Original Channel - Part 4 Flower

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

Doctor Flower at your Service

Pushing onto the bark of the tree from the palm of my right hand, through this second attempt at standing I seemed to find my balance. Looking into the canopy of dancing leaves above head I fell into a profoundly moving and hypnotic style of trance. Taking a long, slow inhalation I felt deeply at peace, the sounds and colors were more vibrant than I had remembered and somewhere deep within my being I could feel some kindred relationship with the tree itself. The sound of my husband’s voice calling from the garage was about the only thing that could have pulled my attention away from the tree in all of its colorful splendor. Turning my body, I saw the boys running from their own nature retreat towards him. Overflowing with cups and snacks he came bouncing down the green patch of lawn towards the three of us. The boys reached him first, winning them first pick of Gatorade and peanut butter crackers, arriving second I got the left over tall glass of icy water. Just what I wanted, how does he always know? Following the boys, we all moved towards the front yard where we sat upon our stone steps leading up towards our homes front door.

Johnny my husband broke into conversation first.

“What have you guys been doing out here?”

He asked, trying to create conversation a four and five-year-old could be a part of. Talk of gofer holes and stick swatting followed in what seemed to be an endless rant including no periods, commas or breaths. The long run on sentences turned into a slow steady hum of conversation. My gaze became soft and my mind began to wander toward the railroad ties long ago placed next to our stone steps. These large pieces of wood helped to from four large scaling planters that became a part of the landscaping within our front yard. A dark pink flower sitting amongst mature pine trees within one of the boxes caught my eye. Watching a singular bee move in circles around the flower seemed to enchant me enough to wear I could no longer hear the conversations of gofer holes and sticks. Following the circular movements of the bee I began to feel the buzz of its wings deep within my ear drums. The sound turned from a hum into a loud high pitched buzz that resonated somewhere within my right ear. After thirty or so seconds the buzz stopped and my ear went deaf. My eyes went into tunnel vision as my gaze now locked unmovable on the flower in front of me. The dark pink color seemed to fill me from the inside out. Every breath I gulped down was chokingly dense with this color of pink.  The breaths came more shallow and less frequent with every sip now taken into my body. Now hardly breathing at all what felt like a lifetime passed by and the pink color surrounding me disappeared revealing a bright white light. A slight pulling sensation started to engage the top of my head and as if sitting inside of a glass elevator my vision went from a room filled with white light to a ride through an intergalactic star gate.  Looking to my left and my right I could sense two glowing light. Through the intense vibrancy of their glow I could somewhat make out human forms with soft smiling faces. This put me at ease as this experience was something new, quite peculiar, and very unexpected. In the blink of an eye everything slowed and my chaperones seemed to move me off to the side of the tunnel we had been progressing through. A door appeared, feeling a sense of familiarity I didn’t have long before a subtle warmth of hands on my back suggestively began to nudge my body forward encouraging me to step forward and through the door.

The light made it hard to see at first. Everything appeared fuzzy while trying to glance around the ground that surrounded this mist filled valley. At first glance I noticed that everything looked, felt, and even smelled similar to what you would find on Earth, but as the fuzziness subsided things became clear. What appeared to be large well-manicured trees now mimic the shape of enormous large flowers with bulbous heads. Rubbing my eye to help the acclimation process I stare down at the dirt beneath my feet trying to bring back a sense of normalcy. Steady and grounded I glance up once again to find from the ground view looking up, the stems of these flowers are as wide as a car and as tall as a three story building. Stepping a foot to the left from where I currently stand, I can see these flowers line up, one after another in two distinct rows on either side of the path. Each stem is covered in hair that appear to be the size and thickness of a human leg even mimicking the bend and flexibility. On cue I can see these hairs vibrating and fluctuating along with the breeze that passes by. Now assessing these flowers from the top down they all seem to be of the same purple color only varying slightly in hue. Each flower shows off its pedaled head to the inhabitants living on the ground below by tilting slightly inward. Guessing that the tilt is due to its large size, I also think it could possibly be showing off to those below it. There is a human quality represented within each flower, as if they are here on display for every passerby to see. Choosing to move through this procession I begin to walk down this unbelievable path. The repetition of flower next to flower on either side of this trail creates a dream like arched walk overhead. I walk slow and gingerly enjoying the view from the ground up. A mix of shade and sun peek through the purple painted mosaic above. By simply walking through this bridged pathway of flowers I can feel the divine alignment and seemingly impossibly natural reoccurrence of these majestic beauties. Every breath I take brings in a sweet yet filling blend of euphoria, I silently think to myself,

“This is truly an impressive phenomenon!”  

Breaking away from the middle of the road, I head towards the nearest flower stem. Upon further inspection I can not postulate the species of flower in my current location, but can see that the petals are purple with yellow colored stamen. Each petals curves in a different direction giving it a whimsical appearance. With my simple intention to know more about this magnificent being the entire stem seems to bend towards me. The leaves themselves begin to move up and down as if willingly to adjust to my current needs of exploration. There are vines that spirals and twist around the stem seemingly attached to the bulb of the flower head above. The vines follow some invisible stream of an unseen vibratory current. I don’t know how I know this, but contrary to my previous hypothesis the vines move in their own patterned sequence not following the cool windy breeze. As this unopposed dance follows its rhythm I notice a much different movement within one of the flower petals above.

Cradled by a large purple petal, I can see a twinkling luminescent radiating off of an energetic being sitting three stories above the dirt floor where I currently stand. As the pedal opens I can see more clearly the glowing shine and form of a being that looks quite human. Like the cocoon of a caterpillar the petal opens from around the being and a great gust of gas like iridescent flows from the inside of the flower towards the being in its care. Like heat rising off hot asphalt the flowers gas is perceivable and looks like it had just released from the center area where the yellow stamen would be found. As I stand on tippy toes trying to get a better look, a warm and comfortable wave of energy enters into my body relaxing my mind fully and softening my intense curiosity.

“Dear One, the “gas” you say you see is a fluctuation of light frequency. You can see it because it is a different frequency than what surrounds it. It appears as moving wave pulsations that are directed towards the begin sitting just about a foot away from the center of the flower. Can you see the currents move in, around, and through the being sitting on the purple pedal?”

Startled by the voice, I find its calming quality approving and decide to engage with the voice popping into my conscious mind.

“I can see the energy around the being, but it is hard to see what is happening to their body.”

The voice continues.

“The entire treatment will almost completely envelop the being within this pulsating light frequency. Like a bath of energy. The frequency will move throughout the entire energetic field of the person being worked on. Watch as this being completes their treatment with the flower.”

Watching this connection complete, the being moved along the sturdy pedal towards one of the leaves below. Either by levitation or some form of symbiotic relationship, the being and the plant move together as one and the being within the plants care gets placed back down on the valley floor below. Just as this process completed I saw another purple petal off in the distance open up to reveal another luminescent glow within its center. As if this entire process was on cue another session seemed to be complete and another being emerged from the internal folds of the flower. Feeling like this was some type of assembly line, at least there was at understanding of partnership working between flower and recipient.  The warm voice cut into my thoughts.

“Continue watching it’s about to happen.”

As the visible gas like frequencies moved into these energetic beings I could also see something like a foggy cloud coming out of one of them.

“What is happening?” I asked curiously watching.

In response to my inquiry the voice responded.

“The flower and the process you currently witness is here to help you remember the regenerating and healing abilities that our surroundings have over our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. The flower is performing an osmosis like healing on the being within its care. Because these beings are Shepherds to their environment they live with conscious intention to make their environment well, in return the environment will make them well. What you witness is the process of frequency attunement.”

Through witnessing this experience, I understood that this process was required by the human like beings. It was like the beings were having a maintenance check to help harmonize and rebalance the bodies’ energies. The flower held a vibration or current that attuned and cleared the field of the energetic being it worked with. The process felt to me much like a spa or doctor’s office, where an individual would enter into the space, receive healing, release whatever they were holding onto, and then go about their way. Feeling into the energy of the being receiving the treatment, it felt like a drug, almost as if pure ecstasy or a state of euphoria would be achieved after the treatment had concluded. Through witnessing this process there was also a part that required a removal of something that seemed cloudy from the energetic beings body. As the new currents from the flower went into the individual there was a type of foggy cloud that came out of some of them. This release symbolized an energy that was not in harmony with the being and the replacement allowed them to harmonize with their surroundings and their selves once again.

“Jenessee, can you remember your previous travels to this place?”

Thinking and trying to remember, I couldn’t place much, things felt familiar, but nothing was overtly clear. Everything felt real and connected to me in some great way, but when I tried to remember everything seemed fuzzy.

“I am sorry, but I don’t know this place.”

“Let me help you remember, the message of the tree. In time your objective and subjective world will synthesize and you will remember everything, for now simply listen to these messages. It is important to create space within your energetic field to receive the impulses of the world around you. This is what allows you to stay on your path and also creates balance and harmony within the natural field surrounding you. By doing this you have the ability to sync into the vibration of your environment which will not only uplift you, but uplift everything around you. The message of “Doctor Flower” as you will soon call it, shows another way to balance and harmonize into your Earth plane. You can call this a treatment, because it helps to clear and purify the negative frequencies within the body. Do you know why it is important to keep the frequency of the human body high?”

Thinking for a moment.

“I know they say cancer vibrates at a low frequency, and other disease and coffee, right?”

The voice speaking within my head stays the same, but somehow I can feel a smile settle into the words that begin speaking to my mind.

“By connecting into the vibration or currents of flowers humans can allow their bodies’ to release whatever density they have been holding onto. This allows humans the ability to take a step closer into the full conscious connection they require to be open to the field around them.”

It is noticeable within my mind’s eye that Earths flowers are smaller and less accommodating to the environment surrounding them, they are not as active in the give and take of the “treatment” aspect. What I had just perceived does not seem like it could be done on Earth.

Feeling my thoughts, the angelic being begins talking.

“To understand this more fully one must understand that beings currently residing on Earth are here to learn, though this process you will begin to elevate your frequency and understand more about yourselves and what surrounds you. Flowers are a species just like humans, they hold the ability to learn, grow, and transcend this time and space just like humanity does. As the two energies learn from one another each will gain more perspective on how to harmonize together for the best ability to live amongst one another. That being said, in your space and time of 2015 humanity is being called to start bridging the connection to the plant and animal kingdoms through engagement and connection. Through this connection you will find yourselves gaining more abilities to clear your energetic fields using the frequencies and currents of the flowers that surround you.  By opening yourselves to the energy of the flowers you will begin to understand more of their purpose in your lives. Humanity instinctually feels this, through the use of aromatherapy and spa like treatments involving the natural oils and essences of plant based materials. Soon you will learn to respect the plant where it resides and not feel the need to cut it suspending its life to bring its harmony to you. Soon you will learn to respect it within its natural environment bringing your own energy to it for healing. This will create the ultimate symbiotic relationship creating a give and take between humanity and the flower beings surrounding you.”

Reviewing the angelic message I can begin to see 2015 through the eyes of this Planet in the time space of 20300. I felt and immediate pull towards Earths current population and how the transition into these holistic arts are at the forefront of what humanity is moving towards. I felt hope that we would be able to achieve this symbiotic relationship and felt the transition already happening.

“Jenessee remember this, through humanities ability to feel, a resonance with certain aspects of life will unconsciously move that individual towards that which aligns to their original timeline.”

My head is spinning and I feel a bit dizzy from all the meaning that flows through this one statement. A warmth settles over my body making the unsettled feeling in my stomach subside and giving more space to listen.

“You are feeling a direct download to your energetic body. When we speak to you using high frequency words it cuts through the conscious mind and allows us to implant seeds into your subconscious that will grow and develop overtime. We need you to start remembering this when you are of your own time and space of 2015. Soon you will remember, please don’t worry, everything is within divine order.

The previous statement that was just downloaded into your subconscious means: when something feels right to you, but you don’t know exactly why, it is a sign that you are in harmony with that aspect of yourself that transcends your current plane of existence or in your case Earth. Example: pockets of humans living on Earth are pulling away from traditional western medical approaches of drugs, surgery and conventional left brain thinking to solve physical problems. People are resonating with a vibration that there has to be more natural ways to heal the body, your race has the ability to manifest into physical reality whatever it needs, but the density of your frequency inhibits this from happening within your three-dimensional field.  On your home planet in 20300 energetic beings have the ability to regenerate continually by simply letting go of what is dense and no longer serving their energetic field. In terms of 2015 on Earth humans feel connected to “the hard way of life” and feeling dense “three-dimensional”. Humans have begun to explore “alternative” healing and know that it works, but still have a problem understanding how it is working and that is due to the left brain influence of needing to know everything which is simply not possible, that is why you feel. With complete harmony of left and right brain humans will begin to understand that which is unseen making up 75% of their reality. You must begin to trust in your instincts and internal guidance, this will make you more light body and will begin to treat not just the 25% you know in the physical, but also the 75% you don’t know that resides within the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your existence.

As your planet Earth goes through frequency shifts so to do the humans who reside within it begin to change. If humans continue to hold onto a lower vibration using approaches that no longer work in the universe surrounding them the solutions they seek out will have adverse effects on their physical bodies. These frequency changes move through your matrix slowly and develop over time. What many do not understand is that you are in that time of shift now because the changes have been coming through for centuries now. Light bodies are being activated and consciousness levels are rising. Past cures and solutions to your physical problems will no longer sustain humanity in the way in which it is use to.  Humans are being called to step outside of the tangible answers that can be seen with their eyes. Humans must trust in what feels connected into their hearts. Moving into a heart guided understanding of what is going to work for them. This heart based approach will be the path that is necessary for each individual’s unique growth. This will help you understand more fully the unknown 75%.”

Allowing these words to sink in I begin to express what I am clearly thinking through.

“Humanity is taking the steps necessary to achieve this growth into its new frequency. You can see this with the development of holistic approaches to wellness, organic farming, and more environmental awareness. The way in which humans “open up” in other words, their ability to perceive that which surrounds them, is going to be the overall determining factor of conscious growth. One must begin to release the control of their perceived “world” or the “world” in which they have created and allow the walls of their energetic body to “open up” to the Earth that supports them. To be completely “open” to all that surrounds you will allow you the ability to perceive that which aligns most to your divine path. This is the next step in humanities development. This is where we all must begin, and this is the path to spiritual enlightenment and transcendence that we so desperately seek.”

The warmth fills my entire body and I know I have the blessing of my unseen guide.