Original Channel - Part 7 Double Sun

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

Double Suns

With my body sitting on one of the twelve stumps my mind begins to question everything! As I feel the mental drain of what was just experienced my body pulls itself into a whirlwind of questioning. What did I just hear from the Angel, what did this body just experienced, and what am I going to do now, remain sitting here on one of these twelve stumps? Each consecutive thought produced more fear and distrust in experience. With the passing of each thought the landscape around me began to change. I could see my body now surrounded by a fuzzy white room with glimpses of my driveway peeking through. 

“What’s happening?”

The yell came from my mouth this time, not my mind. Confused and in disbelief of what now lay in front of me. I search for the reassuring voice of my Angel. On cue a warmth enters my body and through the calming vibrational waves now coursing through my body my mind begins to lighten once again. The white fuzzy room slowly dissipates turning back into the coliseum. Slightly confused and not sure where to start, my guide leaves no room for error over what just happened and the sweet voice returns. In my opinion not a second too late.

“Dear One, this is what happens when you distrust in an experience that is part of the authenticity that is you. It lowers your vibration and you are unable to hold the high vibrations required to do the traveling you are doing. You have now visited this planet on seven different occasions. Almost eight if we would have let you slip away yet again. You have been time traveling, or just traveling as we call it. Because of your third dimensional bodies limitations we have to connect into your field, raise your vibration and then bring you into a frequency that is sustainable for you to travel outside of your third dimension. This takes a toll on your human form in such ways that you experience light headedness, dizziness, lethargy, and simply forgetting all together what was experienced. The more you raise your vibration the easier this will become on your third dimensional body and the more you will remember. For now, we must facilitate a lot of this for you, soon you will be able to come at your own request. You have slipped out of this lesson many times, seven to be exact and each time your body on Earth only appears to be gone for a second at a time. If you can recall your previous Earth day the first travel was experienced at night, followed by six more the next day. Each time you leave you only appear to be gone from your surroundings for an Earth second. See time only exists in your third dimension because you have created it to be that way. Everything above the third dimension exists within all time and space and therefore you can visit the future, past or current timelines simultaneously depending on what you wish to experienced. For now, we will guide you in and out of these time loops, soon you will be expected to do it on your own. It is now time to learn more about your home planet. Jenessee close your eyes we are going to visit the mountain ranges that lie just outside of this cities dome.”

Obeying the request, I close my eyes like I had before and ask to be taken to the mountain range outside of the domed city. When my eyes open I find my feet are already walking, right foot in front of left. Following a visibly excavated path, carved by many feet previously walking its curving shape, I notice the thick green line of foliage accompanying my walk. Like many things on this planet everything holds a vibrant energy within its respected place in nature. Recognizing this makes my heart smile, a surge of warmth enters and fills into all open spaces within my body. With each additional step the ground begins to dry turning into a loose gravel filled path. As my feet continue to walk in a forward motion I begin to mentally review my previous experiences outside of the dome.

“Why do I have a body, since I am outside of the dome, shouldn’t my body be tiny balls of light?”

The Angel responds quickly, taking the opportunity for another lesson.

“Dear One, you are currently remote viewing. You can only hear my voice inside of your head and not see me because you are using my body to witness what is happening around you. During remote viewing you use the eyes of another to view situations and experiences that have already taken place. In this case when you need to experience something we raise your frequency so that you can interact with the landscape around you meaning you will be astral traveling. It is harder on your light body to hold the higher frequencies required to astral travel so when we can we allow you to remote view situation from our perspective. Time travel can involve all of these methods of travel, but can also include in rare and necessary circumstances taking your human body with you to change outcomes from the past or future. This can only be done if it has been written into your soul contract. This you will understand more during a later journey.”

Still not completely clear, I continue.

“So what is the difference between astral travel and remote viewing?”

“Astral travel includes taking your light body along on the journey not just the consciousness. You experienced the light body within your experience outside of the dome. The light body can interact with the surroundings using its senses; hearing, touching, smelling and so on. When you astral travel you are moving through the landscape able to interact with its inhabitants if they are of a fifth dimensional frequency like your own. If they are of a lower vibration you will simply witness them in their goings on. Your light body is always a part of you yet only when you become aware of how to move your awareness into this space and sustain it for elongated periods of time can you use it for conscious travel. When you Remote View you are limited to seeing through the eyes of another, one who was there, is there, or is guiding the journey of the individual. Many times during day dreams you can see your body going through situations you believe you create from your mind. In these situations, you see your body from a different perspective or angle, as if you are witnessing your body from afar. This is one example of remote viewing where you use your guides perspective to review your timelines from a detached perspective. Others ways one can remote view include seeing specific visuals in a sequence that is meaningful for you, like in hypnosis. In this scenario it is as if your there, but without control. Many times humans slip into a frequency that allows them to remote view without knowing they are doing it.”

Understanding the connections more clearly, I review my current experience.

“I am currently remote viewing, it feels as if I have a body and eyes that are my own and that is because I am using your body and eyes. When I was outside of the dome earlier I was astral traveling, meaning you allowed me to experience the landscape of this planet as if I lived on it so that I could feel what an actual being of this place would feel, is that correct?”

Warmth rushed into my body and I took this as confirmation of my correct learning. Focusing back on the dusty path I noticed that I had covered quite a distance while talking with the Angel. Looking around I held a new level of understanding that seemed quite helpful for this journey. I was looking through four eyes not just two! The lush plants that surrounded my path reclaimed my attention yet again. Up ahead all greenery seemed to slowly recede into the lush forest now at my back. The path ahead escalated sharply, it appeared I would now be scaling the side of a large mountain. With the thick foliage fading into the back ground I take in the panoramic views and can see that my path is quite high in altitude. It appears as if only the top of the mountain remains above me, over three fourths of this mountain already lies below. The climbing won’t be as tedious as I thought. As the green forest path disappears an outcropping of different size and shaped rocks take its place. Ascending the side of the mountain I made the steep climb upwards. Now looking skyward, a glorious orange color seemed to be the predominant match to my lazy gaze. Backtracking my thoughts to recover details of my first visit to this planet, I note that sky has always been this vibrant orange color, through most of the seven visits thus far this sky has remained constant. Only during a brief encounter with night did the color appear to be something dark and different. Climbing what feels like the last bit of the way I sense that the spot I seek resides up ahead. My mind wanders, can I feel this because I am traveling within a guide that has already done this? Has all of this interdimensional knowledge been helpful or harmful my experience? I now seem to be reviewing every detail of this journey from a third party perspective, I have so many more questions than answers.

Knowing that my destination lie directly ahead I begin to take in more of the scenery surrounding my destination. Unnoticed until now the mountain I had been scaling appears to have a twin that lies directly to its side. Following the gaze of my intuition the path I currently walk connects around the face of the first mountain and dips back into what appears to be a carved out plateau that resembles a large recessed throne sat between these two distinct mountain tops. Catching a glimpse of one of the suns above my head it appears to also be heading towards this coveted space between the two mountain tops. Reaching the carved out throne area I feel cradle between these two sister mountains. The sun reaching its panicle point within the center of the sky above meets in sequence with me as if all is a part of some divinely orchestrated plane. Standing in the center of this area looking skyward the glowing orb of light seems to sit directly within this pocket of the mountains where my body also resides. I pause for a moment allowing the orange glow to radiate through my entire being knowing this is exactly where I am meant to be.

Everything seems to be in alignment, my body, the sun, the mountains and the city below. In this vast space between the two mountains time seems to slow down and a realization occurs, there is more to what I am seeing, more than just a chance placement of my body with the sun, and more to the mountains towering above the city below. Everything now becomes visible in a way I had not yet seen. Scanning the base of the mountains below I can see the city with its domed grid come to life. The cities placement is in direct alignment to the sun and these mountains. Across the horizon I pick up another pair of mountains, they appear to be exact replicas of the two I stand between now. The city itself seems to be within a bowl, cradled and surrounded by these mountain ranges. As the long days passes with continued interest I watch the far off mountains, my four eyes now glued to the unchanging landscape. On cue and without a moment to spare my eyes see the second sun begin to crest over the far off peaks.

“Dear One, the line of the sun here is constant, never changing. The sun always appears between the peaks of one set of mountains and then disappears between the valleys of the second. The sun is constant, never changing and that is why the inhabitants have built their city within this line of the sun. This planet orbits its main star at rapid speeds yet spins on its axes very slowly making its orbit around the sun within seven days and what should be seven nights. You have just witnessed the second sun that can also be seen from this planet. This sun does not have enough gravitational pull to force the planet into a new orbit yet can be perceived by the inhabitants that reside on the planet. During half of the planets cycle this sun is on the opposite’s side of the planet meaning the two suns sandwich this planet causing more light than night. What should be an even seven day and seven night cycles is turned into three and a half full days of light and followed by three and a half day and night cycles. Half of the orbit perceives one sun where the other half of the orbit perceives two suns. The night cycles are time for repair and rebuild, but due to the length of time away from the source of light it is imperative that these energetic beings work in harmony with what they have been given for optimum survival.

The balance of this planet requires two suns for optimal sustainability of life. These cycles of day and night are in rhythm with what the inhabitants of this planet need, and this pertains to all energetic beings residing here not just the humanoid ones. This planet views a second sun from another planet within the Milky Way galaxy through a type of worm hole or star gate. The ability to be within the light of this sun during half of their cycle allows life to flourish and continue in a way that brings harmony and balance to the beings of this particular planet. They require the energy from this other planetary system to survive. The balance of each system, determines the longevity and success of both. Inhabitants of planets require a harmony with their surroundings not only on a micro scale, but on a macro scale as well. For inhabitants to not be in harmony with their planets natural rhythms will drastically alter the wellbeing of the entire system and this could eventually knock them out necessary planetary alignments.”

I ponder if the solar system and planetary alignment that the Angel talks about in the Milky Way Galaxy is a direct reference to Earth and our Sun. Wondering what the connection or lesson is for me, I ask.

“We have reviewed the relationship between planet and inhabitants already, how does this lesson add anything new to what I have previously learned?”

“The lesson of this planets Dual Suns in connection to your Earth in 2015 is to stay in harmony with the changes in climate and nature as a whole population, on a macro scale. The Earth will continue to go through changes that are a direct result of the humans living within its diverse environments. The Earth is after all an energetic being just like you and I. When these changes happen it is crucial for all humans to adapt and begin to find harmony within their immediate surroundings. From small changes that occur like day into night and darkness into light, humans need to find a rhythm that matches their own bodies’ frequency. A person does this simply by being in harmony with the changing cycles of day and night and then from season to season. If your body is not in harmony with the frequency of your location it may be an indication that your vibration is needed in a different location. When a human lives in the jungle, but is to lethargic to go out and work the land of the jungle they are not living in connection with their surroundings. When a human lives high up on the mountain top, but is too cold to go out and live within their landscape they are not a functioning frequency of their environment. When a human lives in Sweden as has the glory of the midnight sun yet cannot function with that amount of day light at night they are not living in harmony with the frequency of their environment. This creates a discord between human and environment that they live within. This creates density for the earths physical body, just like your human body reacts to density in its auric field. When humans on Earth remain within places that are no longer serving their greatest good it creates the beginnings of discord within the Earths energetic field. Human and Earth are one.

On a grand macro scale when the Earth energy begins to shift through movements of the tectonic plates and its changing placement in the universe the dynamics upon your planet will also change, sometimes quickly and sometime at a slower rate. As a part of the energetic process of Earth you humans will soon be called to adapt and change within your own planetary system. Becoming aware that this change is necessary for your continued growth should be your primary motivation of Earthly connection. There will be a time when your environment will begin to change and you will be required to find a place that is harmonious and sustainable for the continued development of your race. By knowing when you are out of connection to the Earth is the only way you will begin to perceive and adjust to the changes that are coming. There are many changes that are going to happened during your lifetime on Earth. From droughts, to lack in food supplies, to contamination of air, land, and water. There are signs happening everywhere that specific areas of your planet are in need of release by their inhabitants for re-growth and change. If the inhabitants do not receive this message and continue to neglect the Earth changes happening around them they will inevitably suffer the trauma that befalls that part of the Earth as it goes through its change in order to rebuild.

Humanity will always be given signs of the developing changes that are slated to befall specific parts of the world. It is important to get in tuned with the flow and balance of nature and all things Earth based so that you too may be on alert when an area no longer supports the energetic beings residing within it. Your ancient civilizations would use stone placement to monitor the solstice, and the Earths placement within the universe. They did this from city to city using these alignments to monitor the stars. Humanity has the ability to pre determine when these Earth changes might come, yet as a whole you have lost touch with these inherent connections. Although star reading is quite helpful you don’t have to re-establish this ability from city to city. By aligning yourselves to locations that feel in harmony with your body and are conducive to your growth on the Earth you will be in the right place at the right time. Our only fear is that you have established such concrete foundations for yourselves that you do not understand when the nature around you is changing and this is why so many will be lost to the unforeseen changes coming.”

My mind focuses my awareness towards my current residence on Earth. North East Ohio has been my home for ten years now. My husband and I jokingly talk about our lives in Southern California previous to our move to Ohio. We reminisce about our lives in Orange County, and how we felt a part of a culture that never stopped to smell the roses. Being 30 minutes away from the beach, but never really going because it wasn’t on the agenda, been there done that. There never seemed to be an urgency to go outside because it was always a warm sunny day. There was no need for “Carpe Diem” in our opinions, one day simply rolled into the next. Our bodies were out of harmony with our location.  Reflecting now on Ohio I can see how my body is in harmony with my surroundings. We love the four distinct seasons and count them each as a blessing for what it brings into our life. Warm days we make sure we are outside taking full advantage knowing that the cool weather is right around the corner, cold days we hunker down and relax in our cozy spaces in doors. During fall we thrive in the cool weather watching our landscape change and participating in fall weather activities. While spring brings rebirth and we get to watch as cycles start anew. We thrive where we are because our landscape gives us inspiration towards what we need to be doing in our own lives. We take cues from nature and allow it to guide us through our own wake and sleep cycles. I now understand that if my body reacted to the intense Ohio spring with harsh allergies, or if the winter became too much for my body to bear, it would be my time to review my contract within my location and review what was needed to once again be in balance with the surroundings. Like the California of my past, my body was out of sync with the landscape. In California I was no longer was an active participant of the land and because I no longer held a strong energetic connection to my land my body was open to receive a call that was in harmony with my energetic needs.

“You understand correctly Dear One, there are great forces at work here. If you humans stop to think about what makes you relocate you may review moving for a job, family, security, money, or a loved one, but this is only what you manifest for yourself to make the transition. Energetically there are much bigger forces at play. Recognize where you were emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually when you decided to create your new foundation. You needed the energy of your new location to help bring you clarity on not only your human journey, but to acknowledge the journey that your Earth is going through as well. There are times when one might be required to move somewhere that is not in harmony to their being on a planetary level and the reason for the move may be to help bring forth a more sensitive connection. Your collective consciousness and soul contacts have such a greater energetic influence over the course of your path this is something you need to begin to understand. Humans need not be afraid of their circumstances, or in fear of the change, by listening with their hearts, clarity will always come to those who question. Jenessee it is time. You are bring called back to the coliseum, close your eyes and visualize the place as you remember it.”