Akashic Records part 1

Traveling to the AKASHIC RECORDS.

My first visit to the Akashic Records was performed while under the guide of one of my teachers. I have been very lucky to have access to these records during any active meditation where I chose to go there or gets surprisingly taken there. My teacher claims it is a part of most peoples ascension process to visit their Akashic Records, he also told me depending on your path you may like him, only visit the records a few times and never get back. One thing I have learned is that anything you desire to do you can do so if the records interest you I would encourage to set intentions durning your grounding process to visit your records.

The Akashic Records are a sort of library where all of your over souls information is stored. I have found that usually one of your spirit guides will be in charge of taking you here, I don't believe I have ever traveled here with out one of my guides accompanying me. Again this could be unique to my experience. I have never read any of Edgar Cayce's work, but understand he has done probably the most documented work in the records. In my experience everyone's records are different and almost like a unique signature or fingerprint of your own energy. I have been lucky enough to experience a few people in my life's records and each were so beautiful and completely different. Again in my experience the records were filled with books mostly, but there were other items like telescopes and other worldly items that I could move up to and receive information from. Most of the time I would go seeking out an answer to a question and would be drawn to a book somewhere in the vast library. Once I found the book I would move to a table where my guide was and open the book, I would then see pictures sometimes stationary like tarot cards that would require deciphering and sometimes the pictures would turn into movie reels once I found them. This part I know is specific to me and my progress in my spiritual development. I understand we are constantly changing in how we receive information during active meditation and depending on where we are and how we are being guided to develop is how we will receive information. I know sometimes people can organize their library as to how they are looking to learn and receive. An example of creating your library would be to request a chair and ask to watching a movie, or even ask to have a guide that acts as a librarian that can do most of the work for you.

The Akashic Records can give you information on your current life and anything from health to career guided information. Your records can also revel past lives and or future lives. Your records can show you all you incarnations that were here on earth and from other incarnations before earth and before our known forms in human bodies. Your records can show you the unique gifts and talents you bring with you from these previous existences. You can gain any information, as far as your mind can reach to ask a question you can get an answer here in the library.


My process. After doing a strong grounding (see my meditation on grounding) I then start to get myself into my subconscious mind. I do deep breathing and wait to see some form of vehicle appear to me in my minds eye. My usual mode of transportation is a bubble. I allow the bubble to surround my body and enjoy the ride (side note a friend I know uses a hot air balloon, it can be any mode of transportation that appears to you). When in the bubble I allow my body to become very light and really higher my frequency by moving the energy deeper and deeper into my body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) then I wait for my next mode of transportation to appear. I see these different vehicles as my way to dive deeper and deeper into my subconscious brain and a deep state of receiving. The next thing that happens for me is my bubble docks onto a cloud. I then step onto this cloud and almost instantly see a walkway up to the stars. My walkway is a rainbow, but I am sure this could be any walk way. From here I sink my body into the frequencies of the colors of the rainbow which I actually acknowledge as healing to my spirit. Then I just lay in this rainbow as it moves me from the cloud in a blue sky into the universe and surrounded by stars. I ride the rainbow until I dock onto another cloud. This final cloud is alway holding a wooden door with my guide standing on the outside waiting to take me inside. I usually visualize interaction with my guide and then move into the door once the guid open the door. Then I am inside my records.

This is my process and yours I am sure will be completely different as we all have different needs to get us to that place of release and receiving. I don't access my records as much anymore, I was actually guided to take this rainbow to a new destination which I feel was moving me away from the records and into a new form of learning. I now walk the rainbow to a vortex of star energy. I now sit in the middle of what looks like a tornado of start. The stars now talk to me and give me information. I actually have these stars as my grounding platform in my grounding meditation. I feel this is part of my origin and feel this connects me stronger to the information I am supposed to receive now, but still love going to my records whenever I am guided to.

And so it is!