Akashic Reading - Person 86

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CARD 42: OBSERVER - Outcome (What will come)

Yin: As soon as you assume and recognize the observer in yourself the world around you will change. Once you let go of the thought that the world is happening to you and switch to see that the world is happening for you, all your intuitive internal channels will open. Your internal guidance is strong. All you need to do now is start witnessing the world and all of its mysteries. This will begin to unfold the process within you.

Yang: You understand your purpose in life, maybe you were one of those lucky people that always did. You receive hunches and intuitive hits all the time around things that pertain to your own destiny. It is now your job to stop and simply observe what you are being guided towards. When you try to understand too much of the world around you, your own message gets lost. Stop and allow everything to come to you while you are open and non-judging of the messages you receive. This is the quickest way to allow yourself to be open to your own destiny.