When You're Looking For Validation...


Why oh why is it so hard to change the narrative of what's going on around you?

Divine is no longer quietly nudging you, but loudly and clearly sending you the message to step up and be the PIONEER of your own life. Start living from an authentic place of connection and begin expressing through your actions what you were always meant to do. Don’t fear what you don’t know or can’t see, stop being LAZY and accepting the status quo of your pattern. The unhealthy one-on-one relationships in your lives are blinding you, keeping you stuck living at a vibrancy of 5 when you were meant to live fully at a 10! Have trust, Dear One and if you can’t find trust in yourself call on Archangel Zadkiel who will bring into your field the energy of ACCEPTANCE. When you are to have bestowed upon you the energy to see clearly lean on OWL who sees all and clearly relays the perspective you have been to patterned to acknowledge and see.