New Moon Energy

Another new moon has come and gone and it's a time to set goals and intentions for new projects. Every new moon brings us energy to reflect on our needs and create space to allow these thing to flow freely into our lives. During this October new moon I took time to connect with my guides and set specific intentions around a big exciting project I intend to manifest very soon. I wouldn't necessarily say I was surprised to receive the message I did from one of my guides tonight, but it was a bit perplexing considering the energy of the evening.

From Jophiel.......

Human life can be compared to the petals of a rose. As the rose ages with time and the petals begin to dehydrate and loosen, one by one the petals release and fall to the ground leaving nothing, but a steam. This doesn't happen all at once, but over the course of the roses short life. In your own life you can compare this releasing process to how you go about achieving your own milestones. You set goals and once a goal is reached, it is forgotten and allowed to pass where by you move onto the next milestone until one day you reach the end of the line and are standing on a bear steam wondering where all the petals have gone. It is with in all of your capabilities to treat every day and every petal with kind regard so that not a day goes by where you don't extract that pure and true essence from every situation and each milestone. Acknowledge the journey of life and see each milestone as the blessing it is intended to be, when you live for the moment you extract a pure essence that never leaves you standing alone it follows you always as the hint of rememberance that fills every beat of your heart.

Got to love wisdom from Jophiel!