When Did You Know?

When did you know the voices, visions, feelings, and knowings we more than just a made up creation by an irrational brain?

I know one of my divine purposes in this life time is to educate and teach others how to develop, trust and tap into their own holographic right brain. My guidance this far has been attuned to creating materials and platforms to allow others to feel comfortable sharing their own experiences and engaging in this type of conversation.

Some people are put on the fast track to spirituality in this world. They are given the ability of sight or clear vision. Sight into a thriving 4th dimension and beyond, where it is unmistakable what lives and interacts with us here on this timeline of earths existence. Others of us are not so lucky (if you consider that lucky) and have to gain trust and understanding in everything we go through while growing up unclear of what is communicating with us.

I was supposed to come into my psychic abilities at 11. I will say unfortunately at that age I did not have an influence in my life close enough to me that could help me understand what I was going through or teach me what I needed to know about the psychic world. Therefore I internalized what I experienced and came to my own conclusions (which were so wrong) about what was being presented to me. At the age of 11 I had my first bout with insomnia. This showed up again at the age of 13 and then became a consistent in my life until the age of 22. Another consistent pattern in my life were migraines. From the age of 5 through early adult hood I experienced severe episodes of complete anguish having to deal with debilitating migraines. Why would a 5 year old get migraines and why would an 11 year old have insomnia...... A question I didn't figure out the answer to until I was 29 and going through my own psychic blossoming.

I believe everyone in this world is all of the below with a strong emphasis on one or two. We all channel our energies differently and become really aware of one or two of these below experiences. We become so familiar with how we interpret energy that we think it is of our own creation (debatable, we can discuss this esoteric question at a later date). Until you start learning how to focus your intention and energy, how you receive these energies will remain a mystery. Until you focus and ask for guidance and clarity of your receiving methods you will never have the perspective of witnessing this guidance work through you.

Clairsentience - feeling/touching - this to me is when a person can feel the energy of another person. This can happen by being in the same room as them or actually laying their hands on another person which can be accomplished by doing this in the physical realm or other dimensions. If you want to understand this better watch babies and children, they are masters at understanding clairsentience.

Clairaudience - hearing/listening - this is pretty easy to understand, but one of the most overlooked gifts as voices that come through are usually in the translators own voice. Unless you are being fast tracked (meaning to speed you along the process voices will come through much differently so you pick up on them faster) as I like to say most clairaudience voices will sound like your own voice talking to you in your head.

Claircognizance - knowing - the hardest to separate from real life because many of us write this off as intuition or hunches. Claircognizance is the ability to be going about your every day tasks and be pulled or punched in the gut by a sense of knowing, when a phone rings or a name is mentioned and you have an immediate knowing that joe is calling you or something is about to happen.

Clairvoyance - seeing - this can again be written off as having a visual memory or photographic recall in people. Most of the time our guidance speaks to us through our own past experiences or memories. That's why when you hear people who claim they are clairvoyant speak to groups they say I see a rose..... Rose to me usually means friendship or love. That is because we get visual imagery that connects us to emotions that can then help us decipher a question or situation that is going on in someone's life or our own.

I recognize now that at a young age I was being bombarded by my psychic abilities. Instead of setting boundaries and understanding what was going on, I closed off my auditory and visual receptors because I didn't understand them. This caused migraines and insomnia and other physical manifestations of stagnant energy to ensue in my body.

To this day that sleepless night I experienced at the age of 13, I can still recall in specific detail the conversations and feeling I experienced. Today I have the clarity to recognize those thoughts and feelings were not of my own creation , but at 13 I though all of the anguish, stress, unsettled feelings, and emotions were my own. Because I was highly intuitive (like everyone at that age) I attracted these energies and they were just trying to be processed through me as a physical conduit for light energy, but being a child unknowing of what was going on I though I was going crazy and even payed for death to take me away.

To recognize energy for what it is and be able to understand that we are all conduits for this life force energy, we can start to understand what is truly our own energy, what is other people around, and what is other dimensional stuff. By being aware of what surrounds us we can start to clear up a lot of our past patterning to help us move forward lighter and more in line with our abilities. By releasing energy that is not our own we will be better aligned to understand our Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience.