Original Channel - Part 1 Before Humans

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.


The Wisdom Within

Head tilted skyward the bleaching light of the sun diminished as my eyes filled with tears. Heart pounding out of my chest each beat was felt in full recognition of the light within and now surrounding my body. Lines of tears rolled down my cheeks leaving unwiped moistened streams as recollection of my home planet took place. I could feel every tear heavy with emotion, every drop held love and acceptance along with anxiety and fear. My mind seemed to move forward heavy yet clear as each passing tears pulled shadows from my soul onto the surface of my soft cheek.

“Mommy, Daddy said I can come help.”

The loud and very excited voice yelled as clomping footsteps came rushing down the black driveway. Pulling my head down from its craned position staring at the sun I crouched down while using the broom stick to steady myself through my areal light headed decent. Once in a stabilize crouching position I extended the hand that still gripped the broom and opened my fingers one by one allowing Camden to retrieve his prize. Now at Camden’s level he seems to lose all excitement for the task at hand and reached to touch my tear streaked face.

“Mommy why are you crying? Daddy’s not mad at you for breaking the cup is he?”

Laughing, the innocent response from Camden made any remaining tears pour out in a final grand release. Sniffling back what I could, I didn’t want to confuse Cam any further by my uncontrolled emotions.

“These are happy tears Cam.”

Grabbing him close I tried to squeeze a kiss onto his round cheek, but his hands were too quick and he repealed my advance perfectly. Wondering if my planetary travels would take me to a ninja planet I laughed out loud and playfully asked.

“Cam, what planet are you from?”

In all of his four-year-old wisdom, Cam responded.

“The same star you’re from mommy.”

Melting my heart as only Cam could, we clasped hands and walked the ten steps up the sloped driveway towards the broken glass. Turning towards the first stone step, I locked eyes with Johnny and then Taylor. Smiling foolishly, I couldn’t resist feeling childlike in front of my large 6,000 square foot house. Knowing so much about my home planet and yet knowing nothing about what my immediate purpose was, I lost it. Breaking down into a fit of laughter and giggles, feeling completely naïve I felt there were two paths I could follow. One, was to allow the fear and anxiety of the unknown to settle in, spiraling me down into an unknown darkness. Two, was to allow the love and acceptance of the situation to help me find the light. Taylor and Camden took my crazy cue and laughed louder and harder than ever could. The noise broke the potential of darkness and brought everything into the light.  Johnny looked dumbfounded. Staring at the three of us it seemed as if a silent joke had just been told. Not one to miss out on the action, he let the situation carry him away and joined in the laughter. Safe for the moment, I felt completely at ease and softened into the energy of those that surrounded me. Staring briefly out of the corner of my eye at the pine tree lying adjacent to the action, I felt as if the tree was laughing with us. Feeling connected to all aspects of my being I took a breath and bent down to assist Johnny in cleaning the remaining shards of glass.

“You will never believe what just happened to me.”

Looking up from the stairs I catch Johnny in a glance, our eyes lock and I open mine bigger to convey the awe of my situation.

“I just had a vision of a life where I was an alien living on a different planet.”

Now it was Johnny’s turn to laugh as if he was about to embark down two paths each leading towards a different reality. Not breaking my expression, I allowed Johnny to move down the path of his choice. Watching his emotions swing around full circle, I was happy when he meet my gaze back where he had left it, hovering above the stone stair in our front yard. This time it was his turn to exhale, which he did deeply and then stated.

“You not leaving us for another planet are you?”

Coping with humor was Johnny’s way to make sense of things of this nature and communicate in a way that allowed him to understand the situation. Knowing this was his olive branch I accepted and replied.

“I am not sure what’s going on, but I think I am actually leaving my body here and seeing things from another time and space. It happened when I dropped the cup, also when I was in the garage a moment ago”

Waiting for his response.

“So your visiting another planet in your mind when your bodies here? Why do you think that’s happening?”

Reviewing all of my lessons, I simply reply.

“I am not sure yet. My guides say it’s going to keep happening.”

Johnny and I have a relationship that is constantly evolving. When we meet in 2004 I had yet to tap into this spiritual side of myself, although it was a part of me I was not a practicing meditator nor did I understand any of the metaphysical world surrounding me. Throughout the course of our relationship different parts of my consciousness have developed and although it has been hard for Johnny to understand at times he has always been a supportive grounding force in my life. He questions what he can and allows me to express myself as needed. Through the practice of meditation, I was able to develop a side of myself that could communicate with guides and angels, even channel books and healing courses for others, but what I was experiencing now was something altogether different. I didn’t understand this and couldn’t communicate in words what I had been experiencing. I know the concept of what I am experiencing, but how do you begin to explain interdimensional time travel to someone who only believes these things because you believe? Cutting off my train of thought Johnny interjects.

“Sounds interesting, do you know when it’s going to happen again?”

“No, the guides say I will start doing it by myself, but right now it just kind of happens to me.”

At this final statement the conversation slipped away. Johnny with his hands full of glass got up to throw the pieces away. Following behind him we all moved up the stairs towards the house. The boys ahead by mere steps had ran into the house first leaving the door open just enough allowing our dog Changa to realize his freedom. Changa is a small beige colored cocker spaniel who loves his chance at sniffing any and all odors left on our front lawn by other animals. As Johnny stepped inside the front door Changa slithered between him and the door making his escape. Standing behind Johnny I turned and made a grab for the one track mind dog. Finding his back leg, I made immediate contact. Due to the dueling forces pulling on each of us we ended up falling into a sitting position on the front porch, Changa panting heavily got pulled right onto my lap. Now face to face with Changa I look at him with disappointment, ready to give him my lecture on staying inside the house, I find myself distracted by his dark brown eyes. Staring into the lazy gaze of Changa I forget what I was about to say and feel my body relax completely. With a deep exhale my vision becomes tunneled and I no longer have a sense of what lies around me on the porch. Surrounded by darkness I feel two warm surges of energy enter my body around the top of my shoulder blades. Seeing out of the corners of my eyes two golden balls of light, I realize it is time for my next journey. With this a surge of excitement enters my body and I feel giddy with anticipation. The roller coaster ride through the intergalactic elevator takes hold and I trust in the guidance of the two individuals supervising the journey. The twists and turns all seem the same as they had on previous journeys until we fly past the door and exit point I had used before. Not sure how I knew what I knew, but the tunnel being traveled through seems to change. My path was changing and this brought a new level of excitement to what was about to happen!

Half Animal Half Human

Up, down and around one more corner of the tunnel, our path begins to slow into a stop. Pulling back the two beings of light detach from my shoulders, leaving me with a cool feeling of separation. Turning around I can see each now standing about a foot or so behind me. Feeling their gentle energy push me towards the door I gladly accept their silent challenge to embark on this new adventure. Not knowing the details that lie beyond this door I can only imagine what this new planet is going to be like. Walking up to the door I move right through it quite easily just like my previous visits to this place. Thinking for a moment, it doesn’t make much sense at all, I am not sure if I see a door because a door is what makes sense to my mind here in this tunnel, but the door is apparently a smoke screen or illusion that has no physical boundaries protecting one side from the other. Apparently this is not the time for this thought, as my eyes begin to acclimate my questioning mind gets replaced with intense feelings of inadequacy. Reviewing my environment, there is nothing, but an expansive desert like landscape on all sides. Taking in the sights I am immediately drawn to the sky which has a purple iridescent glow. The ground beneath my feet consists of tiny granular like particles very similar to sand. With nothing else to review within my immediate vicinity I begin to scan off into the distance. Moving my eyes across the horizon I notice a movement that is akin to a mirage in a desert. Unlike a mirage in the desert this sitting seemed to be stirring up dust, heat, and disturbing the landscape. Captivated I watch as the movement gets closer by the second. Fascinated by the movement and fixated on the speed of what is quickly approaching I count a mere three breaths before I am greeted by six megalithic beings the size of the statue of liberty. Encircle me I am nauseated by the speed and accuracy of their movements. Apparently using the speed of light, I don’t even realize that the one closest to me has picked me up. Regaining some composure, I am able to brace myself on my hands and my knees while riding the ever climbing escalator of the palm of this beings’ hand. Feeling like a tiny mouse being palmed within a human hand I am disoriented yet still try to search for my closest exit just in case things get out of control. As the large platform of a hand moves upward, I take in the full length of this things body. To my surprise upon closer inspection it seemed to be made out of clay which must have given it the deep burnt red color and stone. As the five beings tighten their circle around the sixth who held me, I can see they are looking as intently at me as I am at them. Each of the six beings seems to be an exact copy of the one standing next to it, their bodies take the form and shape of a robot with each additional body part stacked on top of the one under it. Their large square shaped faces have stone looking eyes and a flat lined mouth the most noticeable detail on their body is a large spiral that has apparently been drawn directly onto the forehead area. The dark red color gives them a malevolent look which I now believe is not their purpose at all. As I inspect each detail more fully the word Golem comes to mind, I feel within my being that these creatures have been shaped or created by another and tasked with this guardianship. Just when I thought there was no intelligence to this thing, I am immediately questioned by the one holding me.

“Who are you and what are you here for?”

The language of this creature seems to echo outside of my body in a way I don’t understand yet my mind knows how to interpret its words.

“I am Jenessee, I have traveled here from Earth and I am not sure why I am here.”

Similarly to before the words inside my head sounded like English yet the sounds that came out of my mouth were strange and very unfamiliar.

“You will come to the temple to be judged and have your fait decided.”

With this statement the six beings begin to walk. I notice that each step is calm and grounded from within the circle of guardians yet the world I perceive outside of the six beings seems to be swirling by at warp speeds. In just a few seconds the blur of the world outside of our circle slows down and I can see three distinct pyramids come into view. Looking at my captive in his two stony eyes I ask.

“Who and what are you?”

With no emotion the being responds as any military personnel would.

“We are the Sentarians we are the guardians of this planet.”

With that I understood our conversation was over and no further questions would be permitted. The pyramids seemed to be miles if not continents away from where we had been yet it only took these monolithic beings mere steps to get to this sought after destination.

Approaching the pyramids, I noticed shiny black stone covering every exterior wall I could see, creating a remarkable juxtaposition between the light colored sand and the pointy structure appearing to float atop it. We moved towards what appears to be a tunnel extending from one of the exterior walls of the pyramid. The six beings, seven if you include me still being held by one of the guardian Sentarian, walked right into the open tunnel. The passageway was lofty enough to comfortably allow each of the six beings to move through without much encroaching upon their space. The corridor itself was dark, every step deeper brought only a small glowing slit of white light. These thin windows seemed cut out of the surrounding stone allowing a peek of light to enter the dark space surrounding us. Surprisingly the way the light entered the hallway gave our journey an even more ominous feel than it already had.  Our progression was coming to an end as the corridor abruptly stopped and opened up onto the enormous ground floor chamber of the pyramid. With my limited knowledge of this place even I could figure out that this must be the internal floor of the pyramid due to its size and shape. The line of Sentarians walked through the chamber as if in a parade, each finding his pre-arranged mark on the structures floor. The six beings took their places one after another in a long line from one side of the chamber in towards the middle.  The Sentarian responsible for holding my body was the last to find his mark. Instead of freezing in position like the other five he continued to walk in a straight line up towards the front of the pyramids where a large slab stone awaited our arrival. As we approached the alter his protective fingers released their caging bars from around my body and gently tilted his hand until I had no choice except to fall directly onto the cold hard slab below. All environmental noise silenced as the last Sentarian found his place. In the stillness, each of the six beings bowed their heads in unison as if waiting for something to happen. Amazingly in this moment I had no fear or worry sitting atop the stone slab, I simply waited with all my interest hitting peak anticipation levels.

In the completely silent room, every hair on my body stood on end. It was in this moment of electrified intensity that the show began. Towards the back wall of the pyramid my eyes caught the first bit of light begin to dance. One after another singular lines of light shot out of what appeared to be the sides and top of the pyramid walls which covering the entire upper quadrant of the pyramid in a grid of light. The hallow space above my head began to dance with laser like beams of light bouncing from wall to wall. As the lines of light became more intense a thickness and density began to fill the air. Through the thickness I could see what appears to be the shape of a being manifesting. As this being descended out of the light I almost rubbed my eyes confirming my disbelief, for the being manifesting before me appeared to be half cat and half human. The head took the shape of the cat with large pointed eyes and shiny black fur. The head itself was thin and in complete proportion to the rest of the body which took the form of a human with distinctive arms and legs. As this cross bread walking towards the slab where I sat she introduces herself to me by way of a smile that exuded a low vibratory purr. Following this the voice spoke into my head.

“Welcomes home.”

Her purring words created an instant flash of golden light that seemed to affect my body all the way through the atoms to the deepest particle level. Through the reflection of the golden light I witnessed myself from every angle and could see the form of my own body morphing into a half human half bird. Looking at the cat woman she appeared delightfully pleased with herself. Throwing my hands out wide to the sides of my body I bend in every different way I could imagine to see what this new form entailed. When I came back into an upright standing position I noticed that the cat woman had extended her hand towards the alter where I stood. Within her extended hand lied an amulet of sorts. It was a tarnished golden brown color with a calcified greenish hue. The amulet was on a chain and upon further inspection I noticed it had the same spiral carved into it that the Sentarian’s had carved onto their foreheads. She placed the amulet around my neck and spoke out loud in her purring voice, which immediately translated in my mind.

“You have free reign of this land.”

Making a gesture towards the amulet now around my neck.

“You may have access to what you need for learning purposes and may ask questions of anyone you come in contact with.”

Allowing this statement to find its ground, I pause in complete awareness of the key this half cat half human lady just handed over to me.

The Interview

The cat headed woman feels like a Queen, I know Queen is not what her label is, but she has the authority, presence and royal nature that one who might be given the label of a Queen would have. “She is here to help.” I silently repeat to myself and try to find the mental organization necessary to ask my questions.

Here you must understand those feelings, knowing, sensations and all things intangible we feel in the Earth realm can be unloaded and understood in mere seconds through telepathy within these other planets. By simply thinking and feeling what I want the impulses are transmitted and received by the intended recipient who can understood their meaning more clearly than if they were spoken through words. The mixture of what I had been holding onto became openly present to the Cat headed woman. She in turn allowed complete knowing and answers to flood back into my field of awareness without ever opening her mouth to speak. I received these impulses through visual pictures, experiences and connections too past, present and future and through feelings now coursing through my body. 

The many questions I unknowingly telepathically extended towards the cat headed woman can be summed up like this: “Why am I here, what is my purpose in this? If I lived in this most developed time and space why did I incarnate onto Earth? What is the meaning of all of these experiences? What does the Pleiaden planet have to do with your planet and vice versa?”

The extended emotions that apparently gave the questioning thoughts flight are a bit hareder to explain, but giving it a shot it started something like this: This journey started out on a planet in the Pleiaden sector that was mostly experienced through observation. I heard their desperate call for humans to harmonize with the Earth and keep balance within human life, I felt disconnected from the truth of my own purpose in this matter. I held onto conflicting arguments of purpose and why this was all meaningful in the first place. Being brought here to this new planet I recognize that I am have a completely different experience with the life forms. I am engaged and my presence is noticed, feeling as if I am an active part of this place and what is happening where on previous journeys I was not. I feel very confused because I don’t know how and why this connects to what I have already perceived and experienced from the Pleiaden planet.

All of the question were pushed together with intense emotions and sent out telepathically which together created one desperate plea for help and understanding. The answers I received from the cat headed woman were relayed in a kind of story that took shape throughout my entire being. It was shown to me that the reason we choose to incarnate onto different planets is to help develop our unique oneness and to recognize ourselves as the creator through different aspects of our soul. To choose the realm of Earth for learning is to choose an unconscious life and begin to develop a consciousness through reattachment to forgotten soul parts. For inhabitants incarnating to places with higher frequencies their consciousness is already a part of the process and it is other lessons of creation and expansion that hold more of the focus, they understand who they are and what it means to have a soul. To be a conscious being is to be in alignment, to have awareness of all timelines that are creating the individual as they are in every moment in time. It was shown to me that those who have a physical body have the ability to choose a path. When a physical body is no longer useful the soul part will detach from that physical vessel and chose to reunite with the soul family (soul aspects) or continue on reincarnating. If the soul family has not learned its lessons the soul aspects will remain on the incarnational track some unconscious and unaware of the missing soul parts. The individuals will try to establish their sense of purpose and belonging not knowing their missing parts are simply waiting to be reunited with. A soul family is one soul that has chosen to separate itself into a collection of soul fragments in the hopes that it can learn it is a part of a larger whole. Souls do this to recognize themselves more fully as individuals that are a part of the same whole. This seemed to be a part of the problem with the Pleiadens, they lost their attachment to a physical body and the physical realm, therefore one of the abilities they lost was their ability to have life cycles and choice. They became trapped in a fifth dimensional body which made them have to find another way to continue their learning process.   

My purpose in all of this is to understand myself and all of my soul parts more fully. Being a multi dimensional being I am able to sense all of these components of myself though either complete awareness or complete oblivion. Part of my purpose is to reconcile all of those soul parts into one time and space and become the creator of my own life. I understand that all humans of Earth are on the creator path, and we have the unique ability to learn this in our current consciousness and being to see our creator power in full force. To humans this creator power seems to be magic, we have not the knowledge of the entire universal wisdom at the forefront of our consciousness so when things happen out of our known scientific parameters we question and assume it must be some kind of other worldly connection or magic when it is simply a part of our soul destiny. Seeing this story play out and feeling into the story line I am pulled into a deep resonant knowing that these planets and lives I am viewing are all personally interconnected, that this entire journey will begin to piece together brick by brick laying a foundation for my human consciousness to grow from and through this I will be able to bridge the gap for other humans questioning who they are, what they are, and where they came from.

“You are beginning to understand your nature, brother.”

Her mouth curved into a smile which allowed two pointy teeth to be revealed.

“Continue your exploration, your journey was expected and as of yet is not complete. This moment was written by you into your contract, when you have what you need you will know.”

Her vibrational purring began again and filled the chamber with an intense electrified energy. The hair all over my body stood on end and like that she was gone. The Sentarians went into what I can only describe as a power down mode. Any life force remaining in their body now ceased to exist, each appearing lifeless and cold. Feeling explorative I removed myself from the stone slab and skirted around the perimeter of the pyramid floor. Using my two hands I reached up to feel my new face. Walking gingerly now, I blindly allowed my hands to discover the details of my new appearance. Feeling the strong, solid beak in the middle of my face I remember seeing this detail with a yellowish orange color at least that’s how it appeared within the golden reflection. The beak was sharp and curved inward at its base which reminded me of a hawk. Moving deeper into this exploration I could feel the soft flatly laid feathers on top of my head. I remember looking like a mix between a crow and a swan, the small features of the crow with dramatic pointed eyes like a swan. My hands and arms moved freely still embodying their human like qualities. My chest was bare and very muscular and no feathers appeared anywhere else on this new body. Finding the only opening on the opposite side of the structure I exited out of what I would consider the back side of the pyramid. Walking outside into the elements of this new world the energy that greeted me was in stark contrast to that which I had experienced on the opposite side of the pyramid. What can only be described as an empty desert oasis in the front yard has turned into a bustling thriving city filled with life in the backyard. There is even grass, water and greenery. At the furthest end of the city about two football fields away from this main pyramid I can see there are another set of pyramids appearing to signal the ending of the cities perimeter. Looking down at my bare feet I notice I am standing upon a stone path, with no obvious reason signaling me not to follow the main thoroughfare I begin my walk through the city along this street. The first thing that strikes me about my surrounding is how busy the inhabitants of this planet seem. I feel as if I am walking down a busy market street in India where small shops are set up along the street containing all types of local goods and wares. Everyone is moving around with their head down engaging in what appears to be very important tasks. Compared to the Pleiadens these people look to have many busy obligations. Their day apparently seems to be filled with remedial tasks that keep them occupied and focused. Thinking about it further these beings are quite like the humans of Earth. Looking into one shop I see a set of half animal half humans working with their hands in a physical manor using their muscular bodies to load and unload items into an unseen area of the covered shop. Most everyone I see in and out of the streets and shops have a body of a human and the head of an animal, but not all. Noticing something out of place I see a being that appears all human walk past me. Stopping abruptly, I pivot in the street to allow my eyes to follow the path of this individual. My original accusation was correct, what I saw was correct, the being is fully human. Human head, human arms and legs, chest and presumably even genitals. I make this assumption because the being is wearing a white cloth around its waist that hangs just enough to cover and protect that delicate part of the human anatomy. As I make my final hypothesis over this human I am startled by an animal that skirts across my path. This animal’s movements are not like any animal I know of Earth, it seems purposed just like the humans and like it is performing some duty that assists with the cities flow of commerce. Fascinated by all of the wonderful facets of this city I stare up into the sky where I feel the warmth of the sun hanging overhead. The sun seems lower and bigger than any sun I am familiar with, as if a prop on a theater stage. The warmth pours over my body and I allow its rays to penetrate into my being helping to connect me into this beautiful moment.

Walking the path once again I begin to notice more of the refined details that I had originally omitted. Wishing I had a note pad to scribble the details of this journey I begin to make almost scientific mental notes of what I am taking in.

Humans: All male, skin colored warmly with varying hues of brown, caramel and gold, muscular, dark hair, and stoic faces.

Animals: All types, bob cats, birds, no amphibians, fur and feathers.

Half Humans Half Animals: Where to begin, heads are of the animal, bodies are of the human, bird & human, Cat & human, Giraffe & Human…

There stores that line this street are the first row of what I can see yet immediately behind these structures appear to be the inhabitant’s dwellings. The shapes of these dwellings are so far from my understanding that words cannot combine to paint a detailed enough picture of what is being experienced. Some of these structures seem to disappear completely into the next structure like some kind of hologram. Squares, hexagons, flat surfaces, points. Try to envision stacking a birds’ nest on top of a shiny pyramid that slides transparently into a hexagonal shimmering structure, not possible. My mind cannot make sense of the structures and forms, but here in this world it seems to make sense. As I walk the long path connecting the front pyramid to the two in the back I see a specific inhabitant hurriedly pushing a wheel barrel full of something apparently quite heavy. I find myself drawn towards him as he moves the barrel toward the shade of a surrounding building. His human body is muscular and glistening with beads of sweat and his head is that of a black raven. My body is being pulled towards this inhabitant like a magnet and as I move closer he looks up to catch my gaze. Stopping in front of him now sharing his shade my human hand grasps at the amulet hanging in the middle of my chest. Feeling inclined to talk I ask him.

“Are you familiar with Earth and its inhabitants?”

Not sure what this exchange is going to bring. He immediately speaks back.

“Are you not familiar with our history brother? We made the human race.”

Running through my mental rolodex, I take a minute to let this statement fully absorb. My mind is filled with everything from God, and creation theories, to the drawings of half human half animal gods in places like Egypt and Native American coulters. Now with a context I question this being further.

“My apologies, I am a traveler to this planet and do not know the history. How is it possible that the inhabitants of this place created humans when you are half human and half animal?”

With a mere sweep of his hand he encourages me to take in the landscape. Allowing the environment to come fully into view I see again the half human half animal beings, the animals and the humans. The bird headed being claps his beak together a few times, possibly showing a laugh or his way to show humor in his expression.

“Our people go through a rite of passage. When the time is right a union will be made between one from the animal kingdom and one from the human kingdom.”

Looking around I see the beings who are only human and the ones who are only animal and begin to sense that they are considered of a lesser breed than those who have made the shift to half animal half human. It feels as if those who are half human half animal are perceived as more desirable or of a higher order here.  Asking for clarity I respond.

“Does your right of passage involve the animals joining with the humans to make one being?”

The bird headed man speaks again.

“Of course, it is only natural.”

Thinking there is nothing natural about it, I continue with my questing.

“And where does Earth come into this picture?”

“Our planet is responsible for bringing men and animals to Earth, the goal in doing this was to help establish a new place for our kind to flourish amongst other beings. The elders hoped that Earth would be a conducive place to creating these union, but found after many visits that the unions were not being made as they had originally intended. Therefore, man and animal so far stay separated on Earth.”

The bird man continued to explain this history lesson. Further exploring the connections between animals and humans.

“The connection is always open between human and animal, even on Earth where the rite of merger has not happened. Each individual in the union only needs to open themselves to the possibility of the relationship to begin to establish a trusted connection between one another. Brother on your planet the possibility to use the sight of the raven is always available to you if you only open yourself to that primordial connection. These gifts are imbedded within the deepest layers of who you are. Do you not feel it within you? Can you not see what you have been transformed into here? All you must do is tap into the part of you that longs for the connection to your soul animal this will help to reestablish the lost connection.”

Clicking his beak together he seems drained, as if the amount of wisdom he had imparted came from a source inside of him that supplied his physical energy. Did my lack of knowledge and understanding take something tangible away from him?

“Thank you.”

I say out loud which translated into a series of small clicks emanating from my beak. The clicking feeling made me giggle. There was a tickle created from this strange vibration. With this the bird man replied in kind also clicking his beak together, this seemed to allow him to regain some of his vibrancy.

My walk continued down the long street running through the middle of the city. While making my way towards the large pyramids at the end of the cities boarder I had time to contemplate the story of the bird man. Wild thoughts moved through my mind trying to piece together exactly what I had learned. I understand humans deep connect to animals, yet the idea that we were created in the likeness of these extraterrestrials had me questioning. I know of the Egyptians and their worship of half man half human gods. I can also faintly remember something of the stories of the Native Americans and Mayans who recorded encounters with these types of god and messengers, but were we really supposed to be half animal half human? While these and more questions raddled through my mind the landscape around me zoomed by. Walking with the company of the warm sun it was instantly noticeable when my companion left and I fell into cool shade. As the coolness crept in my mind silenced and the internal dialog faded away. Peeling my eyes away from me feet comfortably standing atop the stone path I looked up to find one of the two pyramids directly in front of me. My guiding stone path split into two, the shorter choice lead directly to the large pyramid creating the shade and the other moved off towards the left side of this large front pyramid where I am sure I would find the second smaller triangular building. Moving down the short path directly in front of me I found the entrance which had a slight upward slop leading into the center pyramid floor. Making my way up the ramp and through the carved out door I find myself in another great room similar to the first pyramid I had been brought to. Standing in the middle of the room was a half bird half man being. As my gaze meet his he welcomed me with a small clapping of his beak. Without thought my beak responded to this in kind sending a vibrational tickle down my spine.

“All of the wisdom you seek can be found within one of these pyramid structures. Our libraries.”

My head swam with curiosity. The previous encounter left so many unanswered questions there was so much I still had to sort out. With another change to engage in a dialog I did let the opportunity pass me by.

“Can you tell me how the union or rite that happens between animals and humans benefits the inhabitants of this planet?”

Through the clicking of his beak, I knew my answers were about to come forth so I took the opportunity to settle myself in for awaiting the story to follow.

“Animals have the ability to perceive all dimensions, through all time and space. Animals are connected to all energy while also having the ability to stay connecting into their physical form and realm, but animals have limited abilities in being creator beings they have selected a different evolutionary path. Humans have selected an evolutionary path that choses to incarnate into forms that disconnect them from the higher realities and dimensions in order to grow their manifesting, creator abilities. They learn through their experiences in creating consciously. Therefore, when man here on this planet had the opportunity to create a union going through the rite they were moved to do so to experience different paths. By doing this it enables both entities the benefit of perceiving through the acts and abilities of the other. This union gives the best of both worlds. The head per say can be soaring in the clouds witnessing a different reality while the body is engaged with its surroundings creating and manifesting. The balance this creates is one that keeps the being connected into the third dimension creating realities while also attuned to all of divinity and potential.”

Nodding my own bird head, I show my understanding of what this half man half bird is saying.

“The alliance between humans and animals was made at the beginning of time. It has always been the goal of the two species to ultimately come together for optimal harmony and balance. On our planet in this dimension an agreement has been made that a singular vessel will be used and the two energies will maintain equal sharing rights, two souls one vessel. The two energies will spend a lifetime courting each other until the union is ready to be made. Once the union is made it cannot be undone and the two will symbiotically spend their time together until transcendence is achieved. The union can only be made when each one individually understands the other, allowing for a full transparent shift to be made. This choice brings much awareness, wisdom, gifts, and responsibility. Earth still does not understand its responsibility towards the animals. Animals continue to choose to incarnate onto Earth to help bring awareness to this partnership yet slow progress is made towards the evolution and connection between your two kinds. When the shift is made the animals will be able to assist in your overall transformation. This information is required for you to continue to move on in successful harmony with your Earth and all of its energetic forces. “

Deeper into the Pyramids

I digest what I can from the bird headed man, but seem to have more questions about most all of what I have heard him say. Seeing my level of absorption, the raven man waives his arm encouraging me to follow as he takes the lead and moves towards what looks like a descending tunnel lying along the perimeter of the grand pyramid floor. Moving towards the front of the pyramid where I had originally entered we move now towards the right hand side down into a dark narrow ramp. The position of this tunnel indicates that we are going to be lead below the pyramids that laid adjacent to this pyramid. As we begin our decent the air turns cool and the path directly ahead appears pitch black. With each additional step we take away from the illuminated ground floor above us I wonder how we are ever going to be able to navigate the darkness. No torch in hand, I wonder how powerful a raven’s nocturnal senses are? As the light overhead disappears completely the two of us were left in complete darkness. My companion reached back touching my stomach with his hand helping to slow down my forward progress. With the ramp flattening out beneath my feet I can tell we have hit our desired level. My companions voice entered my mind.

“Hold for a moment”

As if on cue, a yellowish green phosphorescent light appeared too activate, coming to life on the walls surrounding the radius of our two bodies. The light must be radioactive or maybe some type of fungus, it seems to have a kind of chemically activated quality. These growths have earned the gift of a name, cave barnacles, laughing to myself not knowing what else to label it, in my mind at least this is what they will henceforth be known as. The cave barnacles seem to have a consciousness, the pulsating vibration they create stimulates the greenish yellow light. The cave was dark prior to our decent so they also appear to only become activated when in our presence. Stepping closer to the wall to test my theory the light glows stronger and feeds off of the heat coming from my body, I can feel the transfer take place between the barnacle and myself. Standing close to the wall I see a chain reaction take place which move only inches down the wall towards the next set of cave barnacles.  Directly on the wall in front of my body the barnacles erupt into a potent lime green glow allowing enough illumination for me to see my companion standing off in the distance. Remembering I am here for another purpose I pause my momentary inquisition of the barnacles and search for clues as to the level of agitation on my hawk guides face. Seemingly amused his beak clicks in recognition of my discovery and I return my gaze to the wall. Holding the palm of my hand up towards the wall an immediate burst of green glow pops to life. The chain reaction continues down the wall this time extending a full foot away from where my body stands. Excitement over this discovery sent a series of unplanned and uncontrollable clicks rumbling out of my beak. Not one to miss out on the fun my hawk guide joined in the exhilaration of my new discovery. He began exchanging a series of clicks back and forth with me during which I could not control the level at which my own beak chose to respond. Lasting only minutes it felt like the clicks released all of the worry and doubt I held deep inside over what the rest of my lesson here could entailed. Returning our focus back to the path my guide took the first step first deeper into the corridor. Thankfully my new friends the glowing cave barnacles decided to illuminate our way.

Walking further along the path the continuation of our journey was quiet and contemplative. Silence didn’t break until we finally approached a break in the wall that signaled a room to discover off towards the right hand side.  Trying to locate our placement I presume we are somewhere below one of the grand pyramids overhead. Having no clue as to the depth our journey had brought us to all I could tell is that the walk had gotten colder and colder with ever step taken. Maybe this is why the cave barnacles were so happy to supply light, they wanted our heat and were happy to make the exchange with us. Following my guide, we walk into the chamber one after another. As our bodies entered the room a golden light erupted from the walls surrounding us bathing everything in a warm glow. My guide took a position on the inside of the first wall and dropped his head down towards the floor, suggestively indicating the rest was for me to explore on my own. Inspect the surroundings I see four standing stone walls all of equal size and length. Each wall has multiple carvings etched upon the surface, with not a single blank space left open. Each of the four walls also has a single doorway punched out of the middle. Wide and tall enough for one body to move through comfortably. Moving closer to the wall directly to the left of where we had entered I move close enough to view the detailed carvings. Finding it impossible to decipher I call back to my guide.

“Can you translate what these are saying?”

The bird headed man lifted his head and moved towards the wall I had been studying.

“This is not a language you can decipher this is a vibration you must receive.”

Grabbing a hold of the amulet on my chest, he lifted it up towards the level of my beak and allows it to drop back down thumping onto my heart. Through this action I realize I must stop trying to read the wall with my mind and open up through my heart. Blurring my eyes, I open my chest wider to receive the vibration of what lies on the wall in front of me. At this moment the etchings turn into moving pictures. Through the rippling carvings I can make out many different pictures and symbols that connect me into the element water. Excited I move to the next wall directly ahead of the doorway where we entered through. Blurring my eyes in the same way I again start to see the pictures ripple to life. This wall appears to telling the story of large stones, quite like the ones the pyramid are made out of. Everything about this wall made me want to explore more, just like the magnetism I felt earlier towards the bird headed being in the street, I feel that now pulling me through this open doorway within the middle of the stone etched wall. Following the instinctual pull I moved quickly through the doorway and find myself in a room that had been completely sealed in minus the doorway I had just entered through. Seeing a halo of golden light appear on the floor in the middle of the room I follow the light and sit cross legged in the middle of the room. While sitting amongst the circle of light my peripheral vision opened up in such a way that I could see all four walls with their etchings at the same time. The magic of this spot somehow allowed me a full 360-degree view of everything this room contained. Allowing my gaze to blur I begin to see the story of this chamber come to life. The story moved not only through my mind, but also through my heart and my body at the same time crating a full blown third dimensional sensory experience.

With my eyes blurred to my surroundings my mind became the perfect backdrop for a movie real of picture to start flowing in. The first picture is that of a large pyramid. Zooming in for a close up the aril shot move tight onto the side of the pyramid and in through an open corridor, within the pyramid stands a single person on the expansive ground floor. The crown chakra of this person is illuminated creating a pillar of light from the top of their head out through the capstone of the pyramid.  Once the light exits through the top of the capstone it spreads into a multi current ray of light, just like a prism captures the sun and spreads it into a rainbow. It seems to go on infinitely into the sky and universe beyond. As I open my mind and release all expectation of this picture I begin to feel and understand it’s full meaning. This is a method of connection, like a radio signal out into the universe. It seems as if this could also amplify intention and communication infinitely into the intended space being projected into. As understanding of this first picture is realized a second picture moves through my mind. I see the singular person get replaced with a group of people. The group of beings all illuminate their crown chakras at the same time turning their multiple lights into a singular beam that exits through the pyramids capstone. As the group of individuals continue to produce this singular beam of light another individual from off to the side of the ground floor of the pyramid now enters the picture and almost floats towards the space where the group stands. Floating into the center of the group this individual is able to move into the stream of light begin produced by the groups crown chakras and is somehow transported through the light currents and disappears through the capstone into what I can feel is another space and time. The picture goes black. I find my body feels as if it is floating in all space and all time suspended somewhere within the universe. A beautiful orb begins to come into view and through the distinct green, blue and white patterns I know this is Earth. I am shown in rapid succession pyramids all around our world that seem to be beacons for this energy transference. I can see the prism of crown chakra energy coming from the Sentarians planet connecting into the beacon of the Earth pyramids, one is a starting point and the other the end point. Somehow these are used for fifth dimensional teleportation. I can understand this process only when I inspect it from a dimensional perspective. It seems as if a third dimensional body has to raise it’s vibration into the fourth dimension to begin to move through time and space it can then chose to stay in the hologram of the fifth dimension or slow down its vibration moving back into the third dimension. The pyramids ability to focus and transmit energy seems to make this point to point travel possible.

Travel in this manor ends with the being residing within the fifth dimension unless they chose to slow down their vibration and move into a tangible third dimensional body. As I feel into the implications of this statement my body begins to hurt and I understand this to mean the process of becoming dense or slowing the vibration is an uncomfortable one and is less desirable. Travelers apparently are able to make a choice to manifest into the third dimension or remain in the fifth dimension which is a vibration less than one percent of Earths inhabitants can see. The feeling that many chose to reside in the fifth dimension for observation purposes takes over and it is understood this is the more likely option. Manifestation into the third dimension means these beings can take the shape of any form they wish as long as the same mass is converted, quite like I understand shamanic shape shifting to be explained from the Earth plan by Native Americans. This means that those who transition over from the Sentarian planet could be interacting with human life in the third dimension without anyone being wise to the fact that they are speaking with an extraterrestrial. Humans are also able to perform this transference if they so wish. A human can raise their frequency into the fourth dimension and remote view these planets, or can travel to a space and time that is sought after through the fifth dimension which will allow the being to interact with physical forms from the time space they visit. The pyramids seem to create an interstellar gateway for this process to take place. I understand that this is a fail proof way to get from point A to point B, like getting on the freeway on one exit and being pushed off at the next exit. Seemingly pyramids are a toll road or link that was established between two connected and harmonized planets who have invested interest in one another.

Through what feels like a complete understanding of the story of the pyramid, I find my vision coming back into focus. I am now able to see clearly all four walls surrounding me. Thinking I am ready to move on the etched walls have another idea and begin to go into a more intense spinning, swirling motion than before. It feels as if the moment of clarity was just a way to break between the two stories and now with the intense spinning happening around me I feel as if this is the way my mind gets wiped clean to make way for the second story to start. This clearing process makes me feel like I am on one of those carnival rides where the floor drops out and the fast spinning of the machine is the only thing that sticks your body to the side of the wall. Taking my mind, body and heart deeper into its story the pyramid begins to unravel its next secret. I can see what appears to be a blueprint of six different pyramids, and highlight between the six are underground labyrinths. Realizing that the six pyramids are connected here to this space I can see and place the three I have seen and assume there are three others I have yet to completely witness. Three of the pyramids sit at the front end of the long city and the other three sit at the back end. The blueprints seem to map out the catacombs that lie beneath the city connecting the six massive pyramids together through interlacing underground caverns. The blueprint moves around and around so that I can see it from every angle, yet the blueprint doesn’t stop. I feel as if I am missing something…

My eyes begin to clear and as if on cue the bird headed man enters the etched room where I still sit within the middle of the floor.

“Did the pyramid give you the map?”

His words moved into my mind as he spoke.

“Is that what those blueprints were?”

I chirp back in response to his question.

“Those who are guided here usually get downloaded with the pyramids map. Now you are able to find what you need by simply asking.”

“Why do I need a map when I have you as a guide?”

My question felt right when it was being spoken, but all to soon after the word left my beak seemed to not feel necessary.

“Never mind!”

I said quickly hoping my ego wasn’t showing too much. Understanding that I am a journeyer and I will need the map when the bird headed man is not around to assist in my journey.

“It is also a gift from this sacred place. Only those who come to do work for this place be able to decipher its secrets.”

Feeling like the Indana Jones of my own half animal half human adventure I state clearly.

“I would now like to go to the area within the labyrinth that holds information about the Sentariens.”

As we exit the chambers with the etched walls we find ourselves back in the labyrinth surrounded by the cool blackness of the hallways. On cue the cave barnacles with their yellowish green phosphorescent light begin to spring to life. Illuminating the path to the cadence of our steps we move in a swift and directly guided fashion. Now holding the Rosetta Sone of this underground maze I move deeper into the caverns with no fear. The twists and turns lead us down multiple passageways until our path stops in front of a room that is glowing with golden light. This light has to be some creation by the pyramid to signal I am where I need to be, thinking back we have passed many open chambers and none have shown golden light like the two I have been guide to. The bird head man shuffled himself towards the side of the doorway allowing me to enter yet another room alone. The room again was completely sealed in by four walls minus the entry way door. Having already mastered the art of reading etched cryptic imagery, I walk right up to the images interacting on the walls adjusting my eyes and await the information to follow. An image of a conversation with one of the Sentariens comes back into my memory. I see myself engaging with a singular Sentarien being.

“What does the etched spiral circle on your forehead represents?”

I see myself ask the question to him and can hear, feel and understand his response all through the pictures on the cavern wall. He explains that this etched spiral is his method of communicating with the inhabitants of this planet. He shows me the sky and says he and his people are the guardians of this planet. That the beings they protect are benevolent and kind and need them for defense. He waves a hand towards the sky and states they watch the stars, if anything appears to be in disturbance he and his people would contact the lady of the pyramid through this link in his forehead. I get an instant connection to my amulet and then to the animal people I have also been in communication with. I am pulled into my original knowing that all communication on this planet has been telepathic. I have been communicating through emotion, knowing, feelings, and thought. Even the encryptions on the wall take the form of pictures and teach through visual connections over the use of language.

Next, I see what appears to be the original creation of these Sentariens. I witness an assembly line of workers piecing together these massive beings. Like expressed upon my first encounter with them these beings look like they are robots minus the metal and electrical components. I see large red clay like stones being assembled one on top of the other. As if the quadrants of the body get pieced together and then gifted life. At the final step of the process I see the spiral drawn onto the forehead of the Sentarien and a singular inhabitant from the planet takes charge of imparting a part of his life into this lifeless being. The two now stand mere inches away from one another with foreheads in alignment. Witnessing sonar waves move between the two foreheads the bond is created and the Sentarien comes to life. There is now a mapped pathway between the two minds and telepathic communication can commence. I am flashed to an image of 2015 where a cat and a human sit within one another’s presence. Because of the original bond made between animals and humans the symbiotic connection is already present and a level of communication is able to be achieved. I see the human uncoiling the spiral around the third eye chakra in the forehead area to open themselves to the voice of the animal within their presence. I see this being the method in which you would open yourself to communication with the allies surrounding you on the Earth plane. Massive amounts of energy pour into my body as I feel a shiver of understanding run along my spine and down my legs.