What Does Divine Connection Look Like...


Until you are open and ready to RECEIVE, meaning you are vulnerable enough to tap into a world greater than your own self wants and needs. Your purpose will never clearly marry to your physical and non-physical relationships, bringing your life greater presence and action. These relationships surround you in your physical reality including the people you co-habit with, the co-workers you see daily, and the friends who keep you grounded. Your non-physical relationships include the divine team of guides, angles, ascended masters, and aliens you started your journey with, have transitioned into accepting along the way, and still don’t know exist. When the chakra column comes into alignment meaning you have released the limiting patterns that keep you trapped into a subjective reality that plays out in an unconscious way you AWAKEN into the full potential of marrying these physical and non-physical relationships to your higher-self, the one that remains divine.  

Find your CONFIDENCE by speaking your truth with full willpower and strength, and show DEVOTION to the community that surrounds you through performing your divine purpose (even if you are unclear of what that means) especially if you don’t know what that means, become devoted to serving the community around you, stop self-serving and become a part of the flow you so desperately  seek. This is where all of your clarity and perspective will be found.