Reading 10-3-2017

Root chakra (your foundation what's supporting you right now) you are manifesting the energy and connection of archangel Gabriel. Gabriel comes in to teach us the power of creation. You are the totality of what you have created, everything surrounding you is you, what you think, feel, experience is all your creation. To be in harmony with this knowing means you are co-creating with divine.

sacral chakra (relationships / passion) here you show the shadow card for crown chakra which would signal a pattern in life you have chosen to repeat multiplied times here the energy is of attachment. Look into your one on one relationships and try to understand where you have attachment to an outcome or expectation over how another's process is unfolding. To hold onto expectation over another is always going to end in disappointment (which is divines way of giving you back your own energy) cutting the cords between you and the other person. 

solar plexus (authentic self who you are at the core) you have aligned your authenticity to your purpose you are a living expression of SOUL self in action. The wisdom you hold over all timelines is Your to express in every conscious moment of every day. 

heart (the bridge between human & spirit self living in complete harmony) another shadow side which means you are living a pattern. Here this pattern is attached to the sacral chakra and the energy of guilt. Where do you follow another because you feel it better to go along with a plan instead of follow or take care of yourself? Guilt is an emotion we feel when we have disregarded our own needs or allowed ourself to get manipulated by another's energy. We feel guilty and surrender our own needs to furfill those around us. This is keeping you from living. 100% connection in all aspects of everyday conscious life.

throat - archangel Michael is here validating you that light attracts light and your community follows you and can find you when you use the power of your voice and the vibration of this amazing creation center. Those who have been waiting for you that you don't even know exist yet will be able to find you through the power of the throat chakra (almost like the game of telephone - by speaking to one soul in one state you can alert another soul in another state because the cords linking all will pull them closer and closer to you) 

third eye - the greater perspective of this card reading. With concentration your voice will align to your purpose and those words in which you chose to speak and who you decide to speak them to will all align to your divine lesson plan creating a clear pathway for you to walk in constant and clear connection with source creator. Through concentrated efforts in issuing your voice your path will always unfold in miraculous ways. 

crown: in conclusion, don't let yourself be effected by how others want you to be or need you to be. Being your authentic self and not playing a role for someone else will be your greatest attribute to keep you aligned to this co-creating path. Your foundation suggests you will be creating new exciting things (mostly through speaking!) so stay tuned into what makes you feel good and furfilled not what furfill a others and your path will stay clear and authentic!