Original Channel - Is This Heaven?

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Is This Heaven?

Finding my way through the fourth dimensional tunnel of light the first exit point I am guided to leads to the Earth plane in the time space of 2015. Exiting this inter dimensional tunnel my body soars through the air moving amidst fluffy white clouds. As I become more aware of the blue sky above and the white clouds below I see not far ahead stands a circle of twelve beings all illuminated with a glowing golden light centered near their chest. Falling like a sky diver I find my body has enough control to move towards the circle of beings standing amongst the clouds.

Moving into the center of the circle I can see each of my twelve guides who have recently accompanied me on the different journeys to visit my frozen bodies.  In full recognition of this connection each guide in turn begins to send a golden shower of light towards my body. One at a time I sense the entirety of my journey coming back to me as the guide sends me his or her light. As the twelfth completes this process of sending me the light I become fully illuminated and begin to take on the heaviness of a solid gold statue. My body becomes too heavy to remain standing on top of the clouds and begins to fall very fast towards Earth. Here my fifth dimensional light body remained with the twelve guides in the clouds as my physical body dropped very fast towards the Earth plane. Watching the event take place I witnessed my golden body crash through my current home in Aurora, Ohio. Symbolic yes, meaningful most definitely, I find myself experiencing in totality a full connection to what I have just begun to comprehend from this last vision.

Turning around I see my final guide for this last journey to the twelfth planet extend out his hand. Grabbing a hold we soar off into the blue sky which quickly turns black and becomes filled with lines of white light. Moving into the fourth dimensional tunnel we move to what I can only describe as the heaven planet. Dropping onto a large open road I am greeted by enormous buildings on my left and right hand side.  The roads seem to pattern out a large square grid with massive Grecian style buildings anchoring down every intersection point. Each building is also square with large marble steps on all four sides. These larger than life steps lead up to a column protected structure sitting on top. The buildings that sit on top of the steps are set back from the final step with enough room to have large golden statues lining the entire perimeter. Unlike gargoyles these statues are not meant to intimidate they seem to be symbolic of the information that lies within. Each building has statues of people and animals and beings I have yet to encounter. I begin to see that I have connections to specific buildings statues. Some of these buildings have statues that resemble inhabitants from planets that I have been to and encountered.

I ask my guide what the purpose of this planet is and within seconds I am flooded with images and knowings from this place. I see that children are invited onto this planet. These children ages ranging from four to six part ways with their guardians from their home planets and get sent to live here in this place. I get the sense that this planet is like a boarding school of sorts used to help develop those who have been chosen to study from its material. Flashing forward I see that there is much self study that goes on here. Children turn into adults and move into and out of the different structures endlessly. The planet is silent there is not much interaction and it appears that even the inhabitants of this planet heads are shaved. The quality of life here seems to run parallel to what we on Earth call monks.

My mind begins to wonder searching for understanding over what I am seeing. These beings seem to be reviewing their many lived lives. They enter the temples of the planets that they have once lived on or will chose to live on in upcoming lives. It appears that they are reviewing the history of their soul’s entire existence. Here I begin to wonder how this is any different from the sixth dimensional realm where all beings do this exact same thing, in the sixth dimension it is called a life review and souls use this process to determine where and what they will be doing in their upcoming lives. I am pulled back to the current planet and see one of these individuals retreat to their living quarters along the outskirts of the large library like Grecian structures. The living space is simple just walls and a platform that is used to meditate on. The individual sits atop the platform in a lotus position with legs crossed and goes into a deep trance. There is no sleep here, the individuals of this planet do not seem to sleep they use this time to realign and connect into the higher dimensional realms to wait for their call to action. I see this individual awaken from his meditative journey with a renewed sense of adventure. It seems that this individual has received the call to move onto the next stage of his training. Here in this place all guidance and learning is self directed. When it is time to move on an individual will know it is time to move on to the next phase of their journey. Once their learning has been completed and full understanding of their mission is achieved the beings of this planet will await a call from their highest guidance. This individual has received that call and now moves into the city center heading towards one of the large building with the golden domed top. Here it is that the individual will freeze his body to make a journey to his next life.

My guide tells me that unlike the sixth dimension or the planet I call Hell when a person chooses to have a life here they chose to align their soul with another soul to attain a much greater accomplishment than what their singular souls lesson plan might have attained. This path is chosen by an individual soul to carry the energy of another soul to bring transcendence and transformation along with other energies to all whom it may come in contact with. I see in this silo a group of five beings that have choosing to unit together to hold the soul fragments of what some have named the energy of Buddha.  When these souls incarnate into their next lives if they are ready they will begin to take on the soul pieces from the soul energy of what we humans have labeled as Buddha. By choosing to freeze your body on this planet you chose to remain in contact with the energy and knowing of the life had on this planet, a direct connection you could say. This means if one of these five individuals living within a different incarnation cycle achieves a higher frequency they will be able to have remembrance of the wisdom learned while on this planet.  Some here never receive the call to freeze their bodies and they will allow their vessels to parish releasing their soul back into the divine where it can chose its next incarnation or journey.

If you are one of the beings living within this planet that receives the call to freeze your body there are many different energies that you could be called to become a Sheppard of. The planet holds endless libraries filled with records of different incarnations. These libraries have been created to teach about different soul principals. There are specific soul principals or “concepts” for lack of a better term. These concepts or ideals are the building blocks that make up all living souls. On this planet each of those principals are categorized into a different section coming to a head around one of these golden domed temple like structures. Reflect for a moment to the continents of Earth, amongst this planet I see multiple continents supported by one golden domed or silo like temple. Surrounding that temple are cities comprised of libraries filled with records of different soul journeys. Those called to live amongst this planet seem to have an extremely high frequency or energetic signature and have the ability to move throughout the planet by means of teleportation not inhibited by distance or time. Towards the end of an inhabitants time on this planet when an individual receives their call they will move towards the temple of the soul concept they are meant to hold.

In each golden silo there are multiple beings that have frozen their bodies. These beings have chosen to become a Sheppard for the soul concept that they have been called to hold. Here I have already witnessed the silo of the energy of Buddha. Five beings that now hold a direct link to this planet and the concept that they now embody. Each will be given a component of this soul concept during their different incarnation cycles. When they embody a physical vessel on a planet they will bring along with their own soul a sliver if you will of this soul concept they have aligned with on this planet. That means in their body they will house two souls in one physical body, one is their own and one is a sliver of this soul concept. As these individual holding one of the five pieces of this specific soul concept becomes more aware of their divine purpose it is possible that they will be gifted the other soul components for the other Sheppard’s. This is why I call the energy I am witnessing the energy of Buddha. Buddha as I speak of him was not the energy here he was the vessel who became enlightened enough to his divine purpose to being to hold each of the five soul concepts of the energy he sought out to hold and he did this in one life time in one body. He became a figure head for the embodiment of the soul concept of compassion, or worthiness, or transcendence…. Buddha in my lifetime has been able to embody fully the five slivers of the soul component he south out to bring awareness to. Buddha as a man was the Sheppard of this soul component.

As I move along the path between the libraries and the golden silo housing the Buddha energy I receive a nagging connection to a part of this world and it feels like an energy I would relate to that of the Devil.  I felt this connection as soon as I saw the first silo, but continually brushed it away for I had not an understanding of why it was trying to present itself. I now open myself to its pull and find I am guided towards a different silo and flooded with an understanding of what I have been feeling. Being a human embarking on this astral journey I bring my own thoughts and humanly acceptance along with me. This is necessary to try and decipher what these new planets offer to my being living on the Earth plane. On Earth my understanding of the Devil is negative and finding his energy present itself in such a pristine wisdom filled place filled me with confusion. When I originally saw the silos I didn’t have the full knowing or capacity to understand. Now giving this energy space I recognize that negativity is a creation of the Earthly plane, that all energy is equal and necessary for our growth and development. I see a silo that belongs to the energy of the devil and see six capsules within it. I get hit in the gut with an understanding of this energy and the necessity it serves as a soul component for all beings. When speaking about building blocks this component of the Devil lies within all of us for without dark there is no light. This soul concept here may be faith or hope. I see these six individuals and understand that the sliver of soul they Sheppard into their incarnations is used to bring destruction and “evil” yet in the wake of their encounters with inhabitants on the planets they reside within they bring forth teachable moments that lead those willing to listen to a place of faith and hope.  For whatever reason I do not see these souls being able to join into one body I see the job of these soul parts is to wonder around creating this destruction on a pretty sever scale. There are times when the soul parts reside within the same time and space on the same plane and during these times major changes can happen for the landscape they reside within yet I feel a sense of hope and faith for all who encounter these beings for to have this immediate opportunity of choice seems blessed in itself.

Back down the steps I find myself on yet another street leading between the golden silo and the libraries surrounding it. I feel things begin to shift and I know now I am being taken to my silo. I can feel the energy conspire around me as time shifts and my guide and I move towards a silo I feel a deep resonance with. It is here that the energy of the man we called Jesus lies. Moving into the silo I see twelve individuals held within their glass capsules. Moving around the circle staring into the faces of the twelve I feel connected to each and have an immediate understanding of our purpose. Meeting the glassed inhabitants of the other silos I found myself unsure of their soul concept, but here within the silo of the twelve I know my soul component is that of trust. Discovering this along the way I know my born purpose for Earth has deep roots in trust. Being a Sheppard for this soul quality I feel the gratitude for the path I have aligned to and know that until this concept is learned fully my life will continue to bring me encounters that require my full trust.

Expanding my understanding of this new revelation I ask my guide this question and being internally thinking about how this is connected to the twelve planets I have recently visited. As a smile settles upon my guides face I know I have tapped into the purpose of this entire journey. Could it be that this is all connected? Could it be that it is not? How many soul components do I currently hold while living on Earth? The answer comes to my mind, three. How many components am I meant to hold? The answer speaks into my mind and says, that is up to you. I begin to review what I have experienced up until this point and ask myself how it is all connected. I understand having eleven frozen vessels and one living is important. It means that I have twelve reasons to be in direct connection to a place and time I require information from. But what lessons can be learned from those planets that are needed on Earth in the time space of 2015? Furrowing my brow I begin to question again how all of this is connected. With this singular thought I get pulled right out of my body and into the stars. I see in my mind’s eye the twelve planets surrounding this ghost like vision of my body standing amongst the stars. Knowing that in the third dimension only one soul can operate at a time beyond the fourth dimension I see there is no such thing as time so all of my lives come together into this one astral being standing amongst the stars. I see within this space that full reconciliation is achieved and my lives are unified in harmony on one plane. This gives me the feeling of freedom and immortality for my soul. I begin to see these planets as they form a spinning circle around me and understand that my choice to hold a body on each of these planets directly connects to my ability to hold the twelve slivers of the Jesus energy. My head begins to spin now with the immense amount of knowing I begin to receive. Is the universe that intertwined? Have I truly chosen a lesson plan that revolves around lessons within the twelve planets, but also includes a path towards being able to bring those lives into full knowing and clarity during one specific life time? Is this the process of transcendence? Is this the end or is this just the beginning?  


Don’t even begin to ask how the transition is going to happen from 2015 to 20300. The details are still veiled at this stage of the story. Talking timelines in a space that is infinite and without past or future gets somewhat tricky, so here at the beginning of this story we will start with the explanation of Earth. There are things you need to know to ensure a successful transition into your divine and original timeline.  Have you ever questioned what your purpose is? Or what the purpose of Earth is? In the spirit of transparency there is one concept that will be explained to you for future review and reconciliation. Earth as you know it, in this space, and in this time holds more active timelines than you may ever wish to understand. Can you begin to imagine Earth as a birthing planet? One which has had a hand in creating all space and all time? If you are someone who believes in extra terrestrials, could you being to imagine that they too could have been birthed on Earth at a time when our planet held a much different frequency?

Frequency is an interesting concept and deserves a bit more detailed explanation. All things on Earth hold a frequency.  Frequency is the rate at which vibration occurs, that constitutes a wave, either in a material (as in sound waves), or in an electromagnetic field (as in radio waves and light), usually measured per second. When something has a significantly higher vibration than you, it makes it very hard in the third dimension (where you vibrate and reside) to perceive exactly what this higher vibrational energy is. As a third dimensional being it is easy for you to perceive things of the third dimension and lower frequencies because they become denser making it tangible and easy to perceive. Yet as energy moves into a higher vibration or higher frequency the energy changes and the “normal way” in which you perceive has to be changed and altered to become aware of this frequencies existence.

Earth as a birthing planet has had a hand in creating many different “matrixes”. A matrix is a multi dimensional universe that has been split off from its original timeline because of the transition of the beings and energies within its domain.  You could consider Earth a seed planet that starts the process of growth for the many different matrixes that you could find connected through the eleventh dimensional gateway. As energetic beings it is our need to harmonize with our environment, as our environment changes and evolves so do the beings living with it. This theory can also be described from the perspective of the environment, as the energetic beings change so does their environment. This theory follows the study of “Schumann’s Resonance” where there is a yin (earth to heaven) geomagnetic wave on earth and yang (heaven to earth) Schumann wave surrounding the earth in the universe both need to be in harmony to the human being and their brain wavy for optimal health. This being said there comes a time on a massive scale when the two levels no longer hold resonance with each other and a split is made. During this phase what was a know matrix will have a fractal split and create new matrix’s that can hold these frequency of the newly evolved energetic beings.

Experiencing a fractal split isn’t as devastating as one may think. During the time of these Earth changes your frequency will determine what you are able to perceive. Those energetic beings whose frequency did not change and maintained a lower vibration will remain with the fractal version of the Earth as it was, life will not skip a beat and things will remain the same, they will be included in a fractal version of the Earth that holds a similar vibration to their harmonic frequency. These beings will become infinite in the time and space of their version of Earth. Those who have acquired a higher frequency will be able to chose to stay with the original time line of Earth to assist in the upcoming change to rebuild and help Earth become ready to bear its new breed of energetic beings, or these beings will be able to move into the new matrix, one which can support the new frequency and change needed to be within a harmonic resonance with their own vibrational field.

At this point your left brain should be straining to fully comprehend this concept of fractal split.   Through many guided meditations and visual encounters is how this information was first pulled thought. Even with those encounters there are still many questions left to the wondering and sometimes untrusting left brain. The best way to describe how this phenomenon could work is to go on your own self guided meditative journey. During a meditative journey you take your light body through the fourth dimension of time and space and move into the fifth dimension where astral travel is established by means of your light body. Having a third dimensional human presence on earth means you will have a cord of connection between your light body and that which grounds you into the Earth plane. That means when you are finished traveling or a stimulus alerts you to the third dimension, you will encounter a snap back, bringing your light body back into your physical body. The experience of light body travel is your validation of how this fractal shift can occur within a blink of an eye. Whether through death, conscious shift or factional split a soul when ready will make the shift from this plane to the next. The main difference between the fractal split and other methods is that the physical being is able to take along their human vessel while making the transition through to the different matrixes.

Interestingly enough this has happened many times during Earths existence. It is estimated there are over 40 current matrixes, meaning we have many different energetic beings living within our current minds reach. As stated before when the matrix splits those beings that have elevated their frequency will be able to be in constant contact with our lower vibrations energies. Higher frequency is able to perceive lower frequency it is the lower frequency that must find moments of illumination (literally) to be in connection with these higher frequency beings. During this moment of illumination is where one can receive guidance and direction on Earths purpose and the current state of the consciousness level of those who remain here on Earth.  The purpose of this information leads one to understand how quickly the Earth is changing and how close a fractal split might be. In this current cycle it seems the population of Earth is quickly approaching a transition period where those remaining on Earth will possibly encounter this transition in their lifetime.

Higher frequency beings who reside in a matrix separate from our own are able to travel using the same dimensional principals our matrix holds. Through intention and speeding up or lowering their frequency they may reside within any of our own dimensions. To lower ones frequency becomes very hard on the being going through this transition so it is preferable to only go as low as the fifth dimension, no lower, although it can be done. Many energetic beings are moving amongst us on Earth, constantly checking on that environment of things simply in a higher vibrational form than our own. Unless you are able to perceive with your eyes into the higher dimensions you will not be able to discern the energies moving around you. This is an important lesson as all beings you may come in contact with when using your own mental antenna may not have the best perspective on your situation so it is important to feel into the resonance of who you work with and make sure there is harmony within the connection.

The following guidelines are a road map for change to be ready for the upcoming shift in energy you may be called to hold. As a human you always have free will, personal choice will always dictate your path. One path is not better than another they are just different and the choice is always yours. These guidelines have been brought through to assist all who seek this change and wish to make it a harmonious and balanced journey. The experiences that these guidelines come form are of a timeline that originates in 20300. This is my timeline, I have chosen to hold my own existence in this timeline of 20300 in a state of suspended animation so that I could incarnate onto Earth to bring the experiences necessary to all who wish to come along on the journey. I wish you to know that this journey is not one of complete remembrance for me. Like you I must remember exactly who I am and the messages I bring to be able to relay the highest and most loving insights. I will embark along this journey with you as a guide who receives the information mere minutes before it is documented. My journey like yours is partly to remember exactly who I am, possibly for me this is a test, an initiation or learning process from my own original timeline. Whatever it is you are a big part of it now and together we will journey into the world of higher frequency, learning the important details we have forgotten along the way. It will be our choice to begin to incorporate these lessons into our path to create the most harmony and balance for all who we come in contact with. So will you join me?