Original Channel - Part 1 Castles

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.


Castles in the Sky

Upon first glimpse the experience of this new planet seems serene. The setting is equal to that of my vision of heaven. As I begin to walk down a dirt path I notice there are patches of grass that seems to have a plastic like Astroturf feel. The blades of grass seem to be long and rubbery and lay in funny directions as if they have been pressed down by a hot iron to melt onto the earth below. I can see a brightly lit rainbow colored sky above. The sky radiates in multi faceted iridescent colors that look like the inside of an alabaster shell. Shining down from above there is a constant ripple of rainbow light that dances within the setting of the sky above.

As my view of the landscape broadens I can see off in the distance there is an impressive castle that lays a ways down the path ahead of me. From this distance the castle is so impressive it looks as if it is scrapping the bottom of the sky. It is as grand as the largest mountain I have ever seen. The castles exterior glistens with a whitish pink color that catches the light of the sky and makes it look as if the walls themselves are undulating. Moving with the grace of a third dimensional being I lift one foot after the other and begin to walk down badly dehydrated and splintered dirt road.

The road begins to turn into an expansive dirt covered ledge as I make my way towards the end of the path. I can now see that the only connection to the land that this castle has is a large bridge like walk way that extends from the cliffs edge towards the castles main front entrance.  Made from what appears to be ground and stone it looks as if this arched walkway protrudes out from the side of the cliff and hundreds of feet away connects to a piece of floating land that the castle sits atop. I find myself questioning the physics of this entire set up as I begin to walk the path to the castle.

Every step taken on this narrow bridge allows my mind time to witness the castle in more detail. Many mental comparisons are conjured to explain what this castle is made of. It looks as if someone has taken wet sand and allowed it to fill the walls of this castle, even the top of the castle appears to have been made from a child’s hand. As if the child sat above the castle and let globs of wet sand go to get the tops to reach even higher than before. There is beauty and organization connected to how everything falls within the structure, but there is also randomness in the design. I get a deep knowing that there is crystal work at play here and feel that this entire structure is made from the particles of crystals. This is what must be giving it this undulating, moving feeling.

Walking off the final steps of the path and landing on the floating island I find the bottom level of this castle is pretty welcoming to anyone coming off of the path. There are no doors or barriers to go through to get into this building simply enough there are opened arched breezeways moving right through the center of the castle that lead to the castles main entrance hall. Following this breezeway I find myself in the expansive great room. There are stairways moving up the sides of the castle to upper levels and there appear to be different rooms almost like shops that sit off of this main entrance hall. There are many beings now floating all around me. Everyone seems to be in a hurry as they glide past me in every which way not even acknowledging my presence. As I stare at the glow of the inside of this building and try to imagine everything it is used for a massive rumble reverberates through the island shaking it to the core.  All beings freeze in place momentarily and appear to be holding their breath. I witness there concern as the loud rumbling slowly comes to a stop. Immediately after the loud noise the quickness and pace of all surrounding this area picks right back up to what it was prior to the interruption.

Very curious to know what just happened I decide to move towards the back of the castle. Before the noise happened I was going to explore the upper levels of this majestic place, but after that incredible noise I feel the back of this island might hold more clues as to what is going on. As I make my way to the back of the castle I pass more of the same, expansive open doorways that lead to presumably other rooms and large sprawling ceilings. The interior of this first level has the feel of a great cathedral with all of the angled ceilings and ornate entryways. Everything is striking and due to the size of this entire building one entire cathedral could fit into a singular room within this palace.

The rear of the castle opens onto a great balcony that looks off the backside of the island. Hundreds of people could fit onto this platform with comfortable room on all sides. As I move out onto this balcony I see directly behind the castle is a huge waterfall. This is no typical waterfall if old Christian topographers were here witnessing this they would have claimed that this was the edge of the world. This is Niagara Falls great, great, great, great grandmother. There is no stream or perceived source feeding this water it appears as if the water simply spills out of the sky beyond. As I look more closely at this scene I see the iridescent rainbow colored sky almost pucker at this point of the waterfall. As I begin to take in the sights more fully now I can see what appeared to be an iridescent sky really looks like the rainbow colored markings you see on the outside of a soap bubble. As this new image settles into my mind I now look around to the left and right of the castle and can see what appears to be a bubble protecting the castle, this rainbow color is not the sky after all its some form of protective shield.

Scanning to the left I can see off in the distance another castle it appears small from this vantage point which must mean it is quite a distance away. I get the sense that there is a third one somewhere out there, but cannot see it from here. My mind races as another large rumble moves through the landscape. I hold myself still until the planetary groan subsides and then find my awareness getting pulled from outside of my body to what lies beyond the bubble. Being an inter-dimensional traveler to these planets has its benefit as my body is able to project wherever it needs to be to gather the best information. My conscious awareness now floats atop the bubble shield from here I am able to see the full view of this planet. I can see what appears to be a scorched landscape. I see a bright star quite like Earths Sun lashing out solar flares towards the planet’s surface. The bubble below protects a portion of this planet from these solar strikes. I see the bubble below take the shape of a kidney bean surrounding the three castles only able to protect that which resides within a radius of the castles walls.

Returning my conscious awareness back down to the balcony of the castle I begin to wonder what could have lead to the devastation on this planet. What happened to the people here in this place and what is the meaning of my visit. As I begin to question these things my mind returns to the visions of landscape I was first introduced to. There were no trees and the land seemed to have been intentionally cleared. Next my mind gets pulled to the massive castle structures and I understand that the beings here are extremely evolved. They must be fifth dimensional to have created such structures and to have the abilities I have already witnessed. Then there is the waterfall that seems to be coming from some porthole with no beginning and no end. I wonder where all of the resources from this planet have gone. Getting an immediate answer in my mind I hear, “Yes, the resources have been used and there is little hope for repair.”

As I begin to walk back into the grand entryway my mind gets flooded with an image of the level above this ground floor. I see what appears to be the perimeter of the entire second floor of this building and see beings in tubes held in a thick liquid freezing their bodies in suspended animation. Quite like what I have seen before on other planets I am drawn to a corner where I know a specific tube that holds what use to be my body from this time and space. I feel the enormity of this planets problems now sitting on my shoulder and have no clue what I am supposed to do with this information.