10-10-17 Reading

When corosponding through email I felt your throat chakra "ascension symptom" you could say - and got a flash of running this layout for you. Saying that I assumed I would get direct info pertaining to your throat chakra integration, alas not a single throat chakra card, but so much more and actually more clear! SO here we go:

Root Chakra your foundation: the energy here is awakening. Your "high self" or cosmic awareness is aligned to your passion at the moment and creating an awakening In your field.

Sacral Chakra one on one relationships: "high self" cosmic awareness is connecting to your right brain the intuitive center and asking you to observe what is happening outside of yourself. Specifically aligned to your one on relationships. This can be romantic, business, friendship... anywhere that you hold energy in connection to another. Your intuitive senses are becoming heightened by what you perceive happening outside of you in dealing with these close personal relationships. What's becoming more present and what's falling away. The cosmic self in connection to everything is triggering you in this intuitive center to show you what's happening...

Solar Plexus the human: you have the Heart Chakra card symbolizing complete balance. Your authentic self has found harmony in the collective experience.

Heart Chakra the bridge: by aligning your authentic self to your heart you were able to find harmony in what you do and what you've created in human form (3D reality) this heart connection inside YOU has been your number one guide in getting you through this bridge or this 4D gateway.

Throat Chakra your purpose has been in leading the community through devotion and heart centered guidance. you have manifested a path that has been directly influenced by the heart guiding you.

Third Eye your perspective. It is going to take all of your strengt/fortitude to now align yourself with your intuition regarding the current situation presenting itself. (Here your awakening from root chakra and what your observing from your one on one relationships) cosmic self aligning with your passion in this moment. Also a lot about duality and balance where have you separated: right from wrong, positive from negative, ego from intuition. This is all about finding the strength to unify as one whole - authenticity to intuition knowing it's all me and everything is one.

Crown Chakra - outcome this is the shadow side of the heart chakra (grief)  what are you unwilling to let go of. Shadow comes up where there has been a pattern repeated many times and it's a warning for you to look at;  what am I scared to lose or what am I afraid to let go of. Everything about you is connected to heart center and in this new paradigm the emotional body the 4d emotional reality is releasing if you do not move past this pattern of (rejection, protection, vulnerability, grief - letting go) you will stay in an old pattern not creating the expansion you deserve. Find the space to make yourself expansive (where can you bring yourself more into oneness) the fortitude to reconcile duality from third eye. It is here when everything is the same that you will not have fear in the loss or potential of loss.