Power Discs for Crystals - Root Chakra Large

How to Program and Empower Your Crystal...

Programing a crystal is easy. Simply imbue it with an intention or allow its natural energy to come thought to you and then use it for those purposes. Quartz are amazing receptors for your own intentions and can be programed quite easily by the frequency of your mental, emotional and physical field. While working with Crystals I have been specifically guided to make "POWER DISCS" which bring forth the purpose of each crystal being worked with and help program the intention for the crystal. 

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DYI = Don't think you have to make a specific disc or be clairaudient to hear a crystals story. If you want to do this on your own simply start with your own intentions and write them onto a piece of paper and stick your crystal on top of it. Easy! From there you will begin to find your own flow with the crystal world and will be able to create what each crystals needs.


Crystal Obelisks will dissipate a build up of energy. By placing the obelisk onto the power disc you are constantly releasing the intention of your disc. The Root Chakra disc will help connect you into the Earth Plane through interactions with your family, the tribe and the Earth while helping one understand the emotional and mental side of their ability to become present in every moment of life. The divine opening process will lead to the ability to manifest any reality into the Earth Plane.