Orignial Channel - Part 5 Cave

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Limestone Cave

The icy water glass slips from my grasp crashing towards the ground with a loud clattering sound that only shattering glass can make.

“Are you ok?”

Johnny is watching me with a very inquisitive look on his face.

“I don’t know? It must have been the condensation. I wasn’t really paying attention. I think it just slipped.”

The boy’s conversation over gofers and sticks immediately stops and new exciting energy over the glass shattering takes its place. Both boys jump up from their seats on the stone and eagerly move towards the glass.

“DON’T MOVE!” Both Johnny and I yell in unison.

Johnny holds an arm out blocking both boys from edging any closer to a potential ER visit. I cautiously gather all the visible glass chunks off the steps with my skilled and focused fingers, while Johnny explains the importance of being careful around danger to the two wide eyed boys. It was my job to collect all the glass into the broken cup, once this was completed I moved with an urgency that only a bare foot disaster could present. Running down the stone steps towards our garage my goal is to find a broom and sweep any remaining glass into the planters. Getting to the garage the temperature is cool and surprisingly feels better than expected. There is a light sweat across my brow and my heart is beating abnormally fast. Making my way around the grey 2013 honda minivan I can see the assortment of rakes, snow shovels, brooms and random wooden creations in the corner of the garage. Climbing over toys, balls, and two by fours I see the end of the garage start to pull away from me. The broom which was only a foot away now seemed to be at the end of a long distorted hallway. Every step closer seems to add five more feet onto my adventure. Turning around my exit route is now shrouded in complete darkness. Switching views back ahead of me towards the broom I find there is no path to move forward. There is nothing, but dark, cool air. At this point I freeze in place, feeling the heaviness and pressure settling onto my chest. My breath becomes labored as I notice a warm glow entering at what appears to be the top corner of the room.

The warm colored energy now fills into my chest and I can no longer feel a tightness or pressure when breathing. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t feel like I am breathing at all, and surprisingly it feels quite alright. I feel wonderful, like time has stopped and my body is in some kind of suspended state.

“That’s right Dear One, you are starting to acclimate to the process.”

I am not sure what just happened, but there is a voice talking to me somewhere from beyond the darkness.

“Who are you?”

“I am one of the twelve guides, leading you through this journey.”

The voice speaks again from somewhere beyond my line of sight.

“Why can’t I see you?”

I ask outwardly to the darkness.

“When your heart, mind, and body are in alignment you will begin to perceive my energy. When these elements of you are not in alignment you may simply hear me, or feel me, possibly sense me, or dream about me. There are lots of ways you will be in connection to me, but only when you are relaxed enough and in full alignment will you actually visualize my energy.”

In a strange way this made sense to my mind. I moved into acceptance over the fact that I was talking to a voice in the darkness and asked.

“So what am I supposed to do now?”

At this request two beams of light shot into the room and physically touched my shoulders. This created waves of intense energy that started pulsating through my body. I felt my questioning mind let go and my body felt like silly putty stretching into a length twice its normal size. When my body couldn’t stretch any further something let go and I went flying like a sling shot into a dark tube streaked with white beams of light. Climbing invisible mountains only to free fall straight down the tube of light I was ridding within felt like a ride my sons might chose to ride at the local fair.

The beams of white light all at once slowed down, stopping some of the disorienting visual images I was seeing. Time itself seemed to slow down and the inner designs of this wild ride revealed itself.  An oddly familiar door presented directly in front of me and with this the two glowing lights standing on either side of my body lifted what appeared to be glowing arms. I took this as an encouraging sign to move forward. Feeling safe I stepped forward not knowing what lie ahead and through the door my body went.



Underground the air is thick, sticky and moist. My eyes can immediately detect that I am within the walls of an enclosed cave. Everything is scorched in a warm reddish orange, copper colored light. Standing in the middle of the enclosed walls everything seems to be coated with a layer of damp glittering wetness. The breath I am not sure I am actually taking into my body, but mostly acting out, seems like it would pull a thick damp wet air into my lungs. Letting my senses acclimate to the darkness I find myself standing at the last step of a descending stone carved staircase. Behind me I can perceive only the faint opening of light atop the stone stairs, in front of me there appear to be two distinctive paths that lie within my immediate vantage point. Both of these paths are illuminated by the glow of a pale green colored light. Like a movie theater with lighted isle ways, the glowing seems to be emanating from just below the surface of the ground. Knees bending, I reach my hands towards the slick stone floor where I tilt my head ear to the ground to get a better sense of what is beneath me. Realizing that there is running water moving and churning under the stone, I asses it has to be an underground stream! Standing up again I see the cavern up ahead has a distinct fork, hiding the final destination with dark bulging cave walls. It is here I realize I have a choice to make which path to take. One path moves towards my right and the other towards the left. A heavy darkness surrounds the path to the left, the only light illuminating either way is coming directly from the in ground stream and mostly on the right hand side. Feeling an intriguing pull towards the path on the left hand side my body physically aligns itself towards the path on the right and my expedition continues. Glancing back towards the darkness on the left, my body has already started moving towards the coper colored walls of the illuminated path, so this is where I focus my energy.

The luminescent green glow continues to animate my path as its light seeps up through cracks in the cave floor. I can faintly detect my path turning into a small reddish orange stone catwalk. Turning to shuffle sideways I brace myself against the left side of my footpath where I can feel the cool embrace of the cave wall hugging my backside. Face looking towards the horizon I am scared to look down for fear of unbalancing myself. Shuffling left foot next to right my path now follows a completely open face stream. From the depth that I can perceive I assume a side by side comparison would show the width of the stone catwalk mirrored exactly the width of the stream, neither being very large in size. Systematically passing around a few twists and turns the walls of the path and more so that of the catwalk begins to open up wider revealing what appears to be a large final chamber. Now comfortably looking down I can see that the stream has turned into a rounded pool, taking the shape of the end of a thermometer. Steadily taking in my surroundings I can see past the pool is an inwardly curved vertical wall that appears to be the signal of the end of this passageway.  Moving gingerly around this final chamber upon closer inspection I can see that this final wall is a large grid, like a big chess board. Each square of the grid holds a large crystal. Each crystal seems to be a Herkimer diamond meaning they have double pointed ends. One end has been stuck into the wall and the other end is visible protruding outward in the direction of the stream. My eyes run over each of the crystals and I can see they are of different clarity and size. The crystals are placed within the grid almost touching one another, but with enough space between to pull an individual crystal in and out if needed. The grid itself seems to have been masterfully constructed. Now looking at the cave set up in its totality I intuitively think that this gird might be a circuit board of some type.

More curious than ever I walk back over to the stream, it seems the green glow does not come from the water, but from the stone that makes up the basin of the stream. As the pale green stone come more fully into view an instant realization takes hold an I known this is lime stone. Thinking to myself now.

“Does lime stone glow?”

A rush of warmth flows into my body and takes away the damp coldness that I had seemingly gotten used to.

“Hello Dear One, have you enjoyed your exploration of the Limestone Cave?”

Startled my body finds complete stillness. I see no person and hear no echo of a voice within the cave walls. This voice soft and gentle just spoke seemingly into my right ear from the inside out…

“Jenessee, feel into the air that surrounds you.”

Frozen in place, I noticed that my body went from receptive too protective. Not feeling threatened by the voice, just surprised I took a moment to soften my shoulders and open myself back up to the cool air of the enclosed cave. The first thing I noticed was the crystal grid on the end of the cave. As my body directed itself towards the crystals I now stood directly between the end of the stream and the crystal wall. My defense melted away and a strong buzzing sensation moved through my body. The hair on my arms stood straight up and I actually became a bit nauseated, feeling strong currents of energy move through my being.

“Why do I suddenly feel sick?”

I asked the voice.

“The structure you find yourself in has been created to harness energy.”

The reply came.

Feeling my body again I could sense the energy in the air. My ears could also pick up a subtle churning sound coming from the moving water, there was also a hiss or a release of bubbles or steam that was happening just below the surface of the water. Harnessing energy seemed to make sense.

“Your body is interpreting this correctly. You are perceiving the cycles of the water that push through tiny holes within the limestone rock. This creates natural currents of energy that get sent to crystals within the grid. You could consider this space a “power plant” that has the ability to generate the necessary energy for the beings residing within the city above.”

Moving into a visual experience, I could sense the inhabitants above this cave descending the stone steps and retrieving the crystals from their placement within the grid. As if this grid was a battery charging station. The beings would come to retrieve newly harnessed energy crystals and replace old used crystals that had been drained of their energy. This day dream felt like a suitable understanding of what I had just mentally witnessed. With this I gave myself an approving nod of the head.

“Hold on Jenessee, there is so much more for you to understand. Close your eyes and ask to be taken to the purple flowers”

Closing my eyes, I did what was requested of me.