In meditation it is so important that you begin each practice with a grounding. In my experiences meditating I was told over and over by teachers and intuitive's that I was not accomplishing correct grounding.

This is not the thing you want to hear when one you think you have it down, and two they never tell you how to accomplish it for yourself they just tell you your not grounded. So after many years of trying different techniques and seeing different teachers I finally was told I had it down and was securely grounding in my meditation.

That technique I would like to share with you. I will start out saying that I hope thus technique gets you started and like me you might have to evolve it over the years to match your need and frequency moving forward.


Start by sitting in a comfortable position with your feet on the ground. Make sure your head is supported and you feel comfortable. Hands allow to lie open along the sides of the body or place hands in Guyana Mudra for grounding. Next start to visualize yourself standing on top of the earth. See the gridded energy line with in the earth and acknowledge their power. Next visualize your grounding platform. This can be of your own making don't rush it try and let something come to your minds eye naturally. Next visualize yourself stepping onto this platform one foot at a time. As you life your foot really actively feel that foot being sucked down like a magnet on to your grounding platform. If your know meridian points focus your attention on kidney point 1 bubbling springs. Then repeat with the other foot. Now that you are on your platform you want to move it on top of the warts surface and allow the platform to magnetize down on top of the earth and settle into some of those energetic lines running with crystalline energy. After you secure this connection to earth, we will start to call up earths crystalline energies through the platform through your feet and into your body. Performing the ring of earth we will call this crystalline earth energy into your body and create pools of earth energy inside your body to stabilize and bring you balance and stillness.

Ring of earth:
Start out pulling the energy into the bottom of the foot through kidney 1. This point is on the bottom of the ball of the foot right in between the first and second toe about and inch down from the top of the foot. While working with this energy I like to visualize it take the form of a plant like a vine of ivy moving through me or roots of a tree or a stem of a flower. Whatever image works for you go ahead and use. Next allow this energy to move to the point behind the ankle, on the lower back outside of the ankle. Let the energy pool here and allow the flower or roots to extend out of this point creating a pool of connected energy. Next move up the middle of the leg and to the point on the very middle of the backside of the knee. Again let your flower blossom out here at this point. Next move all the way up the inside of the body and to the points on the sides of the top of the clavicle bone. Allow two more flowers to blossom here. Then move up to the point on the bottom of the Adam's apple on the front and back of the body. Allow two more roots or flowers to grow. Then move to the points under the ears right where the earlobe hits the side of the head. Allow two more earth energy pools to create here. Then finally these two points merge into one at the top/crown of the head where the energy will exit your head and move up your spiritual chakra pillar to your higher self. Then working in reverse follow and trace this energy line back Down the body to your feet and back into earth. I do this two to three times before I move on.

After I work with the earth energy I usually visualize myself growing legs of light where I visualize my legs extending down into the earth and actively pushing the grounding platform down into the earth. I do this active push through the earth for three or so breaths. Actually I look for a source of white light that I connect into with my platform then I stop.

Next I start my invocation to call in my guides. This could be different for everyone, but as we are all the same these will work for you until you specifically connect to a group you chose to work with. Starting this process we must find our heart of hearts to work with first because this is where we will invite spirit in. I like to do a breathing technique with the heart first to open then I ask to receive. Start out using a circulating in through the nose out through the mouth breath. Then gather an emotional memory that creates feelings of joy and happiness something strong that you can focus on. Next using the breath move that memory from your mind into your beating heart. From here release the emotion tied to this memory and allow it to just be in the area of your heart that lies directly behind the emotional beating heart. Now find stillness. With you attention on this area of the heart I like to use the circulating breath to open and expend the heart. After a few breaths you are ready to invoke your help and protection for this meditation.

Finding your heart and using breath we are going to call in the Devine mother and Devine father (silver and gold) active pull this energy down your chakra pillar using the breath into the heart. Then moving up wards again invite in the mighty I am presence. Allowing this to settle into your sacred heart center. Moving up again calling in the ascended masters, the league of lights, the high councils, the christed civilization, the highest and most loving angles and saints, and the arch angles to be with you in your sacred space. Then down to the ascending Gia, the animal spirits, nature kingdom, devas, elemental forces, and crystalline energies. Then call in your own highest and most loving spirit guides to help you in this activation today. Then say I call you all here to be as one, to act as one to speak as one.

Lastly and most importantly depending on what kind of work your doing call on the crystalline energies to surround your body and auric field to protect you during your meditation. I usually say something to the effect of, so that I might meditate and pray under the Devine guidance of source. Visualize the ball of energy becoming a mirror ball so that you can see out but nothing can see in.

This brings you to a place of peace where you can then work actively on whatever other intentions you may have. Or you can sit and receive in quiet stillness.

A big influence on this grounding meditation for me was Meg Benedicte. I found her when I moved from my 7 body chakras to the 5 spiritual chakras. She opened up a lot in the way of higher connections for me.

And so it is!