explain… It now feels like you are being asked to become aware of how you react when you speak in front of this relationship. It feels as if who you are in connection to this person is a lessened (or dualistic) version of your authentic self. Like this person can turn you into a totally different person. This feels like a big LESSON / PERSPECTIVE moment for you. The future being (URIEL) if you can release this aspect of self you have a transformation moment that never has to be repeated. The duality (the energy feels subservient in a way) To have enough awareness you can change this.

OTHER PEOPLE: hahah here we go - so whoever you are supposed to use your voice with will gain a level of appreciation for you. But this comes from high self and settles into heart center. Which means it might stay subconscious…. meaning they might now outwardly show their appreciation, but on a higher level the compassion for what you are doing will be there.

HOPES & FEARS: Witness, this is all about being grounded enough to see and recognize the signs. Because this is such an intuitively driven “goal” (goal being the prophet energy that will lead these groups) you are looking for the validation that you are on the right path, although the signs are all around they only connect to your and your intuitive senses since this is in connection to your purpose. So trust in your instincts here.

OUTCOME: there is a warning here and it comes from hypo heart chakra. Heart has come up all around you leading these groups of people so the warning here is that if you don’t follow this desire to lead these people it will leave your heart feeling empty (depression energy) this is what will fill you up and give meaning to what you do, your heart longs to lead and create a more connected collective so don’t disconnect from this passion otherwise there might be a emptiness in your heart around what you are doing.

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white EF.JPG

YOU: This is the shadow of the HEART chakra the wisdom here for you is grief which signals the LETTING GO of something in order to move on. Because I performed a reading on you with an intuitive art piece I can tell you that I know for sure this is in regards to the letting go of the “low self” the personality you have created on EARTH up until this point “ego” and stepping into the HIGH SELF stepping into unity body which guides you into the higher purpose and how you are here to guide humanity.

BLOCKING YOU: Hyper Crown Chakra which is spiritual disbelief. I am getting pulled more towards a sense of “confusion” or not being completely clear right now on who you are as High Self and therefore you question some of this NEW energy coming in… Let me validate you and say this energy is COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! There is no way you get to this point and claim to know how you cross this bridge from LOW to HIGH self. So I know this card is coming up to simply give you validation on this part of your path during this transition time and let you know its ok NOT TO KNOW because that will help you align to something so much greater than you can envision right now.

GOALS: Your voice & your passions are coming together to create the TEACHER energy. In this new space you are going to be called to teach more than you are, more than you know, more than you can imagine right now… Keep your self open and aligned to this GOAL energy coming in. (also manifesting for you right now).

FOUNDATION: Your foundation is filled with WISDOM. Your authentic self and your purpose have come together to create a solid foundation for you to grow from. All of the wisdom you have acquired up until this point will become your foundation moving forward. Everything you have learn will become your launch point as you move into this next phase of UNITY consciousness and begin leading humanity.

DISTANT PAST: Low Self-Esteem, what are you questioning…I am getting or maybe hearing you think about if this is the time to drastically change your “human” role and step fully into your calling… The placement of this card is a reminder of old patterns or paradigms you have held in the past that if your not careful could repeat again in the future. Here its a warning of you distrusting your are enough to accomplish your goals (which are this TEACHER energy) and that could disrupt your future (potential block in throat chakra - which is also 5D shift energy) do not lessen your light here, trust completely in what you created up to this point so that you can clearly into your future/goals.

FUTURE: Shadow Throat Chakra - your internal voice is strong. What is the dialog you are repeating with your inside voice? When you think about your future what is the story you are telling yourself… “Just 5-more years…?” “When I achieve this benchmark, I will peruse my goals…?” -> There is some internal story that your “interviewing voice” tells the mind that is dysfunctional. This also triggers the old pattern of Low Self-Esteem… Review this story to remove blocks to your future timelines wanting to come in. (you might discover the story if you review where you feel low self-esteem…)

YOUR ATTITUDE: You are currently manifesting another level of harmony and balance. I feel as if life has been “FLUCTUATING” a bit more than normal… Like there is a level of normalcy that you are missing? This placement shows that everything is coming on line once again to bring balance / centering back into your life.

OTHER PEOPLE: Hahahaha INSPIRE card - this is the teacher card but from people perspective. This is a message in a bottle. YOUR PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR YOU… Why are you making them wait? This card shows you are heart aligned to teach your one-on-one relationships. This is the build it and they will come card.

HOPES & FEARS: KISMET that your purpose is what you think it is… This shows that part of your path right now is in contrast or duality. Its like you know what you need to do, but you question what you need to do. Does that make sense? This energy here is saying, everything you can “imagine” is your potential so trust what is in your mind is what you are supposed to be in purposeful connection to.

OUTCOME: Fluidity, your family is your passion or read in connection to your other cards look to your family to receive the validation over your passionate pursuits. There is something about this card that triggers this deep need for validation or that the family will support your passions… The outcome here states that when you find your fluidity in connection to this new platform, this new energy you are bringing in will help you flow with everything you are in alignment to and this will be completely connected to your passion.


Cross Layout - Relationships


You - use your voice in a clear way and walk your walk and talk your talk. Throat chakra. Make sure to express you authenticity ❤️ 

Whats blocking -hyper third eye chakra obsession, this means don’t go outside of your self to play a role because of the repetitive thoughts in your head. Stay true to yourself, don’t think about what the other person might say. Try to be you as much as possible without questioning what the other person might do or say.

goal- realist... BE YOU this is all about being able to ground the authentic you into the situation. Staying realistic with your expectations (over yourself!)

foundation -  flexibility between your passion and what you anchor into your world. You are being asked to stay flexible. Every relationship must find their flow and how two come together to be one so her it’s a reminder that by finding a flow that stays grounded in both of your passions you will stay connected to the goal of being and staying your authentically.

Distant past, the potential pattern you could repeat. This is about intuition. Connecting to your foundation and it’s manifesting for you so I would interpret that in the past you have pushed that intuitive voice away and allowed the ”ride” to go on longer than it should have because it was convienente - this is asking you to not repeate the pattern so when something intuitively doesn’t feel right - get grounded immediately, and be pragmatic about it so if your feeling jealousy..... don’t ground into attacking energy but sit down be vulnerable and say I am feeling really uneasy about something between us, and am not sure why. Can we talk this out and you try to help me.... something like this “pragmatic” is not emotional but more left brain 🧠 (I am using any emoji it shows for the end!)

Future - you are really manifesting stability here! Have you though that this could be a person you move in with....?!? This is manifesting stability again grounding a one on one relationship into you life and making it your foundation. 

your attitude - is you want this to be easy you want this relationship to feel like a vacation! This is about patience. Finding black ace between you want to use your willpower to move things forward while also taking the time to enjoy what’s happening.

other peoples view of this - teacher and manifesting the energy to teach through using your voice in connection to the relationship. Here I would say what your goal is “purifiying” your ability to speak clearly in this relationship is also what those who are witnessing you in this new relationship see as your “triumph” moment. Holding you will authentic speak your truth.

Haha your hopes and fears - kindness, you hear me saying use your voice authentically and now your brain is like well what if my voice and mind are wanting to scream FU! Haha so the juxtaposition here is that you hope that authentically there is always an ability to be kind you the relationshipbit also your own mind and thoughts and your fear is that if you use the voice authentically when you feel like you should that speaking truth might now result is (sunshine, rainbows, and 🦄!) 

Outcome - your lesson/purpose here is to use your voice to find your purpose. Concentrate to make sure what you speak is always aligned to your highest alignment. the goal here might now be just to speak your truth but to learn how to speak that truth in a way that will help (teach, send compassion, and uplift) the other person while you are still presenting your soul for review. Does that make sense. It feels like you are being asked to move to a new stage of expression where you are 100% true to yourself but chose how you speak carefully so that every reverberation of your voice is keeping you aligned to the highest outcome.

jumper - prophet - which I swear you have gotten as a jumper before. This is reminding you that you know what you need, you are a leader not a follower, so trust your instincts because they are there to clue you into the next step even when the people around you might not see or be ready for what’s coming. 

love, Love, love

Guest on Soul Chat Radio

October 16: Continuing the October theme of "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween," today's broadcast features our guest: "Jenessee Roy: Chakras Root to Crown."

We had a wonderful time getting to know Jenessee and her work as her "primary language is with the chakras," and our conversation is a beautiful tie in to our last week's broadcast, "It's All About You and It's Not About You."

Listen to Jenessee describe her work in after school yoga programs to empower young ladies from grades 1-12. She explains that any mentor working with someone that looks up to you, it's extremely important to ensure that you serve as channels of clear love so that none of your own dysfunctions can be picked up on by the mentees. Jenesee and her mentor partner help these young ladies learn through their body systems (emotional body, mental body, etc.), to help these young ladies to actually see themselves, to allow them to receive their authentic self. It's very inspiring to hear!

We also discussed grounding and the chakras in general, with Jenessee providing some suggestions. This was a beautiful segue into information surrounding each chakra with the physical, emotional, and spiritual/karmic lesson; its shadow; and then Michelle and I tied Jenesee's description to the planets/astrology.

 Have something to write with to take notes! There's great insight and helpful information to assist in the necessary part of knowing yourself, especially as we learn to move away from negative labels to describe our life experiences, to see that the things we go through are, in fact, a beautiful part of life and to experience more of who we are, as Jenessee said: you're then able to experience more of your total soul!

Taurus Full Moon Reading


I love random layouts! As soon as I look I usually get a hit on what the layout represents. Not being an astrologer or having any context for Taurus I am excited to see if this sign has anything to do with mind or mental filed, because this is what I see when I look at your layout. On the bottom I see you and your experience and the scaling cards to the left will represent your left brain where the cards on the right will be your right brain.  

Left - analytical, but also how you get things accomplished on the horizontal timeline that is this human existance.  

Right - holographic, but also your antenna to divine. This is the 10th Dimensional access to your limitless potential (if you can hold and connect to its frequency) and bring into physical manifestation using left brain... 

so very interesting 

right Brian is holding the spiritual message/wisdom/lesson of courage this is aligning all of your physical and emotional energy towards what’s happening in this “download” process you are experiencing. “Family or foundation” connection per left brain.  you are tryin to find your sanctuary, your home, your place. This is about feeling comfortable grounding Into the family or whatever is currently supporting you. These are the ideas in your mental field. It seems as if your questioning or getting the courage to make a big shift/move/leap as it pertains to “family” whatever that means to you.

now emotionally this is creating a “transcendence” moment or one that will forever change you. This is crow chakra awareness. Top of the mountain, full clarity kind of stuff, there is a level of maturity or growth. Physically there is a group of people surrounding you that you are either maturing with or stepping up to, your identity is maturing and you are now equal to those in this group supporting or surrounding you.

outcome - you, wow artistry card! So funny in 10-min I am doing a radio show and it’s all about sacral chakra artistry and how what we bring through creatively is our birthing of our next transformation. You don’t have to be an artist to do this, but humans are constantly connected to their passions and how they bring this through in the physical world signals their artistry and can ground them more fully into their authenticity.

light and love



loving this!!


It feels like you are starting a new cycle (will be or just did!) At your foundation you have the transcended card which means you would have just had or are about to have a huge AH-HA moment in life (we’re talking major milestone... death, birth, marriage, divorce, business open, business close,) from which you learned apart of your LIFE LESSONS, this is huge, but can also now plop you back into the baby role meaning you are now at the beginning of a new cycle and have to find your place within this new space and figure out who you are again and what your now doing with your life (does this make sense?) here is an example: woman goes her whole life needing to learn her life lesson to speak up for herself, she marries husband who is overpowering and she always sacrifices her own wants and needs to bring peace to the relationship, women one day realizes she needs to honor herself applies for a divorce and finnaly finds her freedom after years of suppression. Speaking her truth was the hardest things she ever had to do, but this brought her to this moment of “transcending - the old pattern” and stepping into her new reality. Here she is wise with the gained insight into who she is on this deep level, but now is a baby using this energy in its newly discovered way. She has to learn how to take this new power and work with it in her new reality - she also gets to discover a new path in life through reclaiming this “lost peice” of her soul...

Relationships: you hold the shadow of FEAR here, this signals that there is a subconscious pattern that continues to play out in your field that is having you make your decisions based off of FEAR. This is big and deserves your full attention, because when we have a shadow aspect at play we tend to make decisions unknowingly in accordance to this pattern. Something about your decision making process when it comes to your one on one relationships triggers you to go into the shadow, that means when you have freewill to make a decision that best suits you (in connection to a relationship - could be: partner / child / boss / friend / parent.... a specific one on one relationship) you most likely don’t make the decision that best aligns to you in that moment because you have fear that if you made the best decision for yourself that it would effect to much the stability of the relationship. Instead of chosing a path that best serves your needs you tend to move into this pattern; which states it’s better to support the family, foundation, or platform that is already in place instead of doing what’s best and most aligned to you in that moment.

YOU card... this is the inspire card it’s about using your voice in a passionate way. I would ask if your a teacher, mentor, coach, leader in your field... this is the card that represents these aspects of a persons personality. It could also be guiding you to freely use your voice when its aligned to something your passionate about, because in those moments you can truly inspire the people around you. 

it feels as if you are trying to find your current direction in life and these next 4 cards are showing us how to begin to see that clearly and what to do to get there.

The heArt is asking you to be a witness right now and to follow the signs your getting. Heart is assuring you that you are getting these signs but your mind is getting in the way (to mental not present enough) 

left brain (human side / logical) is saying you needs to allow yourself to receive more. You need to allow your one on one Relationships to support you during this transition. This will also help release the subconscious pattern we discussed earlier. 

right brain (intuitive) is needing you to become more grounded when you are In connection to these one on o e relationship so that you can get the intuitive hits CLEARLY heart says you are getting the signs but you are not (trusting or present) enough to receive them, which again is triggering you into these old patterns. 

when you can organize you Heart center to your mind in this way... get grounded when around these partnerships, see what they are willing to offer you and then open yourself to receive the intuitive signs you will feel confident speaking clearly your HIGHER SELVES needs and this will come from clarity of the intuition you are receiving. You will not be confused and things will (think & feel) right.


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Let me start by stating this cross layout is mostly used to answer a specific question. If your looking for general information about your life from a bigger perspective this too will give guidance, but I can already see resonance to specific aspects so just know I am going to read this as the cards dictate it might go back and forth (big vision then specific)

#1 - you card... here we get hypo third eye chakra. This means you have pulled back from your authenticity and have settled into a level of distrust in what the bigger vision or perspective is. I would have to say this is signaling that you have been given a “download” (purpose, guidance, direction) and after it was gifted to you - the mind began running through reasons why this “download” is not possible or probably for you at the time. This shows that manifestation energy has been halted here in your mental field most likely because you are not trusting in the bigger picture ”download” as it has been gifted to you.

#2 what’s blocking you... oh yes the above is true because here you are getting the shadow of the root chakra of whic is fear. Let me validate you and say this is a typical human pattern... we get “downloads” of our higher purpose and then our most grounded aspect of self “the human” in us says, I can’t do that - that would completely change my and my families lives! Then we chalk the “download” up to being our creative mind daydreaming way to big for our little human selves once again.

#3 your platform for growth... yes!!!! Love this, you are currently manifesting the support from your partner to chase the dream “download” you have been gifted with.

#4 goals... You are manifesting a new growth cycle through aligning YOU this most authentic version of yourself to your passion!  this passion is creative in nature.

#5 distant past... this is where you need to watch out because you could fall back into an old pattern that doesn’t serve this new energy. Here we get hypo root chakra which triggers our anxieties. Your mind after hearing these words of encouragement might be telepathically screaming “hell yeah!” Bring on the “download” this time I am going to follow through. And here what’s coming through is this has happened before and when it was time to manifest your purpose/download into physicality you got anxious and pulled back right before you had to make the shift that would change your life.

#6 future projection... follow your heart. If you follow your heart your future will be in complete balance. Heart also reminds us to trust and lean into vulnerability for the greatest outcome potential. 

#7 your attitude / position... you want to manifest stability so that you can bring your relationships into this present moment to align to this “download” 

#8 how others see you... haha now this is funny because your worried about the security of your relationships and this is saying they all know you always follow your intuition with conviction anyways... so what you waiting for! 

#9 hopes and fears... your authenticity is completely aligned to your purpose right now and this gives you as much hope as it does fear in the changes it might create in your life. Use your wisdom trust your authenticity.

#10 outcome... this is the last card of the deck 78 of 78) when it shows up it signals the complete union of human and divinity. It shows completion. It is perfection. The question you ask is being received and divine is saying yes, it’s all yours, the gates are open you just have to enter DEAR one.




wow let’s get started!

foundation... this new ascension energy is all about healing our limitations for growth, here we attract to us what can reflect or show us the deficiencies we still hold. Your platform for growth is showing a tendency towards your own inauthentic communication. How this will manifest through your relationship is in your partner speaking untruths back to you, or speaking one way and living/vibrating differently. Let me paint a picture of how this could play out... your relationship is fun in the beginning both people establish who they are through words/conversations then a few months in we realize something isn’t connecting, something just isn’t right... (somethings missing) do I even like this person. Confusion sets in because you both attracted each other through un-resonant throat chakra energy. You basically told one story then convinced each other of it now have to either do the work to become completely authentic in each others presence or just quit. This is a WARNING this does not have to be your future unless you chose to SPEAK in ways that are not in alignment with who you are at the core. 

relationship... manifesting appreciation- this is new and interesting because your heart emotionally is connecting in new ways to this new experience. This is aligned to high self so something about this is connected to your higher wants and needs, appreciate that it’s different and not like anything you have explored before remember new is good because it gives us a chance to step out of old patterns.

you... the witness (SIGNS) remember that song “I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign... it’s ringing in my ears. Again you are manifesting the ability to stay grounded in you thoughts. Everything about this is different and that freaks out your patterned left brain - that says, this isn’t like anything we’ve done before. (This should be your first sign it’s good!) stay grounded to see the signs that HIGH SELF is sending you as affirmations to validate what your brain is trying to figure out. 

bridge... (high self & low self bridge) again you are manifesting this energy so it’s not here yet. It feels like HS is trying to get you to see clearly a path “intuitively or instinctually” that will open you up to more clarity about the groups that surround you. This bridge can bring you closer to divine or block you if old patterns are chosen. This isn’t about the relationship this is about how you changing to align more fully into your profit role and the groups that start to surround you in this space and the people within them will look different, now the question remains how are you going to lead? (Hyper throat - foundation, will you get triggered to speak from an inauthentic place or will you discover and speak authentic power)

voice... so how do you speak authenticlly you ask? Passionately and straight from right brain, through this you will create artistry through your words that paint this new teality into being. This will support your HS and not the personality/ego/low self vibe that’s been hanging around.

perspective... wow manifesting complete evolution. So we have shifted into HS energy which means you asked about relationships but HS wants to remind you (soul mates come when we are most aligned to our authenticity because from here we can support one another as partners who don’t need anything from each other, but act as compliments to one another’s unique vibration) here your purpose is to find yourself and be authentic in the face of a new relationship and through this (whatever outcome) you will be more aligned to your divine destiny. 

outcome... to your question. This is going to take courage your mind is struggling to remain in control. The mind likes what it knows and this is a cycle you no longer live by, speak only things connected to your HS or in other words your TRUTHS let these new relationships give you the opportunity to step into your full power and don’t back down, this is your stepping stone to the next more aligned version of you. (Ps- don’t repeat old mental patterns, this will hold you back) 



Jumpers say...

Patience dear one, you are releasing old demons here from loving relationships where your voice was stifled. Stay grounded to stay connected and stay rooted in the present moment to see outside of you what is trying to keep you held in old paradigms or a lower limiting vibration the no longer supports your divinity. 



In this session we introduce the R2C Girl Power Yoga Program for grades 3 through 5. This parent forum is being used as a tool to dive deeper into the curriculum of the after school empowerment program. Here we will discuss concepts your children are facing and introduce ways to integrate this material at home for continued effectiveness. Join live and engage with Instructors Julie & Jenessee let co-create a great program for your kids!



In this session we introduce the R2C Middle School Yoga Program for grades 9 through 12. This parent forum is being used as a tool to dive deeper into the curriculum of the after school empowerment program. Here we will discuss concepts your kids are facing and introduce ways to integrate this material at home for continued effectiveness. Join live and engage with Instructors Julie & Jenessee let co-create a great program for your kids!


In this session we introduce the R2C High School Yoga Program for grades 9 through 12. This parent forum is being used as a tool to dive deeper into the curriculum of the after school empowerment program. Here we will discuss concepts your kids are facing and introduce ways to integrate this material at home for continued effectiveness. Join live and engage with Instructors Julie & Jenessee let co-create a great program for your kids!


Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
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We are looking for teachers NOW.... The kids need EMPOWERMENT - Be their Guiding Light



We are looking for passionate individuals to learn the R2C curriculum and teach these concepts and empowerment techniques through community youth programs. Opportunities to open other school systems and start youth clubs exist everywhere and are greatly needed at this time. Learn the curriculum through our different 7-week training sessions or Summer learning seminars!

Start Session:
7 Weeks
Tuesdays 12pm to 2pm
Wednesday 9am to 2pm
Thursday 12pm to 2pm

Once 7-week course (65-hours) is complete you will be required to work hands on with our after school programs for 100 hours before certification testing can be scheduled for RYT-200 hour certification.

65 Hour - 7 Week Courses are approved by Yoga Alliance for Continued Education Course Work (RYT-200 level teachers)

Located: Essential Zen Yoga Studio - Aurora, OH

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Join instructors' Julie & Jenessee as they teach you the lessons and concepts that are being taught across R2C yoga after school club platforms at the different Aurora schools. Julie & Jenessee will break down week by week what your kids are learning so that you can continue the lessons and exercises at home. Cost per week is $35. Join one or all 7 weeks and learn about the dynamic psychology and energy of the chakra based yoga practice.

LOCATED: Essential Zen Yoga Studio - Aurora, OH

from 35.00

Week 1
12:00-1:00 - Training Root Chakra
1:00-2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 1 – Discussion (Anxious, Lazy, Fear – How this effects Family (physical) & Grounding (emotional) Review healthy expressions of Root Chakra – Presence, Stability, Realist, Connection, Awareness – select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Grounding

Week 2
12:00-1:00 - Training Sacral Chakra
1:00-2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 2 – Discussion (Lacking Emotions, Obsessive, Guilt – How this effects Relationships (physical) & Passion (emotional)) Review healthy expressions of Sacral Chakra – Flexible, Fluidity, Growth, Adaptability, Inspire, Artistry, Awaken – select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Fluidity

Week 3
12:00-1:00  - Training Solar Plexus Chakra
1:00-2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 3 – Discussion (Self Esteem, Arrogance, Shame – How this effects Self (physical) & Willpower (emotional)) Review healthy expressions of Solar Plexus Chakra –Progress, Patience, Transformation, Maturing, Confidence, Courage, Evolution– select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Transformation

Week 4
12:00-1:00 - Training Heart Chakra
1:00-2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 4 – Discussion (Co-Dependence, Depression, Greif – How this effects Community (physical) & Compassion (emotional)) Review healthy expressions of Heart Chakra –Sanctuary, Healing, Harmony, Balance, Empathy, Reverence, Appreciation– select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Balance

Week 5
12:00-1:00 - Training Throat Chakra
1:00-2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 5 – Discussion (Gossiping, Introverted, Deceit – How this effects Voice (physical) & Self Expression (emotional)) Review healthy expressions of Throat Chakra –Narrator, Teacher, Freedom, Pioneer, Purity, Kindness, Tolerance– select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Purity

Week 6
12:00-1:00- Training Third Eye Chakra
1:00- 2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 6 – Discussion (Denial, Obsession, Illusion – How this effects Mind (physical) & Intuition (emotional)) Review healthy expressions of Third Eye Chakra –Pragmatic, Conviction, Fortitude, Prophet, Prudence, Clairvoyance, Observer– select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Clairvoyance

Week 7
12:00-1:00 - Training Crown Chakra
1:00-2:00 – Yoga Class

Week 7 – Discussion (Disbelief, Disassociation, Attachment – How this effects High Self (physical) & Purpose (emotional)) Review healthy expressions of Crown Chakra –Manifest, Receive, Wisdom, Devotion, Concentration, Kismet, Transcendence– select word to Journal about for more clarity (take on animal energy of word for more support and learning) – Mindful practice about Transcendence

Located: Essential Zen Yoga Studio - Aurora, Oh


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12pm to 4pm
- $35 per DAY


12pm to 4pm - $40 per DAY

Essential Zen Yoga Studio in Aurora, OH

*Please pack snacks, water bottles and jacket or blanket*

from 35.00


offered during NO SCHOOL DATES for Aurora Ohio School System

12pm to 4pm
Pack Snacks, Water Bottle, Drinks, Jacket and or Blanket

Located: Essential Zen Yoga Studio - Aurora, Ohio

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Aug 15th to Oct 10th

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