Reading 11-15-17

Where is my Life Going? 

Root Chakra - your foundation where your moving from - this one card sums up a lot of what you are currently experiencing (per your question) you are manifesting the energy of reconciliation. This is where we take the lessons the patterns we’ve been living and start to witness what is happening in our life from a different perspective. As a human this can be tough because you start to question everything you have been involved with and it gets heavy and disorienting. The beauty of this card coming in as it does is that it is giving you the ability/energy necessary to reconcile a part of your life that is out of harmony with the whole. Reconciliation means we can look at something we perceived to be negative and start to see how it was perfectly aligned to teach us exactly what we need to know. Nothing in life is broken, it is always perfect and this card is giving you the space and energy to start making those connections.

sacral chakra -  relationships, intreastingly enough this is the heat chakra card (compassion, balance and those around you) Again you are manifesting this energy of harmony and balance with your one on one relationships. I wouldn’t say this feels like the totality of your question, but would say that when you asked the question, where is my life going (relationships) were a part of the overall picture. Here it states that through your understanding of your current process you may find more space to see that your relationships are supporting your efforts and it’s your perception of life right now that has got you confused, not the other way around.

Solar Plexus - YOU - this gets better and better! The Empathy card - I tell people this card is all about letting go of the “metaphorical” demons. This is where your voice connects to your heart/compassion and you start speaking from a place of vulnerability that isn’t so much for the people Around you but for you and your ability to release the heavy ness that kept you locked into seeing life in only one way. This states that you are currently bringing in the energy to release what’s holding you back from seeing things clearly, but you are going to have to speak truths to make this switch flip! 

heart - the bridge to bring what you want “your purpose” into your human timeline. Here the card is reverence, again manifesting. This says YOU to in your HEAD! Have compassion towards your mind. Were you told what you want is ego? Were you told you have to be a certain way to get what you want. This card highlights all the possibilities of your life and what it is saying is that your in such conflict over what you want that it becomes a source of frustration. The key here is to follow your heart - or better yet know that everything in your head is a product of the heart and to just pick something and have an experience with it. Reverence to me signals the deep respect we have and can give to something. That is what i want you to have regarding your thoughts. All of your thoughts are of YOU they are yours, have respect towards them and stop beating yourself up. This will slowly guide you clearly towards your purpose.

throat Chakra - appreciation, again your purpose is aligned to your heart. Have appreacation for what you are thinking and speak it! This is the process to get you through the previous card “heart chakra” when you are feeling vulnerable because you don’t know if what your thinking is right JUST SPEAK! This is the key, your cards are laying out like a road map to get you through this confusing time - trust them!

third eye - perspective! The Narrator card (this is so clearly coming through) the more you can be open in the present moment and use your voice to tell your story the more insight you will have towards what is unfolding. Speaking your authentic truth in each situation (back to the mind/ all those options and things your thinking) will give you the guidance to align to what you would deem your purpose.

crown - outcome. Teacher card - relationships meets your self expression or how you walk your walk and talk your talk in life creating opportunities to be the teacher. This energy is all about owning our own authentic flow in life when we can not only live the truth we feel but also act in a way that is in accordance to that trust we become a powerful vessel to those relationships we surround ourself with so that we can teach them (by just being ourselves). 

your energy was spunky and fun to work with - light and love