Akashic Reading - Person 59

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There is an Oracle Card I have (from the Chakra Deck) that reminds me of your reading. Below is its meaning:

Self + Passion = Growth 

“Influences Surrounding You or the Seeker Themselves”
Yin: The more you become present to the actions that send shivers down your spine the 
more connected to your purpose you will be. By becoming aware of what your purpose 
is you will be able to grow fully into the life you intended. It is time to turn all focus 
inward and figure out what really makes you, you and figure out how can you 
incorporate more of that into your life to sustain the growth you deserve. 

Yin: Without passion in life there will be no growth from your current situation. You must 
acknowledge what it is in life that makes you want to get out of bed every day with a 
smile on your face. Life should be and feel amazing every day. To not have this feeling 
of purpose could show a lack of passion or point to a lack of true understanding of the