Grounding Platform

In all of my guided meditations I refer to the grounding platform. The grounding platform is an important part of my mediation. Initially it helped me to drop my focus towards my internal body and allowed my soul to flow more into my body and out of my head. Since my first introduction to my grounding platform it has become much more than just a way to ground.

I was guided to call out to the universe and ask for a platform to present itself to me. When I did this I received the image of a star (very geometric) and over it was a prism (my internal temple or core) I found this an easy visual to connect with as I have always been attracted to stars. In my ego brain that is why I though I used the image of the star, because it was something familiar and comfortable. I would soon learn that my history of star attraction was more than just visual, that it had a reason and that was to lead me to this point in life when I could actually close off my mind and receive their information and guidance.

It took over 100 hours of meditation to start putting together the true meaning of my star platform, so let's start at the beginning. A grounding platform is something that you use in meditation for grounding. Along with being a visual platform to connect to it should also be a part of your own soul blueprint or your unique frequency. Initially I understood this to mean that it was going to be used for protection, since in grounding we are looking to get our bodies and minds into a safe place to receive. I later came to find out that the meaning of your platform can and will hold so many more connections to your destiny and purpose.

After many meditations here are some of the experiences that I had. I was in meditation, and was usually lead by one of my guides to different areas to retrieve information I needed. This specific meditation I was greeted by Jesus who walked me on my rainbow road (this is the method of transportation I have always received in meditation to get to different places/experiences) he walked me to an area in the universe where there was a vortex of stars waiting for me. He told me this was my home and anything I needed to know I could retrieve from sitting with the stars. I would enter the vortex and be greeted by so many voices, I could ask questions or just receive their vibration. Believe it or not this was not after this I still didn't make the connection.

The next big experience I had was on a trip through the great central sun where I moved through the star gate to meet my home or place of origin. Again I was in deep space surrounded by stars (maybe on a planet, maybe not....) and I received a gift from this existence. I accepted a gift and witnessed as thousands of stars moved towards my physical body, as the stars entered my head they turned into green dust and permitted every cell of my being. I watched as the star dust moved into my grounding platform and completely illuminated and activated my own platform. As this happened I had the realization that I could be with my true nature and with my home no matter where I went. This gave me such peace and clarity, but I still didn't realize exactly what this meant.

The final piece to this puzzle. After even more meditations and finally trying desperately to work on waking/walking meditation I realized that by working so much with my grounding platform the entire time I was getting myself ready for this final transition into receiving guidance and being able to receive and connect anytime. By bringing so much of my soul blueprint and existence into my grounding platform all I have to do is acknowledge my platform and connect down to this and I am in a completely safe and personalized space that is sacred to me and my life's journey.

I hope you take the time to connect and understand your own platform as by doing so you can open yourself to your own purpose and destiny!

And So It Is!