Original Channel - Part 1 Hell

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.




For those of you who have sworn to have journeyed through hell and back I invite you to the Planet of Fire. There have been few journeys where my guides have been present from the beginning and today happen to be one of those days. Departing the Earth plane I am greeted by a new guide, Uriel who has been in my field since the download of this book began back in August of 2015 having little to no interaction with Uriel before today I asked that when he comes through he make a grand gesture so that full understanding of him and his arrival could be clearly laid out. You see I have been working with the other eleven guides on and off for a few years now so to have a new guide come right before the big show I decided needed to be very clear. Throughout the experience of documenting these journeys I have come to understand that each guide I hold in the Earth plane of 2015 connects to a body I have stored on a planet in some other dimensional time space within the multiverse. It has been explained to me that around 2000 people on Earth at this moment in time have a body stored somewhere out in the universe therefore, there are many here on Earth connecting right now trying to figure out the fractionated components of their own existence. Uriel is my twelfth guide to show up he has come through to help me explore the tenth planet of fire and as expressed before those who have felt like they have been pulled through hell and back may have a body  where we are about to go.

Seeing Uriel he greets me looking like a friar with a banged hair cut covering his forehead and wearing a brown burlap robe he is slender and of average height. He stands on my left hand side as another guide takes the space on the right. The three of us set of through the fourth dimensional portal and raise our frequencies soaring up and into the astral planet. Here I am pulled through an inter dimensional wormhole, this is the easiest name to describe what it feels like moving through the long tunnel of light with twisting tuning bends. Finding our door way or exit was abruptly stop and move towards an opening in the wormhole that is present on the left hand side. Uriel and I proceed towards the opening as the other guide disappears. Here the experience of transitioning through the door way is like staring through the porthole of an airplane window. You can see clearly what is below and as soon as you chose to move through the door way you are somehow in the exact place you were just looking at. Finding myself on the ground all I can see for miles around are burning fires. My guide Uriel changes completely as he takes his space next to me. Seeing now a man with an old face and a cloaked hooded robe I get the impression that I am standing next to the sith lord from Star Wars or the hermit from the tarot deck. Either way my companion has changed greatly and I can now see how my other guides were so veiled to me at first encounter. For some reason they take a different shape when dropped into these planetary realms.

Grounding down into my feet I establish a strong connection to this new plane. My mind is racing and I can begin to sense what is surrounding me so here I take the time to establish a strong connection to my physical form here in the new place. After a few breaths I bring my head up to see what lies in front of me. There appears to be an endless line of fires and teepees that lead towards a large stone building off in the distance. Surrounding the fires are larger than life teepees. There are two rows of these teepees separated by a straight line of bon fires. This pattern of teepee fire teepee repeats itself over and over until you hit the large stone building at the end. Having to get through a seemingly infinite array of teepees and fires my guide and I begin the journey down the path towards the stone building off in the distance. As we begin our walk I notice the intense heat that the fire puts off. I can feel the flames lick certain areas of my body that are exposed to its light. I hear Uriel speak into my head “Fire brings Life”. Scanning the scenery the sky takes on a color pallet of black, maroon and pink. It looks as if a child from kindergarten took a paint brush and swirled the three colors together to make the dark streaked mess that lies above. We slowly walk in a serpentine pattern around each of the fire pits why we do this is unknown, but it feels better than making a straight line toward the large structure ahead. Each teepee we pass has animals painted on the outside of the cloth. Each one is different and beautiful in its own way. With the bright lights of the fire projecting outward each teepees animal seem to come to life dancing and moving in harmony to the flames glow. With this I hear Uriel speak to me, “Fire brings Life”. 

On our final approach towards the large stone building I can begin to see the steps that lead towards a long glass door. The structure itself is glossy and wet looking as if lacquer has been painted onto the exterior of the grey stone to give it a glassy appearance. The building is long and rectangular in shape. Apparently approaching from the south side there appears to be four distinct sides each with the same façade. The steps that lead to the platform above have a long railing of fire dividing one side from another as Uriel and I walk up the stairs he is on one side of the fire while I remain on the opposite side. It appears that this is done on purpose to separate travelers from one another. As we reach the top of the stairs we find ourselves on a slab of grey stone that has foot holes within it. I place my two feet onto my side as Uriel does the same on his side. I find myself craning my neck to get a better view of what lies above us. The grey glossy stone protrudes out over the glass door ahead creating a canopy over the stone stairs below. The stone seems to be cut from one solid pieces of stone I can see no seems or breaks in the exterior of its shell and in total it seems to be possibly five stories high. If this is one solid piece I wonder how this structure is possibly staying erect with its apparent size and weight.  There are two large columns one on either side of Uriel and myself which leads me to believe on the North side there are two more. Each pillars looks to be the circumference of a large red wood tree this is the only thing that makes me think this structure is safe to enter.

After all four feet filled the depressions the glass doors slid to the side exposing a white open room within.  Like walking into a museum the floor made clicking sounds as our feet hit their polished surfaces. There was a glass partition that moved down the middle of our two sides. I saw Uriel behind the glass of his side while I remained behind the glass of my side. Down towards the back of the long room were two sets of stone staircases one on Uriels side and one on my side. The staircases had a very gradual incline and seemed more artistic than practical as each wind seemed to go on longer than necessary. As I got closer to one of my walls I could see mounted picture frames. The frames themselves were large and ornate there seemed to be a pattern of how they hung first a line of two and then a line of three. The pictures themselves were swirling fuzzy images from my current time line on Earth. I knew instantly that these were portals of sorts and decided to jump right into the first one I saw. Moving right into a distant memory I witnessed a timeline from my current life playing out. I could see what was happening from a much different perspective and witnessed my learning or lesson that was being taught at that point in my life. Happy to understand the bigger picture I decided to venture back into the room to seek out another picture. Being drawn to the back of the room I saw myself in my current position on the Earth plane, I saw myself performing the projection work I was currently doing and got the immediate impulse that I could send a projection to myself on Earth to take any shape I desired. Standing in front of the frame I sent a projection of a large brown bear back to my physical form on Earth. Here I witnessed my physical body on Earth turn into that of a large brown bear. I realized that in this space I could change my timelines I could manipulate the patterns and I could project what I wanted to into the time and space I wished to alter or change. The immediate thought entered into my mind that what if I do not hold the greatest wisdom to create a change what if my ego changes a circumstance and it turns out worse than it had been and realized that much due diligence would have to go into any alterations I sought out to change.

Peeling myself away from my wall I looked over my shoulder through the glass into Uriels wall. I could see vibrantly colored pictures swirling on his wall and wondered if those were connected to his life or if they were clearer images of my life. Questioning one more thing I decided to run outside of this room back to the foot holds in the front of the building and decided to change my form to that of my body from the time space of the old woman from the Bubble Planet. As I made the change so too did my guide, Uriel turn into Zadekiel and my body turned into that of the old woman. Stepping on the foot holds we entered into the museum once again and here the pictures had changed. Jumping into the first image I witnessed the old woman telling a story to a young child who was hanging on every word the old woman was saying, I saw that the woman was weaving a story into the heart of this child that would change him forever. From here I jumped out of that painting and into one hanging in a different location. Here the old woman was young and watching her planet go through its changes, she spoke to the people about the connection to crystals and how to harvest crystals in a manner that was safe for the planet and the people. Here I flashed back to the life lived on the Fairy Planet and saw the wisdom she spoke from came directly from this life time. She made a case to a council of the elders and wise ones from this planet that would help assist them with the upcoming changes they were about to experience. From here I jumped out of this memory and back into 

the museum like hallway. Running out of the room once again I changed back to my original form and so too did Zadekiel turn back into Uriel.

We walked through the separated halls and found the staircases towards the back of the building. Here we both journeyed up towards the very top floor each on our separate staircases. Not that there were any other choices other than up this staircase curved around three times with no exit options except to go all the way up. Once at the top floor we found ourselves on what would appear to be the roof top of this structure. Completely open to all of the elements below and around I could see the exposed black and pink muddied sky above which seemed oddly peaceful. We found here at the top of the building we could see every direction that this building faced. There were no partitions or blocks on the roof top of this building like there was below. This roof top was open to all four possible quadrants visitors. Walking the perimeter of this building I could see over the north, the west and the east side’s. Each side had the exact same view. There were bon fires galore in straight lines separating the large teepees on either side. Like four separate mazes each side had the exact same layout. Curious as to why this may be I remembered how the four quadrants were separate from one another on the inside of the building and even more so the singular quadrant was bisected even more separating its one side from its second side. Recognizing that part of this review was private I could also see that there may be times when multiple parties are allowed to come together after the review has been done to discuss potential connections, outcomes, or changes that need to be made for better results. This might answer my earlier question pertaining to changing my timeline. This viewing area atop the museum might be a space to come together with other parties to analyze situations before adjusting or changing the timeline. Searching the space outside of the bon fires and teepees I stand side by side with Uriel when images begin to come into view. Here I start to question the inevitable question. What is the purpose of one who might preserve their body here? Squinting to see past the four mazes I begin to receive in my mind’s eye what lies outside of these paths and I can see a large circle of beings held in tubes contained in a state of suspended animation. The knowing that I am out there again begins to hit me. Starting to mull through my rolodex of questions I can’t seem to understand why if every soul goes through a life review after an incarnation would they need to hold a body on this planet? Everything witnessed here seems to be in harmony with a sixth dimensional live review so why incarnate here to have access to what just about everyone has access to?

Uriel pushes away from the side of the rooftop and begins to walk towards the stairs. Catching his movement I do the same. Still questioning to myself what the difference between this and the sixth dimension could be I find we are at the bottom level and ready to make our way off of the platform and onto the stairs. Moving towards the bon fires and teepees Uriel stops at the bottom of the steps until I catch up and make the undeniable decision to venture into the teepee he so quietly stands in front of. Seeing the smile on his face I move into the first teepee on my left. Here I see my sister from my current lifecycle on Earth waiting for me. She sits quietly in the middle of the teepee watching light shadows dance upon the inside of here canvas walls. Making my way to where she is I lie down on my back watching the same light shadows scroll around the inside of her accommodation. She looks at me and says, “Thank you for releasing your expectations of me. Thank you for finally seeing me for who I am and seeing my heart. Because you can see this inside of me I can now see it in myself. Thank you for this blessing.” Staring at the energy of my sister I embrace her and make my way to the next teepee across that way. Moving inside of this first teepee on the right hand side I find my father from my current timeline of Earth. He sits cross legged in the center of his teepee also watching the light shadows dance across the canvas walls. I sit beside my father and star at him until he is ready to talk. “Thank you for teaching me the lessons of fixed perspective and allowing me to see that there is no real delineation between young and old that we are all the same here to learn and to teach. You have allowed me to break those patterns of my expectations in relationship and for that I thank you”. Embracing my father I stand up and move to the next tent. Here I encounter my boss from the time space of Earth 2015. Sitting in the middle of his teepee he stares at the light shadows dancing on the walls of his teepee. “Thank you for teaching me to take back my power, how to be true to myself and focused on what is most important.” Here we embrace and I can sense the next few teepees and who they hold and what messages they have. I find this a beautiful way to see how we are connected to our circle of light beings in a singular life. The messages were loud and clear and helped to reaffirm some of my lesson plans and the addenda I had set forth for myself in my Earth existence.

Walking to the end of this pathway filled with teepees and bon fires Uriel and I now stand close to the circle of lifeless beings held in suspended animation. Here a great dilemma begins to pull at my mind. Still confused about the purpose of these beings I begin to see lifeless zombie type creatures moving all around me. Uriel acknowledges their presence and states that this is how a being will come to take ownership of a life on this planet. The soul will inhabit one of these beings and then go through their own review process where multiple lives will analyzed together to assist in the bigger picture of the soul. Those who chose to unite all aspects of their soul self into one existence will choose to hold a body here. Those who are working to bring together all experience in complete recognition must have access to all timelines and be able to adjust and change timelines that need further completion. A being that chooses to hold a body here will be able to bring closure to lessons while alive in one body and affect the course of another physical body that they hold. This is why one chooses to go into suspended animation here. Showing me the number of souls in tubes surrounding this place I get the feeling of Hell. I see millions of tubes of what appear to be forgotten vessels. Why are there so many here when I have been told that only 2000 exist on Earth at this space and time. There are many souls that start the transcendence process hoping to reach levels of divine connection where they may be way showers and guides for other souls. This process is one of the most difficult levels of accomplishment for a soul to achieve as much light is wisdom, knowledge, and transcendence is required to attain this level of awareness to assist another. A soul may initially choose this path and be guided elsewhere or chose to live out an existence within another realm where the path is easier. We have many sign up yet few complete the journey that was intended so there are many bodies here that will remain here forever. This is where I am pulled to thoughts of hell. I can see the journey of a soul one who wishes to transcend and yet gets seduced by an easier path or trapped in a dimension somewhere where they are unable to rehabilitate into their previous body. I feel this is a risky move to be held on this planet and feel it might be somewhat of a short cut in being allowed to witness all life times from one place and make adjustments and changes that may be necessary to safely move on. Maybe this is why so many come here because the allure of being garneted access to a place as powerful as this is seductive for a soul wanting to do everything yet the potential for return may be limited due to a souls ability to chose and have free will at any given point in time.