Moving To The Next Level...


The rose is a symbol of our ability to connect to high frequency energy and interpret the guidance and messages held within. Holding a visual image of the rose in your mind while you meditate will allow your frequency to shift into that of a receptive antenna that can tune into the signals of your divine team.

The thorns are a symbol of the lazy human condition not yet ready to break free of limiting patterns and beliefs. It symbolizes the consciousness that projects and aura of stability and contentment when all in life has not yet manifested. The barrier between divine soul connection and detachment from purpose is the projection that life is figured out, mastered, and un-changing when you project a constant un-moving foundation there is no room to grow and barricade yourself into a reality that will shame you and present fear for thinking outside of that reality.

Steps to Connection: Become a Witness to your life, signs are ever present around you all one must do to see these divine synchronicities is to become present and allow the mind to accept that not all answers come married to a sign. Become Patience. Patience does not mean sentient in this case patience means you align your willpower towards your goal of divine relationship connection and then with detached patience allow the connection to grow stronger. During this time the more you can speak internal and external words of compassion the more Empathy you will allow yourself to have over not only your subjective world but that which you objectively perceive as well. This will harmonize the separation between what you want and what you have.