When is it a Rabbit Hole and When is it Something Else?

For the past few days I have had a fly in my office......

I am not sure the life span of a fly, but would have to think it's just about this ones time to move along.

So here's our dance, I sit at my desk and work for a few hours and then all of a sudden out of no where this fly drops in and won't leave me alone. Face, hands, computer.... Basically everything I need to focus. He's there and then gone not to be seen for the rest of the day.

Day two, it's a new day and after our first encounter the previous day I sit at my desk and again out of no where this fly is demanding my attention again he just will not leave me alone. Being the gentle spiritual being I am, I decide to stop what I am doing and engage Mr. Fly. Let me paint this picture, Mr. fly lands on my index finger and I look him in the eyes trying to match his frequency (haha even a stretch for me) and ask, what he is trying so hard to tell me?!? I get nothing and let him go on flying around my head, hands and computer.

Day three, today. I sit down and start working at my desk time goes by and half way through my day like before Mr. Fly comes out of the blue and will not leave me alone. This time I see he's got a pattern or what looks like some interesting moves so I ask again, ok Mr. Fly what are you trying to tell me. He flys to my iPad and stares at me..... I said ok what's in here that I am missing. He then flys to my big computer and dances around my open outlook mail account, so I said ok my email on my iPad? He then lands back on my iPad while I go through my private email. At this point I have no clue what I am looking for get frustrated and move on, Mr. Fly disappears.

Now at home after day three the kids are eating and I have a few minutes to myself to look back at my personal emails. I go right to where I left off with Mr. Fly earlier and see some blog postings from some people I follow. As I am deleting the 20 new ones I received, one catches my eye so I open it and read the answers to some questions I had been contemplating over the past few days. Specifically my question was why I had been getting such conflicting answers from my guides lately. I read this and find it very comforting. I move to the very next email and see its a web seminar from one of my favorite teachers Matt Kahn who's messages are all about staying heart centered, I feel my frequency raising! I move to the next email and see its an old teacher inviting me to attend an intuitive awakening class! Oh my gosh realizing I just didn't get far enough in my personal email account I smile and look up and out the window in front of me and see a rainbow coming right up out of the top of a tree and shooting straight into the sky in so much fall bathed light. I laugh out loud to my self and think could that fly really have been a little messenger of the light...... Seriously a trip down the rabbit hole today. I guess the true test will be to see if he visits me tomorrow or if he's chosen to visit one of you?!?