Full Persona Layout

This Layout will help answer the question from not only the traditional perspective, but also give clues into the different layers of this person and what energetic level they are currently operating from. Going this deep into the questioners personas can bring up areas that hold new messages, so you must keep an open mind for the information to change course during the reading.

Card 1 - You: this represents the person being read and the current state they are in while asking the questions.

Card 2 - Blocks: items blocking this person from moving forward.

Card 3 - Goals.

Card 4 - Recent Past, Foundation: I enjoy using this as an indicator of what was just learned or experienced also great for insight into the persons chakra column what they are moving forward from?

Card 5 -Distant Past, Issues Dealt With: where this person is coming from, childhood, what created personas, adulthood before the recent past.... These problems could be repeating so look for connections to this card elsewhere on the board.

Card 6 - Future: something this person is moving towards, if this card comes up with a shadow, hypo or hyper take it as a warning of something that needs to change in order to achieve goals.

Card 7 - Attitude & Position: what is going on in this persons head what their belief system is.

Card 8 - Others Views or Influences: how others see this person or how they are influencing them.

Card 9 - Hopes & Fears: usually the hope is part of the fear in why they are not yet moving forward.

Card 10 - Outcome: again if this comes up shadow, hypo or hyper check into where there are still blocks in moving forward. 

Card 11 - Physical Body: what is going on within the energetic field of this persons physical body.

Card 12 - Emotional Body: what is going on within the energetic field of this persons emotional body.

Card 13 - Mental Body: what is going on within the energetic field of this persons mental body. Sometimes if something is manifesting such as a block you can read these backwards using the mental body to see what is being thought about then the emotional body to see how they are interpreting the thought process and then how it will come through in the physical body.

Card 14 - Past

Card 15 - Present

Card 16 - Future (these can give clarification on the physical, emotional and mental or stand alone to further support the question)

Card 17 - Message from the higher self. This can also be a warning if shadow, hypo or hyper or area to clear to move forward, also can help to understand more of the spiritual lesson around the physical, emotional and mental body cards.

Card 18 - Message from your highest and most loving guides.