Physical- heart and your one on one relationships. You are currently moving through a healing that will actually show up in your physical body

emotional- you are playing a role in your spiritual center of the crown chakra. Watch out where you pull back from the grand perspective of what's happening and where you detach from what's going on. 

mental - your making progress! Your will power towards creating a new foundation (although it's taking everything you have) is manifesting and your making progress. Release any worry in your mental space to move forward more seamlessly. 

spiritual - your authentic self is aligning to your intuition brining you more into balance with what is happening on a higher level for you at this time. You are being asked to have the fortitude (strength) to stay connected and present to left and right brain right now. 

past- manifesting harmony and compassion towards yourself in this new energy.

present - being adaptable aligning your passions into the community supporting you. Or finding you passion for what's at hand and getting the support from the community around you.

future- a warning to not lie, if you lie or tell lies your future will have patterns from the past and be hard to navigate clearly. Speak truths and this will make the future clear and more easy to move into.