Akashic Reading - Person 105

The READINGS are getting very COOL - if you haven't listened to one this would be the one to start with! I typically close my eyes and go inward for 30-minutes to get the full story. Then I open my eyes and relive the story by recording it for you to hear. This reading was SO AMAZING they rhymed with each other the whole time it was like a book or story, I changed my methods and after every 2-minute dialog between the guides and the person being read (eyes closed) I would break to record so that I could relay everything as close as possible to what was being said during the reading. This was FUN - Thanks!

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The Blue Guy also called Jinn is what I saw, but there were sometimes three of them (same guy representing himself as three Jinn) and it had black hair not brown.

The humming begins at 1:50 in this video! enjoy - it actually is the tone that is consistent throughout the song if that helps.