Don't quote me here, don't even read this if your not of sound mind to discern between thought provoking questioning and your own interpretation of assertion.

Being entranced with chakra theory and dimensional understanding, I have been asking myself lately how the 12 chakras connect with the 12 dimensions and how any of this relates to the understanding of time/space.

It is my belief that our 12 (core pillar) chakras connect with the 12 dimensions of existence. It is also my belief that each of these chakras holds a different frequency. Being that I healed my own current life incarnation using chakra theory and know in detail what it looks like to be living/stuck in a specific chakra, I seem to be able to look out into the world and see many around me who are living in specific realities related to the chakras they are currently learning from. I see a husband currently moving from a sacral chakra to a solar plexus understanding of the world. I see others around me dominated by the sacral chakra or stuck in the root. I have much compassion for all souls in this world and have much understanding of what it means to be growing through or stuck in a chakra. I have been frustrated many times during conversations before with those in different frequencies/chakras than I, and have come to understand how and why these separations occur.

As recent a six months ago I was blessed with the ability to see clearly, with detached acceptance as I like to say. I learned the ability to detach from outcome and accept all as it is, with no hope for change, complete acceptance. Once I learned this ability, I learned that language and meaning of language changes depending on what chakra you are in and what your current world view is. My perception of the world broadened as I personally elevated up in frequency through the chakras and what once stimulated me or gave me a charge came to have no bearing once living in the higher realms of chakra existence. I still have conversations to this day where I momentarily forget my place in this world and realize I am not clued into who and what frequency I am talking to. I then adjust my method of communication to address the other soul in their current life state.

Back to time/space and frequencies. I have come to question exactly what it means to evolve into a higher frequency and what this means to be living in all realities, all times, and all existences at the same time. If you haven't thought about this before just considering this can literally make you head spin. So I began to question what the frequencies, chakras, and time/space can have to do with each other and how it can even work together. Here is my hypothesis.

As we raise through our chakra frequencies we actually become, shift, and transition into our higher frequency. If you follow string theory or eternalism it can be said that we are living all frames of time at once, past, present and future. My favorite reference is the latest Men in Black movie where the kid can read every strand of time at once and has to constantly recalibrate what is going to happen next by watching what is presently happening. Even when this kid knows what is happening he still has five potential outcomes he is working with and has to sort through to try and figure things out.

I question if when we shift our consciousness from one "world view" or as I call it a chakra lesson, do we then literally move from one dimension of existence into a higher dimension. So forget the body/vehicle you are here in because that is just your vehicle. No imagination that your soul energy is living out 12 potential lives all at once, life one is very root chakra or concerned only with materialistic things like, food, house, survival..... Now imagine life 12 is living in pure co-existence with source completely loving and accepting a co-creator, the highest version of yourself possible. Now when your consciousness shifts from one life view or understanding to another do we actually move from one dimension to another? Does our energy change into another strand of existence that was just waiting for us to wake up into it? The more I try and wrap my brain around time/space and string theory the more I think we shift between these different dimensions constantly. When the mystics say the goal is to find stillness and peace in every moment is that because the highest version of ourselves can stay rooted in that higher frequency of existence when we elevate and stay calm?

I have listened to these mystics say we are all transitioning into a higher frequency/dimension and those unwilling to change will be (....fill in the blank they all say different things....) now when the majority of vehicles/humans transition into higher dimensions of planetary existence and find stillness does that mean we bring that energy to ourselves and allow others to see and feel that existence. When this happens can we help bridge others into a higher dimension because they can no longer exist in a lower frequency or is it because our love and acceptance allows them to release into a higher frequency. Or do they chose not to transition at all. Lastly do we have the option to stay with those unwilling to transition and help them see the light or are we called to move onto an existence where all is one?

I love pondering this riddle of existence, and love playing the game of life.

And so it is!