Original Channel - Magnetic Planet Angel Academy Part 2

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Angel Academy Part Two

Falling down a cascade of clouds my body is caressed by soft comforting sensations. The clouds churn slowly as if to guide my body towards a place it is meant to be. Feeling almost as if I have fallen onto an all knowing conveyor beltwithin the sky I find my body tumbles from white peek to white peek in a slow almost seductive way. Without fear of falling I stop this rolling decent and crawl on my stomach towards the edge of one the large fluffy cloud. Peering over the edge I can see below what looks like an endless stream of blue sky and white fluffy clouds. Further down I can see what appear to be large story book houses sitting on top of select clouds. If you can imagine Cinderella’s castle being made completely out of her glass slipper this is what each story book house looks like below. And there is not just one of these elegant castles, but hundreds maybe thousands amongst these fluffy white clouds in the sky.

Allowing the clouds to roll my body down towards the houses I find my journey thus far to be pleasant and quite tantalizing. The wait to see the houses is unbearably, but the journey amongst the clouds is so pleasurable. I bide my time allowing the last soft caresses of the clouds to pass me by as I come to the first shimmering structure. Being softly placed by one cloud onto the other I find my body placed upright by the cloud right in front of the large castle like door. Now standing directly in front of this dwelling I analyze the architecture in more detail. The door towers above my body by at least one and a half times my size. The walls are all a translucent shimmering diamond fleck that radiates like glitter in the light. The structure seems only two stories tall, but feels stretched as if someone has taken the top of it pinched it and pulled it up a bit like taffy. There is an almost whimsical feel to the roof line and the design above. Just like a castle there are three pointed turrets that create quite an interesting roof line. I reach out for the handle of the door and find it to be locked. Pulling hard there seems to be no entrance at this first stop. Finding my way to the edge of the cloud base the house and I now share I allow the cloud to drop me down towards the next dwelling. Moving along cloud to cloud I find every door is locked that is until I reach the seventh house. Still with no ground to be seen below and hundreds of possibly thousands of castle dwellings surrounding where I now stand amongst the clouds in the heavens I find the singular house ready to open its doors. Pulling on the handle the door opens and I find myself in a very tall two story home. The first level is open to every corner of the house and touches a sleeping quarter that appears to be the only addition to the second floor lying directly above the kitchen area. As I make my way to the center of the room the shimmering exterior begins to fade away and warmth and color begin to materialize as if life has been giving back to this space. Just like a story book cottage the walls have exposed brown wooden beams and there appears to be plaster or stucco filling in the space between. There is an L shaped kitchen with a sink under a window on the far left wall and the entire right side of the room has been taken up by a curved book case. The book case runs the entire length of the wall on the right and the back of the building and reaches two stories high. There is a rug with a singular reading chair in its center and the sleeping space seems to be made to fit only one. Searching through the rows of old books I find one that nearly jumps off the shelf at me. Selecting this book I walk towards the old reading chair and take a seat. Opening the book I see golden symbols that fill the interior of the pages. I know this writing to be that of the angels. As my eyes pass over each word the golden letters illuminate and I can hear the word being translated in my head and into my heart. At this I realize I am no longer the only one in the room.

Turning my head to the side I can see standing on the edge of the rug is my guide Raphael. Smiling brightly I ask what is the purpose of this place and he kindly returns with, “See for yourself.” Pointing towards the door Raphael steps aside as I move past him to see what lies outside of the door. As I make my way to the cloud base I see that the cloud I stand upon no longer resides miles above a ground amongst the clouds in the sky, but is making a direct course for green sprawling hills below. Descending very quickly I am surprised that I could not feel this motion when I was inside, but realize that all together there isn’t much feeling going on as we speed every faster towards the ground level. As the green hills visually become clearer I recognize that we are on the Magnetic Planet where the angel academy is located. I can see the long wall spanning across the green hills and can start to see the courtyard and fountain that signals the center of this large floating island.

Moving back into the house to engage with Raphael I take a seat once again and wait for Raphael’s explanation of why I am back in on this planet with him instead of my other guide. “You are a teacher here.” Raphael says. “Those who teach here also live amongst the land. That is how you were able to reconnect to your home.” As Raphael finishes this statement the house makes its final decent onto a space that seems to have been made specifically for this house. Walking outside of the door I can see we have nestled amongst the hillside and are attached to one of the extensions of the long wall and have a beautiful vantage overlooking the city center below.  “When the soul of a teacher leaves its body here the house becomes non-material and floats into the sky waiting for the souls return. Once the soul returns so too does the house that belongs to that soul.” Understanding that my body must again be stored in the large building below I ask Raphael how I can be a teacher and a student here on this planet. “You incarnated here as a teacher from the Sirian star system. That means you have held both a Pleiadian life and a Sirian life here. It is not uncommon for one to learn specific lessons from this planet as a student and then reincarnate as a teacher to help teach others moving through the same lessons. As a matter of a face to acquire the level of learning you seek it is required that you teach and learn these lessons. Your two bodies will never be functional at the same time you see, it is impossible for you to have two souls here at the same time. You will always be either teacher or student.” Beginning to understand the possible meaning of this I sit back and allow Raphael to continue. “By having your bodies stored here you are able to access the knowledge of these existences and connect into the timeline at any time no matter where your soul is. This will allow you to access the wisdom and understanding that each path of each of these two bodies holds. This is part of your divine plan and by holding onto so many different life cycles or bodies you are intentionally trying to create an infinite path for yourself in a singular incarnation.” The only thought moving through my head is… What? “You are trying to become immortal.” Raphael says this last sentence with a big smile.