MEANING: For humans working with Earth Consciousness & Healing Modalities, find your Allies and work in a Multi-Dimensional Capacity.

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IS THIS GRID FOR ME? You may already be closely working with Angels, Guides (7th, 8th & 9th Dimension beings), Elementals, Earth Spirits, Aliens, and Astral Entities, and that's quite alright. However do you have a deep connection to the animal allies aligned to your soul that can peek in and out of your 3D world to give you support and guidance? Through working with this grid you will become connected to these 3D & 5D energies that will help guide and support your quest for spiritual connection.

PREP WORK ANIMAL GRID: While working with Animals, it is suggested you make a connection to the land and the animals you are going to be working with. Move into nature and ask mother earth and her shepherds to bring you messages that it is ok to move forward working with each energy (water allies, air allies, land allies and ground allies). Stay present and you will be given signs, gifts, and passage to begin work. Do not rush this process as working with these energies means you need to deeply connect to the energy of the land and its shepherds. Your work will be more powerful once you have their willing participation.

1ST BEGINNING INTENTION: Only that which serves my greatest good is allowed to be with me today, anything here not serving my greatest good must leave immediately. (claiming space – then state) Highest and most loving guides it is my clear intention to align myself with my high- self and become connected to spirit so that the animal allies waiting to connect can come through clearly (heart center- then request). Bring through those allies that are here willing to assist me in learning more about my contracts and the energetic field surrounding me today.

2ND INTENTION: Only that which serves my greatest good is allowed to be with me today, anything here not serving my greatest good must leave immediately. (claiming space – then state) Highest and most loving guides connect me to those animal allies that are here to assist with my learning today. (heart center- then request). It is my request that this layout help me (understand/connect to/manifest – select action) the gifts and talents of those animals allies surrounding me so that I may better move forward in the work intending to be done.

Favorite Stones for Animal Grid

Favorite Stones for Animal Grid


FIVE INTERLOCKING CIRCLES: As you discover what animals are supporting your journey it is helpful to see energetically where they are supporting you and how best to direct and ground their energy. The stones originally placed to bring the animal into your field can be moved down into one of the 5 different circles to learn more about what this animal’s purpose is in your life. Shifting constantly to bring new experiences or moving slowly to help resolve stagnant energies.

*Center Oval-Spirit Body
*North Circle-Metal Body
*South Circle-Physical Body
*East Circle-Etheric Body
*West Circle-Emotional Body


North West - Water Animal Allies
North East - Air Animal Allies
South West - Land Animal Allies
South East - Ground Animal Allies

*Using intuition/ pendulum find the directional energy you are working with. Use stone allies placed on the directional circles to help ground the energy coming in. Your stones connect Mother energy to Father energy and will help ground this process into your 3D reality, it doesn’t matter what stones you select as long as the selection is made in a heart connected way. Allow the stones to sit for up to a week while you stay present in your field watching for what animals present themselves to you.

ACTIVE GRID: By setting your initial intention you are calling into your field a group of animals (or 1) that is meant to help you move forward in your learning. These animals will typically come in as a fixed set then move on. Like establishing a totem you are calling on specific energies to help you see clearly. Once that energy is complete you may lose connection with this entire group as another is entering your field. The energy of this board is playful just as the animals are – nothing here is fixed. Listen to your intuition and allow the energy to move. When a stone grounding a specific energy moves off the board, let it go and wait for the next energy to come in. Also, if a stone does not want to leave, let it sit until it’s energy is called to action.


Learn more about the journey that helped to create and understand the energy of the Animal Grid