Listening to Your Crystals...

It is my belief that every crystal and mineral here on Earth has manifested from some divine source, just like you and I. Each with a specific purpose and talent just waiting to be unleashed. So how does one begin to listen to the subtle frequencies contained with in these beings of light? Communication can be easier than you ever imagined if you are willing to be taken on the journey.

Step 1 - Raise your frequency
Step 2 - Listen (in your own beautiful way)
Step 3 - Trust

Step 1 simply entails you asking the crystal to raise your vibration to match its vibration. Easy and simple. So easy one might miss the subtle cues they are connected to the mineral or gem being questioned. Begin to breath and let the crystal do the work. You should feel slight tingles along your body. Specific crystals and minerals may interact with your body in different areas. Stay tuned in and detached at the same time. Step 2 listen. Here it is important to listen in your way, some are clairaudient, some clairvoyant, some claircognizance. Simply be open to seeing, sensing, feeling, hearing and knowing into all things that come into your field once you start the link of energy between you and the crystal. Step 3 Trust. Your first instinct will be to distrust in the feelings you get, or the words that speak to you so remember you are a divine being with limitless potential - Trust in this.


This stones energy will create a looping figure 8 between the left and right ear. The purpose of this stone is to attune the owner to higher vibrational frequencies that can be heard through the ears, making the owner more clairaudient. This stone will help balance the Throat Chakra bringing harmony and balance to this energetic center.