Rabbit Hole Part 2

Further insights from the visit with the fly.......

Upon further review of this entire situation I can honestly say that divine intervention was demanding my attention over the past week. Only a part of the entire story was told previously, so to connect the dots and share how powerful presence can be I would like to share just a bit more insight.

October 24th, Friday of last week I went onto meditation to sort out a guide problem I was having. My guidance has changed over the past year and now when I connect I get "the counsel of 5" that comes through. The 5 guides that come through are guides I have worked with before, but not all at the same time. I went into meditation to sort out their energy and intention for each choosing to work with me. During that meditation it was my intention to select one of the five to work with over the next month one on one. This way I could gain more familiarity with their specific energy, motives, and methods of communication.

I discovered the one who chose to that step forward first and set some permitters for working together over the next month. One of the first things I was going to do was find the color that this guide was connect to. The following day while getting dressed I connected with this guide and knew our color frequency to connect with was going to be orange. Pulling all of my orange items to the forefront of my closet I chose a shirt (this frequency needs to cover the torso) and went on my way.

Not only was I working with color frequency and how it effected my mood, energy, mental clarity and spirituality, but I was also trying to gain more clarity on my specific connection with this guide. I received much needed information about how this color effected my physical, emotional, and mental bodies. I though the spiritual understanding part of this equation came into play when I sat in meditation and connected to the energy of this guide specifically. If you read the story about the fly this is where I now know That thought process was wrong.

My guide connected to orange was trying to communicate with me outside of our normal meditation. One of the permitters I set with this guide is that he was only allowed to connect with me through meditation when I established the connection, unless however there was something extremely important that I needed to know, then I requested that the guide make himself available to me through a sign I could understand and interpret as his energy.

More history - when this guide stepped forth to help me On October 24th, I asked what he was here to help me with. He responded that he was here to help teach me self trust. This has been a constant with me and this work. If you talk to anyone who knows me and through this work they will tell you I am amazingly confident most of the time, but in certain parts of this work I question and test myself probably more than I should. So being that this teacher presented himself to me at this time, I guess you could say that the signs he brought forth would have to be huge in order for me to trust.

Back to the fly (guided message). At the completion of my conversation with the fly I recognized a few emails that should have stuck out to me. Being at work I didn't have time to explore the details of thees emails so I waited until I got home to fully read into their messages. The first was a blog about a famous channeler who recently quite channeling. She claimed she quite because she always received such differing answers to her questions. Example one day her guides told her the sky was blue, and one day it was green. She realized that the guides would answer her based off of how and why she was asking the question and she would receive guides that also had an adjenda that was coming through that matched her own adjenda. This made it difficult for her to trust. Flash forward to the next email, Matt Kahn a favorite spiritual teacher of mind doing a webinar. I didn't get a chance to listen to this until 2 night latter, but when I finally did It helped to confirm the fly was delivering a message from my guide. Matt khan talked as he always does about being heart centered in your practice, but above that he talked about attachments and the fact that we need to live our lives for the moments and release any hopes or forecasted outcomes of how our lives should turn out because we can never dream as big as what we are going to be blessed with. He talked about the level of trust needed to understand that whatever we perceive from this space of detached acceptance is our greatest gift and that as long as we trust ourselves everything we bring through is of the highest good for all around us....

Back to the day I saw the three emails, after seeing they were emails from teachers here on the earth plane and recognizing that the message had come through with intention, I looked out the window and saw the amazing rainbow. Something not conveyed in the other story is that the rainbow for me is a direct sign and connection to this guides energy. When I first meet this guide he was the one to take me into the universe on the rainbow bridge. It has always been our meeting space and our road to travel together. So to be gifted a rainbow at the completion of that days journey was pretty amazing.

The following day I expected to go back to my office and see the fly again, discrediting my thoughts that this fly was specifically trying to get my attention for a singular purpose. Thankfully the fly had gone and more than a week later I am happy to report he has not come back.

I think my guide made his case and accomplished his goals for me in less than a week. I don't know how I could discredit the signs I received and return to self doubt. I trust in my experiences and weather there as impactful to you as they were to me no longer matters in my world. I recognize that in my world things are happening specifically for me, not for anyone else so I need to stop checking with those around me for the assurance only I can bestow upon myself. Self trust is just that - trust that come from the self, so here we go!

The rabbit hole can only get bigger from here.