MEANING: If you have purchased the Chakra Oracle Deck and are ready to take your mastery of intuitive work to a new level find over 50+ archives pertaining to each oracle card as it was created by the author.


BASIC GRID FUNCTION: Whether you know what you are working on or you are blindly trying to figure it out, you must always start with your intention. The intention allows your energetic field to connect to the collective consciousness of not only the stones you will place on the grid, but also the understanding of the grid and its symbolic connection and relationship to your own energetic blueprint. The grid becomes a Rosetta Stone helping you to unlock the meanings of your lesson plan and how it relates to the intentions you are setting while working towards understanding your master archetype.

IS THIS GRID FOR ME? Are you a human that found or gravitated towards spirituality young?Are you constantly performing multiple projects with sometimes fuzzy guidance (depending on your connection to your guides)?  This can be due to the conflict between human and extraterrestrial guides competing for your time? If you feel a desperate need to help either humanity or the Earth or both during this consciousness shift, this is the grid you should be working with.

BEGINNING INTENTION FOR HYBRID GRID: Only that which serves my greatest good is allowed to be with me today anything here not serving my greatest good must leave immediately. (Claiming space – then state) Highest and most loving guides, it is my clear intention to align myself with my high-self so that I may become a clear and neutral channel for spirit. (Heart center- then request). Bring through my Tacha (ta-cha - alien) guide most aligned to assist me in learning more about my contracts as it pertains to the work I am performing today.


Center of the flower - Intention Stone: Select your center stone to ground your intention. This stone when selected intuitively or with a pendulum will hold meaning about unlocking/or bringing more clarity to your intention.  

Five Rings: are the 5 dimensions that the cosmic conscious human can access. Place stones here when a specific part of your field feels congested or unclear, or needs a tune up. Also a great way to develop more fully (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies).

12 Small Circles: the 12 small circles surrounding the board represent the 12 Angels of Light that are required to raise your frequency into the 10th dimension and access the cosmic knowledge which will help you understand your human/hybrid journey. Use these spaces to (ground, access, create, manifest, clear) whatever lies between you and the 10th dimension.

Petals of the flower: Place 1 to 10 stones here to help understand the different timelines you hold from different planets and dimensions. This can be heavy work sometimes, it is good to start with one stone on all ten of the petals instead of ten different stones as this might lead to confusion over who and what you are working with. As you understand what the stone and connection are trying to convey to you then you can move to (1 unique stone and 9 new stones – creating the ultimate grid of your hybrid self.

4 Directional Points: Your Angelic guides. North-Gabriel, East-Michael, South–Raphael, West-Uriel these Angels will guide your learning and help you in whatever way you chose based off your stone placements and what is needed at the time. Call them in when work is beginning to assist in the crystal activation.



This Hybrid Grid connects 5 real world journeys that culminated into the creation of this master grid to help one connect not only to their akashic contracts, but also their cosmic contracts. Stone suggestions from the 5 trips included.