If you have discovered that you are highly intuitive, emphatic or clairvoyant you may start your quest of self-discovery. Seeking out what it all means and how it all works.

I don't claim to have the answers or descriptions you may need for your own journey, because to tell the truth my journey has not even begun to scratched the surface. I will however freely share some of my understandings and experiences so that you may possibly understand your own interesting adventure along the way. Know that we all seek in different ways and that gives us different perspectives and understandings of the information we come across.

Dimensions are an interesting twist to this whole metaphysical thought process. I have heard very recently from some of the mystics out there that our world is shifting from a 3 dimensional world into a 5 dimensional world. They say our world was created from the big bang and instantly created into existence the first dimension then after time a second dimension was created and finally what we know today to be the third dimension was created. What I have heard is that currently our planet is making a 5th dimension (it has since the third dimension was created) I assume that from the platform I heard this from (very scientific) that this is a "no brainier" understanding of how our earth is continually growing. From a metaphysical approach it helps to validate what the mystics have been claiming for years, that our human existence is changing and our consciousness is evolving.

How I was taught the Dimensions is as follows:
Starting at the 1st chakra

1st chakra root - 3rd dimension
2nd chakra sacral - 4th dimension
3rd chakra solar plexus - 5th dimension
4th chakra heart - 6th dimension
5th chakra throat - 7th dimension
6th chakra third eye - 8th dimension
7th chakra crown - 9th dimension
8th chakra (3 feet above head) - 10th dimension
9th chakra (10 feet above the head) - 11th dimension
10th chakra (60 feet above the head) - 12th dimension

Most of humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness moving from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension (as explained above also with the earth moving into this energy). My understanding is that as energetic beings we have made contracts (before we ever incarnated into this lifetime) to elevate our consciousness so that we may align with our unique planetary frequencies. So those who are not meeting this planetary shift in frequency and energy will go through experiencing sickness and other life challenges that are necessary to help them evaluate where they are in life and how in harmony they are with the life forms around them. Everyone has made the decision to evolve with this planetary shift, but given free will we all make choices as conscious human beings to continue evolving with our change in frequency or we chose to move on and try again.

Dimensions have been most intriguing for me because a lot of what I accomplish in meditation has to do with connecting my frequency with the dimension I seek out.

4th dimension - space time continuum. The forth dimension allows you to remote view the past or future. You do not leave your body for this you simply higher your vibration to the 4th dimension frequency and set an intention to discover past lift or future life information.

5th dimension - Astral Travel similar to the 4th dimension, but here you take your astral body so that you are able to interact with your surroundings in the space time you wish to seek. Also people who die on earth suddenly go here (some times) or people who have near death experiences.

6th dimension - Heaven. This is where we go to school after we die. Here we learn lessons about our past lives and make contracts for future lives. Our soul academy you could call it.

7th dimension - Here are the beginning level of guides. Simply put this is where our guides start to show up and depending on what is going on in your life you could have a 7th level, 8th level or 9th level guide show up for you to help you assist in whatever your blueprint or contract plan was. Also the Akashic records are in this dimension.

8th dimension - Another level of guides and angles reside here.

9th dimension - Guides who preside over groups of people or groups of guides reside here. Also Angels.

10th dimension - Healing this is where most energy healers go to cure major physical human body ailments. This is where we can unlock the universal healing energy

11th dimension - Most people have to have their guides bring them into the 11th dimension. There are people who have their own cords that connect up the lower dimensions and through into the 11th, but this takes time, energy and a loss of fear, you must support your connections as any lack of this will prevent cords of connection from attaching.

12th dimension - This is called the Matrix, God or the universal connectedness of all beings.

To raise your vibrational frequency to connect into these dimensions you can always call on your highest and most loving guide from the light to assist you with moving into a specific dimension for learning and development. It is a fun practice to give a try and remember to be open to how you receive the information you get. Sometimes it is hard to let go of our expectations and when you are not open to something new you tend to distort the messages or information you receive.