Chakra Meditation

Bliss-ed Out with another GREAT Meditation!

Starting with breath work, I found my deep yogi breath and began working the breath through my body. Focusing on breathing into and out of my different chakra points I really began to slow down my thoughts and narrow my attention. Moving from the Root up to the Crown, I then set an intention. My intentions lately have all been about uniting all aspects of my self with source so again I chose this to acknowledge for the practice.

The next phase started to open up my holographic right brain. We do this in meditation to clear our channels to receive. Starting with small images first and then moving up to harder imager, like visualizing yourself. So I began visualizing the energy from my body moving into a bubble that hovered above my naval. Anyone familiar with astral projection will recognize this practice. Using breath I moved my energy from inside my physical vehicle into my bubble above my naval. I used as many deep breaths as necessary to feel like I have fully transitioned my energy.

Next I started to visualize myself from outside my body. If you are experienced this can be done just looking down and witnessing you body below your bubble. If it is harder for you to visualize you can envision yourself in a mirror. Once I have my body awareness then I started to work with my chakra points. Finding each chakra on my body and allowing it to show itself to me. I would use activation points around the chakra to bring more feeling and awareness to each chakra, then find the chakra itself. This part is done actively, but with no expectation.

After working through the entire body I moved back down to the root and again stated my intention. Mine being to become united as a whole being. Next using your intention to receive, I activated each chakra and let it present a message to me either through images, messages, or sensations. To activate the chakra you can envision a wand touching it, or your own telepathic voice telling it to reveal itself to you, or you can visualize yourself touching it to activate. Be open to the messages for these things you receive can be figured out later, just be open to everything that is happening now.

My messages:

Root- Native American Indians, chanting one in particular (I have an Indian guide and this was not the same)

Sacral-Mother Mary, said she was protecting my inner child in the sacrum

Solar Plexus- Mars God Of War, so typical :)

Heart- Doves first, hundreds of them then Venus or Aphrodite came out

Throat- Whales and Dolphins

Third Eye- Buddha, Confucius & Gandhi

Crown- I saw all of the angles, and Devine beings in the heavens staring down at me with so much love and acceptance.

I then asked how these messages could help me and was shown my chakra pillar and the caduceus of energy weaving up and through each of these energetic centers. I saw the energies of these Devine messengers get intertwined with the energy of my own chakra pillar. I understood this to mean that all I am is completely Devine. Although I haven't sat with each of these images individually for greater meanings, I do understand my intention of unity with source was given to me in meditation today. I will move forward knowing I am all that I am and that is completely Devine!

And so it is!