Original Channel - Part 1 Tree

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.

The Tree

Imagine you are standing next to a mature Redwood tree, visualize the depth of the Redwoods bark see how the bark resembles that of a dry river bed where lines of water that once were now remain empty and dry. Now envision a mature Oak with its dehydrated and knotty bark.  The Oaks bark resembles the face of an elder whose time has come, each line an expression of the moments they have had with other human beings. Imagine for a minute these trees can pollinate one another creating an altogether new tree one that has the depth of the Redwood and the dehydration and color of the Oak. The unworldly quality of this tree comes from its clear and transparent center. The bark curves and cuts into and out of the tree like a worm making its way through the dirt. These designs make the tree seem hallow or empty on the center like the bark is supported by an empty tube within. When looking at the tree one can see completely through the other side when following one of the intricately carved designs. Choosing to lay a hand on this tree would not only allow you to touch the texture of its bark, but with care and creativity one could even angle their hand and fingers just right to push through the open maze and out to the other side. This is one of the trees of my home plant, and this is the first thing I see once the fuzziness in my eyes adjusts and the world surrounding me becomes clear.  

As I begin my approach towards this tree I can start to feel my body pulling towards the empty spaces within its center. Every electric part of my being wanted to jump out of my skin and into the tree ahead. My consciousness had a heightened awareness to the tree and like a magnet my body received the call. Once close enough to touch the tree the body I resided in began to literally meld with the tree. Placing a hand onto the tree my awareness started to fill into every open space until a singular form was created. Tree and Being had united. My awareness no longer held any shape of my human like body it now fell in step with the tree and just like that I became the heart, mind, and body of the tree. Any passerby would have seen this tree and noticed a tree with a glowing and luminescent center, not open and clear like I had previously witnessed. The combination of our two parts created a pearl like white shimmering light that filled in between bark and the inner tube of the tree.

As the connection of my light body was made with the form of this tree my inquisitive mind went silent and I no longer had wants or needs that were my own. I found that I could not move past a strong longing sensation that was connected to a dyer thirst that this tree held onto.  Then in unison with this feeling I heard the tree speak to the part of me that remained individual. The feeling was so gentile yet strong.


As if in some symbiotic conversation with the tree I knew what it wanted before it asked yet I felt it ask me as if still separate from itself. Questioning the tree back, I asked.

“Has it rained yet over your plot of land?”

To this the tree replied.


This must be the reason for the amazing thirst I am feeling. At this request I found I had acquired the awareness needed to peel my light body away from the tree and found I had the ability to direct my energy towards the clouds above. As my light body found its way into this new relationship with the clouds I asked in the same connected yet separate way that I did with the tree.

“Clouds, can you help gather the moisture from the air below and share a rain to help hydrate and nourish the trees below?”

Without question or pause the clouds obliged in their non-sealant way swelled up with just enough moisture to provide rain over the tree and landscape below. I could feel a great amount of energy cultivate around my light body as the cloud I remained connected with began its work. As this interaction between cloud and tree was happening I found myself reconnected with the tree by a simple flick of the mind. Drinking deeply the tree held a deep appreciation for the rain and moisture surrounding its long and established root system. While the trees roots absorbed the water and continued to drink, I felt it appropriate to ask how and why I was being given a staring roll in this event? Finding my own words, I spoke from my mind.

“What does this mean and how is this even possible?

Classic, the thought is a beautiful one when it remains in my mind, yet when spoken out loud they always seem to come out so uncensored and emotional.

Through this one question my light body pulled away from the tree and collected itself into what felt like a human body once again. After fully connected to myself I heard the calm, warm and reassuring voice of the angel in my mind.

“Jenessee. You experience this now to help remind you. There is a disconnect happening at this exact moment with the people who reside on planet Earth.”

With this one statement I could sense the singularity amongst humans and a disconnect from the trees, wind, fire, water and light that surround them.

“Jenessee please understand that in order to have complete balance and resonance with the elements of your Earth humans have to remember, they must begin to connect with all the living parts of nature to ensure that balance and harmony prevail. The simple gesture of placing a hand on a tree to feel the vibration and depth of its energy can have harmonious effects for both tree and human, yet the connection is so distant that humans no longer seek this connection to nature. They have lost the need to feel the energy held within its body. The balance between all living things is necessary to create a home that is balanced and suitable for all, yet as your race distances itself from this connection this connection distances itself from you. Both losing concern for the other.”

Thinking for a moment, I take my time to respond as I need to visualize what this voice is saying.

“So our ability to interact with nature simply by being around it can help reconnect our energy to our Earth? This will begin to balance out the changing frequencies of our planet allowing us to live harmoniously with nature?”

“Yes.” The Angelic voice replied.

“In order to keep your planet in harmony with all of its inhabitants you must continue to keep a connection to all things that surround you. As humans become more occupied by the constant impulses of their mental bodies their vibration changes and they go through a detachment of their physical surroundings. Their energetic fields are more ridged and not in a state of coherence and this blocks the subtle yet calming outside impulses and vibrations from nature.”

Before I respond to the warm voice in my mind, I mull over everything the Angel just said and put it together in a way that I think makes sense. Not wanting to fail this important first test.

“So what your saying is that humans end up narrowing their intention to that of the mental body and focus on things that are not within our environment, we think of things that are from our past or coming in our future and this takes our energy out of the earth and places it into a different vibration that makes it difficult to manifest what we want and need and this keeps us from being completely present with what is surrounding us?”

“Yes Dear One, You Understand” Said the Angel.

The warm flow of energy disappeared and the voice pulled away. I took this time to admire the presence of the tree and review all the lessons it had chosen to bring my way. Head tilted downwards my body folded and found its way towards the ground below. Sitting down now comfortably with my back propped up against the tree and its old yet knowing bark I lifted my right hand and began studying it carefully. Wiggling each finger and finding a freedom of expression between each digit my mind began yet again to review the lessons of the tree.

One finger now protruding outward I repeat to myself. The importance of the tree is to find balance and harmony with all living things that surround us in life.  There are times when our mental bodies are too active with thought and we project into our field thoughts and ideas that distract us from the present moment landscape. To be able to find harmony and balance with nature humans should be able to begin opening their mental bodies back up to the present moment and allow this intuitive nature connection to flow through.

A second finger now protruding outwards, I repeat point two. This is about the tree being a symbol for our ability to be present and open to the needs of the energetic field surrounding us. The tree is calling to us to feel into the field surrounding us and listen to the call of what is needed not what our mental field has contrived to keep us distracted. The tree asks us to release our agenda and open ourselves up to receive that which is of our highest importance in this time and space and to move forward with patience and understanding before we make decisions. Listening to the deep wisdom our ourselves and our surroundings.

Completing this memory exercise on the ground floor next to the tree I feel another energetic connection begin to happen between the tree and myself, this time the energy starts to engage through my back body which is currently being held up by the trunk of the tree. All at once as if the tree itself energetically grabbed me through my mind I am now filled with thoughts of the people of Earth. I can see and feel how closed off humanities minds are to the subtle impulses surrounding them from nature. The tree shows me a vision of a wise old man who walks with openness and patience. I feel how this man is being guided by destiny. This wise old man keeps his mind open and clear he does not hang onto the thoughts floating into and out of his mind he simply sends these mental impulses towards the environment which surrounds him. The wise old man does not seek out his destiny he allows his destiny to find him and if the answers do not come he allows the mental impulse to leave his field. I watched this wise old man walked slowly with hands and fingers interlaced behind his back. As he approached a row of ducklings he did not allow the mind to review knowledge and of their breed and question their placement in his path, he simply opened his mind to the oneness of all things and allowed the feeling of love and acceptance for them in his journey to fill the air. I could see that this man felt a part of his surroundings, the environment was his mental field.  By allowing the environment to be his mental field he was witnessed by his surroundings and found peace in his journey. He’s existence was validated and his destiny continued to unfold in the most direct and guided manor.

I mentally grab onto what felt like the trees life fore with the part of my awareness that felt individual and separate.

“I get it!”

I say this as a big smile lands fully on my face. 

“The wise man in touch with nature is a part of our calling on Earth. We are being called to open ourselves to the oneness of the planet Earth and allow all things to guide our path for greatest achievement and success. The ability to completely balance ourselves within our field will inevitably align us to the bigger picture. It is all possible if we can simply open our mental field to receive the subtle impulses of that world that surrounds us. We must let go of our narrow focus and self-controlled directives and allow our path to present itself to us when we are ready. By holding onto our mental field we shut out the simple connection with Earth and all of the divine wisdom it holds. We must be pliable and be willing to melt into our surroundings and feel trusting in what is presented.”

Stopping for a moment to reflect. I say the next part out loud, which I now understand is completely unnecessary as the tree and I are connected through much stronger cords.

“Just like you and I did!”

Now back into the symbiotic exchange.

“Our Earth is here to support us, and by connecting our energy back into it we can help keep our frequencies aligned with one another which in turn will allow all energies to grow in a harmonious way together instead of creating separation.”

A sudden warmth takes over my entire being, I now know this to be the connection to a loving and trusted being, in this case the tree. No longer do I have any sense of individuality, but feel expansive and grounded. I breath and feel as if I am drinking through every tree lining this landscape. I feel and understand the wisdom and depth of each of these trees. I finally let go completely and become more connected finding that I am everything and nothing at this precise moment in time. It feels more right than anything I have ever known.