Lessons Learned

When I was going through the process of writing my book, “Root to Crown a Girl’s Chakra Journey” I came to a point towards writing the end of the book when I was learning lessons regarding my throat chakra. Having channeled most of the book, I can’t always recall what I write down. Most of the time I remember pieces of the book almost like a dream or a conversation I had many years ago.

There has been a recurring lesson in my life that my guides are REALLY trying to get me to learn, but I just can’t seem to get myself to follow through on. I have decided to share it through writing because maybe this way I can start making the necessary changes or even get some more clarity to help put things straight.

My Throat Chakra guided lesson. I was literal told when writing out this chapter in my book that I needed to “shut up and listen”. If you were to meet me on the street or in a class you would never perceive me to be the kind of person that likes to chat or be overly social, but when it comes to answering questions on spiritual matters I guess I go way too far. In my career I have the unique privilege to teach and educate many people around me who are on their own spiritual journeys. This is due to my career being in the spa industry. I was blessed to be placed into the spa world where talking about chakras and reiki are normal. I have also been blessed with so many of my own dark nights of the soul that I have created a unique understanding of spiritual emergencies and how to talk about and educate others on their own spiritual paths. Unfortunately my love for humanity and progressing anyone with ears has gotten me into trouble with spirit.

Anyone on their own path knows that life lessons are best learned from a personal experience and your own understanding of spiritual happening inside and outside of your body. While I was channeling information on the throat chakra I was shown people in my life who I consider not only teachers, but would label as the wise men or souls around me. These are people who never gave an opinion on my situation and who never suggested I do this or do that. These are people who remained neutral and calm and always made me feel completely listened to when I talked to them. They allowed me to feel heard and allowed me to feel comfortable when talking to them, so much so that I would come to my own conclusions while in a conversation with them. During this throat chakra channel I was being shown that the typical representation of the throat chakra – someone able to speak their truth, also had to have the ability to listen. Since I channeled that information a year ago I have recognized in my life that there are times when I am being asked to shut up and just listen to people so that they can come to learn their spiritual lesson themselves.

Needless to say spirit has to continually remind me to shut up! It is so hard for me to sit and listen to a person talk about their experience or situation and not give them the answer they are looking for. Number one I need to recognize that my answer isn’t always the best answer, and number two I might be pushing this person back on their path if I just give them the answer they are searching for. Sometimes we can really hurt people’s spiritual progress by giving them the obvious (to us) answers that they are searching for. I remember back to my emergency into this higher vibration and remember all of the life changing moments that I had where I recognized a piece to my puzzle that hadn’t quite made sense yet. When that puzzle piece finally fit in it was like a light went off in a dark place and I could see everything around me that was hidden for so long. It is like magical when you start recognizing the lessons you came to learn on this earth and actually start shifting your own consciousness.

I am making a vow here and now to move forward using my ears and not my voice. I will allow people to ask me questions before I give away my answers, and I promise to always consult my internal guidance before allowing my mind to decide what information is best to be given out. I will allow others the excitement and pleasure of finding their own light and will be there to help guide them when they need it, but will not take away all of the fun of finding it on their own.

And So It Is!