Energy of Colors

Anyone interested in energy work has sometime or another referenced a website or book that explains what the energy of a specific color means. Weather it's reading auras, exploring chakras or even looking into religious text and paintings every philosophy has a color code, and it can all be a bit confusing.

Before we go further here are just a few of the examples you may find when going through different sources on the above mentioned color philosophies. We will get deeper on how to determine what system is best for you to work with later.

Aurora Color Meanings: (aura info from this site)

Aura Color RED: lifeforce, survival, raw passion, anger, frustration, menstruation, determination, sense of importance, feeling overwhelmed by change

Aura Color ORANGE: sensuality, physical pleasure, emotional self-expression, creativity, lacking reason, lacking self-discipline, health, vitality

Aura Color YELLOW: mental alertness, analytical thought, happiness, optimism, child-like, ego driven, thinking at expense of feeling

Aura Color GREEN: healing, peace, nurturing, new growth, fear, need for security, jealousy and envy, balance

Aura Color BLUE: verbal communication, freethinking, relating to structure and organization, emphasis on business, male energies, sadness, possibilities

Aura Color PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, female energies, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition

Aura Color BROWN: grounding, down to earth, practical, male energies, invalidating, emphasizing body and denying spirit, feeling worth-less

Aura Color BLACK: issues relating to death, hatred, lack of forgiveness, unresolved karma, dark intentions, shadow games, needing compassion for self

Aura Color PINK: self-love, tenderness, female energies, gay energies, emphasis on physical appearances, being 'nice' at expense of being 'real'

Aura Color WHITE (CLOUDY): New Age or religious energy, lacking consciousness, a cover-up, denial, being 'good' at expense of being 'whole'

Aura Color WHITE (CLEAR LIGHT): very high spiritual vibration, godly, divine, inspiration, seeing spiritual big picture, compassionate

Aura Color GOLD: high spiritual vibration, integrity, respect, freedom, clearseeing, integrating spirit and body, creating as spirit

Chakra Colors:

Red: Root Chakra
Dysfunctional Fear, Anziety, Lazy
Balanced Grounding, Family, Presence

Orange: Sacral Chakra
Dysfunctional Lacking Emotion, Obsessive, Guilt
Functional Fluidity, Relationships, Passion

Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra
Dysfunctional Low Self Esteem, Arrogance, Shame
Functional Self, Willpower, Transformation

Green: Heart
Dysfunctional Depression, Co Dependance, Grief
Functional Humanity, Compassion, Balance

Blue: Throat
Dysfunctional Introverted, Gossiping, Deceit
Functional Voice, Expression, Purification

Purple: Third Eye
Dysfunctional Denial, Obsession, Illusion
Functional Mind, Intention, Clairvoyance

Lilac/Gold: Crown
Dysfunctional Spiritual Disbelief, Attachment, Dissociation
Functional Higher Self, Purpose, Transcendence

How to know what Color Energy system is your system?

Honestly during the performance of my work I have come to understand that whatever we believe will work for us will work. So if you are trying to figure out how to change your energy or read someone else's and you adopt one of these classification systems it will work for you just fine. If you want to experience the truest level of knowing your own energy, your guides energy and the energy of those closest to you I suggest adopting your own unique classification system.

When you want to work with color frequencies first start out by testing colors on your body. If you are sensitive to energy this will be an easy thing to do. Pick a color you are drawn to and wear it for a few days in a row. Take that color and when wearing it see if you can feel any mood, temperature or vibratory changes in your being. Just intentionally becoming more aware of color energy you are wearing will allow you to experience a difference in your vibratory rate. Take note of what you experience and if it seems like a complimentary energy to your being then next ask you guide who is connected to this energy to step forward. Use whatever meditation technique you normally do and call your guide forth that connects to you through this color energy. When you specifically find an energy and guide that connect to you in a complimentary way start to incorporate that new color into your life and take good notes in your journals about what things start to manifest into your life when connected into these frequencies. By doing this you will create your best color guide that is most effective for you and how you work.