Dancing with Angles

I had a teacher once ask me a question about my soul's purpose. She asked me specifically how the process felt and how I received the information regarding my current project. I guess I hesitated because she follow up the question saying, when you create in regards to your purpose does it feel like you receive pieces to the puzzle one at a time, but don't know what the picture is supposed to be? I immediately recognized what she was referencing because I had recently had this exact same association with a project I was working on. I realized that in the past I had controlled situations and didn't allow this natural flow to happen. I had hoped for outcomes that I though would be best for me instead of letting the natural flow happen. When I did this I would miss out on even greater outcomes I couldn't have imagine on my own.

I reflect on this conversation with my teacher as well as another event where I followed a teacher and received her messages about a month before I even took her first class. I find it truly amazing the speed at which out thoughts, experiences, and wisdom hits the collective consciousness. We seem to be manifesting and collectively experiencing at super exaggerated rates. Think about your own life how many times are the people around you on the exact same wave length, or better yet frequency as you?

An experience I recently had during a guided meditation lead me to contemplate something that has been happening to me in my meditations for over two years now. I actually discredited this thinking it was just something my own mind created to feel more connected to my guides and angles, but now I believe there is deeper meaning.

When following this teacher through her guided meditation at one point she expressed that we needed to take and emotion we had cultivated and send it out to the universe. We did this so that the universe could experience and feel the deep emotions we were personally experiencing, a way to give back. I only realized the profound message this activity held when I found myself again seated in one of my own meditations. It has been a constant for me during meditation to experience unexplainable emotion when with some of my guides and angles. The first time I ever had a full visual meditation, and meet my first guide we actually danced before we entered into my Akashic records. We danced together on top of the clouds for minutes. I felt so much love, connection, ease, grace, happiness while experiencing this during my meditation. This was the first full visual meditation I had ever had and this happened. Now about every second to third mediation I do I am dancing and expressing myself with and through my guides. I have always thought this was something I did as a way to acknowledge a connection, or honestly to take a break from the meditation!

I now understand this to be a way to express my physical existence with my guides. We chose to incarnate onto this Devine planet, and have so many amazing physical sensations that we get to experience and feel. Our guides and angles being complete energy/light do not have that physical ability. Don't get me wrong they know the greatest expressions of love, grace, and light, but the physicality behind it is something uniquely human. I feel this is my way to connect and give back a part of my physical existence that I absolutely cherish to those guiding me. Like the expression of our heart into the universe that my teacher thought, this is a way to allow a part of our own physicality that we enjoy to be given back and shared with spirit. I am so thankful that so many around me are opening up to the light. This allows our collective consciousness to expand and elevate so quickly, I feel I have an impulse or idea and the next thing I know someone else is sharing the same excitement. I welcome all souls to embark on this journey of sharing and helping those around you because the magic of this existence is that if we all grow together, we all grow!

And So It Is