Shape Shifter

Having the absolute pleasure to spend 2 hours of my day today meditating with a group remotely, I am reminded that even the most seemingly obscure visions have profound meaning if given enough time and investigation.

Being the Equinox this meditation had a very specific intention for all involved. Our mission was to aligning the ever growing universal consciousness with the 5th dimensional ascending Gia. If you are unfamiliar with 5th dimensional ascending Gia, it pertains to the consciousness shift that humanity is currently experiencing. It is believed that at some point in the near future our race is going to chose to move into a 5th Dimensional universe where light and love are the basis of all living things. This place will have no need for ego based thoughts or desires. There is much theoretical science surrounding this concept right now everything from studies into the Higgs Boson, to the history of the universe and how it created it's current dimensions after the Big Bang. Our universe is going through some radical changes right now and it's so much fun being in a front row seat.

During this active meditation we did everything from removing the 3rd Dimensional matrix of illusion that blocks our ability to shift into a 5D reality, to increasing our receptive internal antenna connected into the pineal gland in the brain. Needless to say we were being quite active.

At one point while working on our bodies remotely we were guided to connect to our place of origin. I have done this before in the same type of meditative activation, and ended up returning to my body with a green emerald like crystal. It was a gift from the energetic beings of my place of origin. I meditated on this gift multiple times before it revealed itself to me. One day it didn't feel right to hold onto this crystal anymore so I let it go and it turned into green dust that surrounded my body. I later used this green dust to create a grounding platform for myself where I still to this day connect into before every meditation.

Today when instructed to receive gifts or messages from my place of origin, I didn't receive quite like I did last time. Instead I saw the energetic forms of these beings circle around me and begin to dance. I saw their energy shape-shift from half-bird half-man creatures, into wild animals, into pure energy, and into other beings I can't describe. It was beautiful and primal. Then these beings projected this shape shifting ability onto my form and like them I started changing forms. This was the main gift I brought back with me from this activation.

After the meditation ended I was a bit confused as to what the symbolism of the shape shifter meant for me right now. I know the shape shifter is used as an archatyple image in story telling, dream interpretation and writing, but couldn't place more than those limiting versions to my own experience and what it meant. I find anytime I need a bit of clarity on an experience if I go to google and type in a few abstractly connected words I always get an unbelievably revealing answer (and never have to open more than one or two links to find it). Today when using this google super brain I found a link that clarified exactly what the entire intention of our global meditation was all about.

I found that this definition about shape shifters basically sums up my past six months of existence on earth. My motto has been detached acceptance of all things. I have been growing myself endlessly trying to find harmony and balance between the dualistic parts of my being. Example: male and female, one and all. I read Dream Hawks interpretation of a shape shifter and felt an immediate bond to his words like a recent dream not yet forgotten.

My hope is that everyone has a chance to have these connection and these validating experiences in life. I pray that all souls receive the confirmation that their souls purpose is being lived out and fulfilled in this now moment. I pray for unity consciousness and I pray for self love because self love is collective love.

More to come on this in the future!