Raccoon Energy


Raccoon Energy: The raccoon symbolizes curiosity, adaptability, resourcefulness, and masks or illusion. The masked face and ringed tale are what give the raccoon it’s distinctive look. Raccoons are very versatile creatures who will feed on nearly anything and nest wherever there is an easy opportunity.

If Raccoon is your Animal Totem: You tend to be both shy and charismatic and once you get to know people around you, you are a very sociable person. You have an insatiable curiosity which can occasionally blind you to the dangers of exploring what you are interested in and you thrive on new experiences and new activities. You are an excellent problem solver and have a great deal of ingenuity in solving puzzles and mysteries. You are calm and serene under pressure and often calculating in your response to chaos. You are very tactile and tend to use your sense of touch before all other senses.