Grounding Into Your New Foundation...

 Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Hyper Root Chakra & Hyper Solar Plexus Chakra– When you have taken on a new role, a new foundation, a new life and things aren’t exactly what you envisioned and the view from your new position in life seems different than what you expected it to be – stay true.  Don’t fear or try to control what is happening around you, stay open to this new platform and how the energies are aligning to come in. Do not allow yourself to be tempted into changing who you are to meet this new adventure, evaluate your authentic self (meaning: what are the three things that make you uniquely you?) stay true to those things, don’t let this re-start, this new growth cycle dissuade you from being authentic otherwise you will create hyper Solar Plexus Chakra tendencies layering onto your new growth cycle discordant energy that will need to be released at some point (usually by negative circumstance).

Relationships – Take this new time, this new cycle, this new beginning in life to form relationships where you are not only the Teacher living and connecting to other one on one relationships through your divine expressive self, but also find your growth in allowing yourself to be taught by those relationships. Use your passion to facilitate the ever important inspiration those same relationships need to continue their grow cycle. This will bring out the teacher in both parties allowing each to grow together yet differently at their own pace.

Fortitude and trust in your intuition will bring more clarity and balance to the grounding of your new foundation. Aligning completely to the authentic self, the soul self, the high self will keep you balanced on this new path. It will take all of your energy and trust in the version of yourself that got you to this new path, do not fall victim to the HYPER tendencies of the Root and Solar Plexus Chakra (Laziness & Arrogance – stopping your from moving forward and possibly clinging to the ego self the one that operated from you position before the transition), Not clinging to the Hyper tendencies of these chakras will be your tests, proving if you are ready to align to this re-born, open, conscious version of yourself, or will illuminate where more work and release is needing to be done.

By grounding this new energy in a slow, and steady way you will create the SANCTUARY you have so desperately been seeking. Divine love and unlimited compassion await you on this new path all you have to do is ground into it with no Fear and complete Trust!