Light and Shadow

How do you find light in the shadow? On my path of personal healing I had a pivotal shift when I learned that everything going on around me was not only a masterful performance being put on just for me, but also an opportunity to raise up and learn my significant life lessons.

So what is shadow? In a dualistic world shadow is the dark, it is the denied, it is the rejected, it is the part of you that goes unrecognized and hidden. In a harmonious united consciousness, shadow is what allows you to grow, evolve, it gives light a darkness to shine in, it is the part of you that needs acceptance in order to transmute.

Using the mirror to transmute your shadow into light.

The mirror technique was the best and most helpful process I employed while going through my own healing process. When I decided to start working with my energy on a personal level the easiest way to acknowledge where I was blocking or held shadow aspects of myself was to use this powerful and easy technique. First you have to be ready to completely flip your world upside down, and second you have to be ready to have the veil of unconsciousness removed.

If you are ready to start your own healing process I suggest you start one morning and agree to be your own third party. Agree to look at the world through a mirror, or in other terms watch the world around you unfold in a way that is meant just for you, to teach you more about yourself. So for example you wake up and your car won't start. Typically what is your reaction? The point of this exercise isn't to change your behaviors, but to start witnessing your reactions internal and external as if you had a mirror up in front of you all day so that you could watch and analyze your every action.

When I started this healing process for myself I worked a week at a time through each of the chakras one by one. This was my process for many reasons, but there are other ways to behaviorally work through all of your shadow aspects. I suggest if you aren't so familiar with chakras, possibly select a well known psychologist and use there emotional stages or some other esoteric medium, like yoga and the many bodies, or even element theory, or astrology. Whatever has called your name for ages now will be your guide to help you decode the different stages you move through during this process.

With chakra theory when I started in my root chakra, I found many reactions and emotions and mental blocks over such things as family, grounding, presence, security, fear. My sacral chakra held onto many manipulation contracts. What I would do is anytime an emotion popped up in me that didn't feel like my authentic self or the emotional state I needed or wanted to have I would instantly flip the mirror on myself. Example: my employees don't want to do anything for themselves they complain about their work load and are acting very entitled. This makes me mad or gives me charge, (charge in your body is the best way to know when you are blocking or dealing with some form of shadow). By using the mirror technique I flip the situation back on myself. In this reality my employees are going about there day unaffected by my situation and my anxiety or anger over the situation is only affecting me. Being that I am the only person charged over this situation what is it in ME that is being, denied, rejected, unrecognized.... By flipping the mirror and situation on my own life I use the catalyst of entitlement and look into my own life where I might have entitlement issues or potentially where I won't let anyone around me help with anything, so the opposite of entitlement. When you find these situations pop up in you own life and can emotionally put yourself in the recipient of your emotional energies shoes you may then be able to allow yourself the relief of this catalyst and release it from your shadow. By giving acknowledgment to yourself and the others involved and by learning the lessons you transmute this energy into wisdom and it becomes released from your karmic energy meaning you no longer have to deal with these shadows.

I love this process because you become an active participant in you own story. You will be given many opportunities daily while going through this process to transmute shadow. If you are not ready to face the dark areas of your life I give here a warning because everything less that happiness, joy, and love will present itself to be released. If you aren't ready to release, blame, guilt, deception, shame, and other shadow elements from your life this might not be the process for you. If you are ready for joy, happiness, compassion, light, and forgiveness in your life then I highly encourage you to take part in your own mirror practice and welcome you to the world of higher frequency!

And So It Is!