Synchronicities while doing Intuitive Art

When The 9th Dimension Is In Your Field...

When contracted to do Intuitive Art Paintings, I typically do not share these paintings or messages publically to protect the privacy of the person being read. Today, an exception has been made by the client and the divine! The message in this video painting isn't as meaningful to "you" the reader as it is for the person being read, but as always divine speaks to all of us through one magical event. The importance behind this message is more on how it came through, and the synchronicities it created in my field while the energy was being manifested. Because of this I would like to invite all of you to take a moment to consider how many messages you might be missing on a daily basis.

Imagine for a moment that you are me, getting ready to do an intuitive art painting. You decide in about 2 weeks or so you will begin the work you have been contracted for. You go about life entertaining the flow of people and situations as they happen and count down the days until you are ready to connect with the person's energy in which you intend to read for this newest painting. Three days prior to your work starting, messages begin to enter into your field. Do you recognize these small pokes as they float into your awareness or do you brush them away and tell yourself, its all just a coincidence...

Three days prior to sitting down to connect into the Akashic Records to read this persons story for the painting, I begin having mental thoughts of the work I am about to do. Having done this for awhile, I understand that when my mind travels toward a specific person, I am intentionally being connected into their energetic field. This is not my curiosity, this is divine will coming through. Three days out, my mind traveled towards this person and I began to envision (behind closed eyes) angels. Simply enough, her name would pop into my head and I would think to myself, "Angels, angels are going to guide the messages for this painting." Nothing more, nothing less. There and gone.

Two days out from starting the contracted painting, a different person from the one I had intended on reading told me that she was deeply connected to the Angelic Realm. You must remember these types of conversations happen all the time around me, but this “Angelic Realm” person just kind of stated this comment out loud with no probing. We had meet only ten days prior and although our relationship had progressed quickly and it felt like I had known her for many lifetimes we were very new acquaintances. Her voice spoke up and she said, “I know that I am an Angel”. During our ten days together in Peru she mentioned a few times that she could hear and speak with angles. On our last day together while sitting in the airport ready to leave for our flight she quite abruptly and with conviction states, “I am a re-incarnated angel here on Earth”. Loving this connection and pulling me into a recognition of her divinity, I instantly smile and allow the conversation to continue towards other topics. There was no probing or questioning by me or the other person sitting close by we simply allowed her brief declaration to make it’s way into the space that surrounded us. Sitting there at the airport I had no clue the 9th dimension was pulsating in my energetic field just days before I was to sit and read and paint for this divine individual.

One day out from starting this painting I attend a gem & mineral show in Michigan. I had noted this show down on my calendar, but hadn't actually intended on attending as I was flying in from Peru the day prior. Only a mere 7hours drive round-trip from my home, the urge was toundeniable to go. Having just flown into my hometown a day prior I shook off the jet lag and caved to the nagging desire to get into my car and drive 3.5 hours one way to visit this particular show. (Side note: I had to pick up the kids at 3pm! which meant I only ha 90-minutes once at the show!) Once there I found it easy to find everything and more I could have wanted, but this trip wouldn't be noteworthy with out a star of the show, so here's his story.

One particular "Angel Aura Quartz" made a unique and surprising appearance, I believe to finalize the synchronicities of this entire connection. Stopping at one of the many tables I saw a very expensive and large "Angel Aura Quartz", not intending to pay that much on one piece I moved around the table 3-4x before I couldn't pass it by one more time. I picked it up and waved down the supplier, "If I purchase this piece along with these other stones will you allow me to pay with a check?" asking this question was important due to most vendors only accepting cash. She looked at me with a hurt look and said, "That is the one piece I wasn't going to sell today!" I laughed and now with complete knowing of what was happening said, you have no idea what/who has brought me here today to find this one piece today. I explained the synchronicities, which made her smile and she reluctantly sold me the piece (at no discount)... 

The entire story still hadn't come together until the day of the Akashic Reading. During the reading I expected angles to come through simply due to the name, angel connection I had received three days earlier. So starting the reading I was surprised to have fairies come through first. Once the reading finished I sat with amazement at how connected all of my encounters had been over the last few days with the angelic realm. They were all around me guiding my every connection and interaction. I teach others about the "download" quality our energetic field has and how when we can become completely aware of our present moment connection how powerful the signs and synchronicities can be guiding our path. It always amazes me at how even the trained can be blind and oblivious to the divine intervention we are all going through. Authors who write books will download the content into their field 3-5 years before they are ready to be written, Encounters with people will download through a dream you have the night prior to you meeting them, connections to a phone call can happen minutes before the call comes through and every 6 minutes our entire field re-adjusts to match the new timelines and frequencies that are coming through. So how well do you catch these shifts in the field, how connected are you to the divine who are trying to get your attention, what is your turn around time in understanding the synchronistic occurrences happening around you?

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