Akashic Reading - Person 29

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Mind + Passion = Artistry

Influences Surrounding You or the Seeker Themselves

Yin: You are the kind of person that gets a vision of something you feel inclined to do and your mind won't let you rest until you accomplish it. You have acknowledged that you were placed here on earth to create. Whether this is through artistic endeavors or human interactions you have energy enough to complete any task you put your mind to.

Yang: You create all the time. While you are accomplishing one project you have two others close by ready for completion and an idea for another ready to get started. This is not saying you are a procrastinator, completely the opposite you are an over achiever and do everything you can to create that in which your mind visualizes. If the world could squeeze out a few more hours in a day you would find things to do and still be looking for more.

What Will Come

Yin: The more you accept that you were meant to create things into this world, the more the universe will provide you with opportunities to create. You have such a palpable passion surrounding the ideas you come up with that the more energy you put into these endeavors the more recognition you will get for what you do. Find the time and space to completed these projects and new doors open to you that were not previously visible.

Yang: You have accomplished something many strive for and few obtain. You have learned to connect your minds power to your passion to create. With these two centers in alignment you are an unstoppable force of creative energy. They say there is no limitation to the mind. For you this statement is extremely powerful because that means whatever you think you can create. Your passion to see your projects through to conception makes you a complete modern day magician. The sky is the limit. Don't ever lose your sense of passion and creativity.