Follow Your Heart It’s Your Purpose...


Hypo Sacral Chakra – When you have pulled back from your partner, no longer sharing your complete authenticity and feel out of the flow of life you mustwitness that your heart alignment is off and you are not living in an authentic way which creates passive, emotionless energy veiling you from your true divine course in life.

Hyper Throat Chakra – Playing a role for another person and pulling back your emotions and feeling (hypo sacral chakra) will lead to constant and direct power struggles between your and their energy fields, this is where your energy has the ability to flow back to you. This return of energy is usually facilitated by the expressive throat chakra. When the hypo sacral energy (lack of passion, fluidity, creativity, sexuality, unity) has been in play for too long a surge of hyper throat energy will lash out helping you to balance the field you have surrounded yourself with, reestablishing your “authenticity – in part”. By declaring your non engagement in the balanced flow of the relationship and taking on a passive role you will confuse your position struggling to realize what your purpose is. This is the bounce between Hypo Sacral (being submissive, passive) and Hyper Throat (exploding like a bomb to reclaim your space)

The Fix – Become a witness to your life, no one is here to tell you what is right and what is wrong for your path, but constant flux between hypo and hyper chakras spins is no healthy way to live. It not only confuses your path, but also confuses the path of your partner. Become the witness who is present during moments of polarity and use your rational mind to figure out what you are missing and why you allow the cycle of unhappiness to repeat over and over creating the same outcome.