What Do You Do When Your Humanity Is Blocking...

Your Destiny?

Every spiritual seeker moves through different growth phases, it is important to remember that when you are required to change your perspective and see things from the next level on your path a reset will happen in your life where you are meet with obstacles that challenge your ability to stay connected to your authentic journey. "The lock out feeling from Divine"

Step 1 - Seek Your Freedom: Staying aligned to your self expression while you rediscover and move deeper into your authenticity is going to make your transition into higher planes of consciousness a more transparent reality. You do this by saying YES & NO clearly... When you don't feel like cleaning the house, don't clean the house "rest, play, create" when you feel like taking a night for yourself to explore a new experience, say YES and explore. There are no maybes in self discovery. Maybe covers up your authenticity, CLAIM YOUR SPACE/CLAIM YOUR DIVINITY.

Step 2 -  Call for Divine Help: Archangel Raphael is only a mental or verbal call away waiting to align you to the greater perspective of your situation. With clear intention his divine grace can help align your intentions and manifest your desired reality. Trust is required to step beyond the limiting human constraints of your situation, so have a little, and trust your clear intention will pull you through.

Step 3 - Don't Relapse: A sure way to stay in the trapped paradigm of limiting beliefs, patterns and failed outcomes is to lessen or move into a HYPO flow of energy in your solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra determines our human experience and reflects our authentic nature as we have made it up to be. Moving hypo or less than, means allowing your confidence and earned self esteem over what your meant to do to be questioned and even blocked by your unwillingness to trust in the divine plan you have created.

Finally when you stay aligned to who you are on the most authentic level you manifest complete transformation to move into the expansiveness and collective connection of the divine heart chakra energy - meaning you are a conscious human connected to your divinity.