Spiritual Chakras Eight through Twelve

Spiritual Chakra’s 

Welcome to the world of trust. If you consider yourself a seeker of knowledge, a light worker, or even a starseed then maybe you arrived to this point before I did, then again maybe you still need a little help understanding what the heck is going on with your life in relationship to these five spiritual chakras. My own journey lead me to the spiritual chakras about a year ago around August 2013. I had just finished an exhausting explorative journey through my seven charkas “Root to Crown” and thought my journey had come to an end. I had spent 94 days clearing, purging, understanding, balancing, and coming into harmony with my own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence. Finally I thought I had things figured out when bam, out of the blue there was more work to do.

Exploring and healing the seven traditional chakras was a process. I can’t even begin to describe that amount of time and work I dedicated towards figuring out why I am the way I am, why I react to situations the way I do, and oh yeah why I blamed so much of my worldly troubles on those people around me. Anyways I came into the realization that the world is here to teach us valuable lessons and if you are a student and ready to learn with EYES WIDE OPEN, then you can start to figure out exactly who you are and why you chose to come here in the first place. The seven chakras are beautiful reminders that we are growing, evolving human beings and once you figure these seven out the remaining five just seem to fill into your life where you are ready and willing to allow them to.

Five Spiritual Chakras:

As you move up your chakra pillar into these five higher chakras you also move up in frequency and higher dimensions of existence. It has been said that there are 12 dimensions of existence. Our 12 total core pillar chakras each connect to one of these 12 dimensional levels. For this explanation all you need to know is that each dimension has its own frequency, lowest starting at the root and highest ending at the 12 chakra. We are feed by the experiences of each chakra and therefore also giving and receiving information from each of these dimensional levels. The seventh chakra the crown chakra is basically a gate keeper of energy between the six chakras below and the five chakras above. Although there are times in life where these chakras can be more open or closed, weather yours is open or closed depends on your personal experiences with the situations that surround the crown chakra. See www.chakrasroot2crown.wordpress.com/crown-chakra-review/ for more details.

Once life is figured out on a physical level of existence you begin to open to these higher dimensions of energy. Your lower chakra don’t necessarily need to be open or even active for that matter to receive the energy of your spiritual chakras, but it does help tremendously if they are, mostly because it is easier to understand what is going on.

Chakra 8:
The eighth chakra is all about dealing with Karmic residue. What this means is that when you reach this energetic center anything you haven’t dealt with yet is going to come out to greet you. If you are unaware of chakras and how to deal with their energy this energy might seem like it’s of your current life’s creation and you might think people around you are turning against you or you might think your world is rapidly changing, but it is usually just an indicator of unfinished past life stuff that needs to be brought to your attention so that you can get ready to clear it in the ninth chakra. If you are actively trying to raise your frequency higher and are working on opening and balancing your chakras than you will already know what it feels like to be bombarded with energy that needs to be cleared. If you are unfamiliar with this chakra clearing process, I will list here how it can feel to have a release of chakra energy. Example: Jan’s husband gets home from work, he mentions something about a co-worker and Jan starts to get a feeling of uneasiness and negativity. Jan knows that this energy is not of her own creation and it does not feel like a typical emotion that Jan gets so Jan excuses herself to take time to figure out what is happening inside of her. Example Two: James hears that someone said something inappropriate about him at work, James usually doesn’t get so offended when people say things about him because he has a high level of self confidence and self esteem. James is perplexed as to why he took so much offense to this comment. James knows that this emotion does not fit him or the situation and decided to decode what was said in order to figure out why he might have taken so much offense. James then takes the information he heard and breaks it down to a few key indicators of what might have unsettled him, James then allows himself to be open and see if these issues arise in any other forms so that he can start to pin down an area in his being where things are not what they seem on the surface. By being open to your feelings and allowing yourself to trace energetic charges inside of you, you can start to trace emotions to mental blocks or back to areas of your life where things tend to end in the same type of negative situation. By opening yourself to these energetic charges and being non judgmental you can then move into the ninth chakra where you start to deal with these Karmic issues.

Chakra 9:
The ninth chakra is where you will clear and deal with the issues that arise in the eighth chakra. You not only deal with the issues, but allow these issue to become life lessons in which you gain incredible information about who you are and why you chose to operate as you do. You then release the Karmic Residue that has been following you up to that point and that issue will cease to be. Because you have transformed the issue into wisdom and have learned your life lesson your energetic field will release this energy and you will not have to deal with its issues again. Personally when going through the 8 to 10 chakras I witnessed myself go through a lot of acceptance and detachment. I had to accept that I had no control over others people’s lives and that I had to accept others for who they were and what spiritual lessons they offered me. I then had to detach from outcomes perceived and unperceived and just allow myself to play in life. I had to release the thought that I knew what was best for me and others and allow myself to be present and bring more stillness into my life.

Chakra 10:
The tenth chakra is where everything starts to balance and harmonize. Duality ceases to be and you become a united person. This might sound superficial, but I will tell you it is anything but. This chakra is one of the most interesting when it opens because it allows you to observe things from ALL perspectives. The biggest form of duality that left me was the part of me that identified with masculine and or feminine. I actually realized what it felt like to have the stereotypical masculine needs and understood what it meant to have feminine needs. I understood the beauty and complexity of the different sexes and actually released a lot of my ego surrounding what our concepts are on unity and marriage. I feel complete and universal love for all forms of existence even those that some of our modern day beliefs discourage us from accepting. This chakra is really wondrous once it opens because it allows you to bridge together so many different aspects of yourself. You no longer hate merely because society told you to hate or disown because society told you to disown it. The 10th chakra actually bridges to the heart chakra which is very significant because anything worth fighting for stems from the heart chakra.

Chakra 11:
I must say I believe I am in the midst of this chakra fully activating so excuse me for not giving many personal details. The eleventh chakra has you merge in with Devine Mother which is basically chakras 8-10, acknowledging life lessons and then merging them with your spiritual development. Then you start to merge with the Devine Father or the monad energy. When you do this you start to transition from the thinking of one body one existence, to no body one vehicle many plans of existence. This to me has been the hardest part of this transition. (It's always hard when your going through it, another reason why I know I am experiencing this now.) in the eleventh chakra you transition from a 3D world where things happen to you to a 5D world where you create anything and everything. You become more light body and less physical body and need less and less of the material existence to survive. This is also where they say the gifts of, telekinesis, bi-location, astral travel, teleportation, and manifestation start to come to you.

Chakra 12:
This is where the ability to manifest in the physical and non physical realms is possible. Meaning no time space all time space. The opening of this chakra will send assertion energy into the lower chakras to have them start to develop faster. The body moves from carbon 3D to light or carbon 7, 5D. Once this opens the skills gained in chakra 12 will become active. It is interesting to note that the time lapse on these chakras can take awhile to move from one to the other. Chakras 8-10 can take anywhere from 1-8 years to open and chakras 10-12 can take an additional 1-5 years to open. Although as more people as send this time laps will get less and less.

And so it is!