Original Channel - Part 1 Recourse Stealers

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.



Recourse Stealers

Dropped into yet another new and interesting planet my mind immediately opens up to the unique sights surrounding me. I can tell the position I am at is elevated off the ground at least one story high. Scanning the perimeter of the landscape I see what appear to be three space ships spread out with a mile or so n between each one. The closest space ship is anchored to the ground by a ladder or large stair way. The body of the craft is white in color and is shaped like a pointed missal with a semi rounded top.  There are three fins on the base of the ship that allows it to implant into the ground and presumably help in stabilizing this vessel while standing.  I see each ship is illuminated from within and is packed full with beings from this planet.

Turning my body around I now see I am on the top of the fourth space ships stair way getting ready to enter into the interior of the craft. As I walk inside I am greeted by a group of people who are unwilling to make eye contact. Each being holds their heads low and the energy is quite somber to say the least. Passing by each one I immediately pick up that they are Paladien. This is made apparent by their long flowing hair and striking blue eyes. I see young small children, old adults and everything in between. If crying was an option I think each might let loose a river of tears. The interior of the craft has only seats like a typical cargo plane there are seats lining the walls where inhabitants stand and get secured into a position during flight that they individual will remain standing. There are also groupings of seats that fill the middle of the craft that align in rows apparently available for the younger, the older and those not able to stand. The entire craft seems to hold around one hundred and fifty beings total. Feeling into the energy of the people I would have to say this journey is not one of choice.

Looking out the porthole I see the exterior landscape now and get the impression we are on the surface of the moon. It looks desolate and bare as if no life exists at all anywhere surrounding this area. Knowing this indeed is not the moon I am confused as to where we might be, what we might be escaping from and where we are going. Forgetting that Paladiens can read minds I am instantly greeted by a response to my questions from someone apparently listening into my questioning thoughts. “This is our planet and it is time to find more resources to insure the survival of our people.” Still staring out the porthole I see the creators of this planet and try to envision how any life could have escaped onto this vessel from the nothingness I see below. Watching as the three ships begin to elevate into the sky I can begin to feel our propulsion system initiate and decide to brace myself for the feeling of weightlessness and potential sickness that is about to ensue.

Under an hour of flying time later the ships all move towards a large docking station within space. This docking station has two different spinning rings circling a center orb. The outer most ring spins horizontally the inner ring spins vertically and they are both attached to the centralized orb in the middle. As the four ships dock to the outer bay area we are escorted off the ships and onto a long walk way. Some of the inhabitants are lead off towards the medical ward which appears to lie directly ahead of us following one of the walkways everyone else is shuffled off into a large auditorium following the only other walkway.

Following the heard of people I find my way to a seat within the auditorium. As the group settles a speaker presents himself on stage. “Welcome. You are all here to help secure our planets future. You have been selected to journey to our neighboring planets to seek out the resources necessary to insure our planets survival. As you know we will break off into four groups. As your time comes you will need to meet back at your ship and get ready for departure. If you have any further questions please find someone that can help assist you when the time come. We expect great things from each of you. Thank you.” Looking around it appears that everyone is disengaged from the protocol of this speech. It seems as if they have heard this propaganda before and are just ready to do what they have been called to do. When the speech is over lines file out of the auditorium and I can feel people breaking away to retreat towards their living quarters.

The inside of this space station is cold, filled with metal and industrial feeling. There is not much light that gets through and everything appears to be a bit disconnected. The walkways are like circular tubes surrounding a metal grated path. The living quarters house a single bed and there is no room for social interaction except in the auditorium which understandably no one wants to head back into. The weeks pass by and the station is on course towards its first destination planet. Arriving to the planet the first group is assembled and loaded into something other than their original ship. This object they board looks like a metal cube. Each person gets into this cube and stands shoulder to shoulder. Once sealed in a type of deep freeze or sleep is used on the inhabitants. The cube is set on a path to intersect the planet and the first group is gone. The weeks fly by and the same protocol takes place for the second and third group. It is now time for the fourth group to assemble. We near this last planet and I am called to board the cube. Following instructions I take my place amongst the beings of the fourth group and we are loaded, frozen and sent on a path towards Earth.

Our cube seems to touch down to Earth far enough away from civilization where there will not be any immediate disturbances. The deep sleep freeze simultaneously wares off and the beings I accompany wake up ready to fulfill their jobs duties. Here time seems to fly by at the blink of an eye and the beings scour the planet searching for those resources that they have been tasked to find. The space station seems to have known that this planet has specific qualities we were after and knew what potential it had, therefore the job of my colleagues doesn’t seem so hard after all.  The world here flies by like a movie being played on fast forward, light is bright and pictures of what I see are blurred together. The work gets done and in no time it seems we have what is needed. Interestingly enough some of the beings I have come here with are choosing to stay on this planet. The local inhabitants are very primitive the year is very early sometime B.C. and our comrades find they are treated like gods with their knowledge and understanding of advancements. This is always allowed and sometimes encouraged for better integration between two planets. Upon close of this mission we send communication back to the space station and a ship is sent to pick up our group number four. While we are shuttled back to the space station harvesting of the essential resources located on this planet gets completed and we rejoin the original station.

Being the last group to deploy we are also the last group to return back to the ship. Our homecoming is meet by a half empty space station as it seems many from the previous groups have chosen to stay on their newly discovered planets.  It seems these

deployments are done somewhat regularly so at any time the beings that were left behind could chose to come back if they felt so inclined to do so. We are headed back to our home planet now with resources on hand. The trip seems longer this time around with no stops ahead of us we make the long journey home. Remembering what we left behind I find it hard to believe that any amount of resources will be enough to sustain life once again.

The space station takes up orbit around our home planet and the remaining inhabitants board the ships to make the short flight home. The space ships dock as they had at the beginning of our expedition. Following the remaining members from group four we descend the large stair case to the gray crater filled ground below and walk a path that leads underneath the space ship. Not experiencing this before I find there is a cylinder tube waiting for us underneath the large space ship. One by one the beings step on top of a platform that functions quite like an elevator and slowly carries the being down beneath the gray exterior surface the space ships now dock onto. Being the last in line I find my ride down the tube is remarkable. Passing by the first layer of the gray exterior crust I see there is an entire world operating beneath the desolate surface of this planet. Making my way down the tube I can see that the gray crust is some type of mirror or projection mechanism that appears to be a gray on one side and blue on the other. It acts as a barrier for this world like an ozone layer would be for Earth, but this seems more specific to this planets needs. Riding down this tube I see a busy metropolis of sorts where shinny metallic structures sit amongst green lush hills. Everything is so shinny that the edges of these structures all appear to have slight fuzz. As my ride comes to an end the platform beneath me stops at what appears to be a large stone cliff. Looking to my left I can see three other inclined ridges that stick up towards the mirrored sky. These four stone cliffs all have see through cylindrical vessels that move up and through the sky above. Each cliffs appears to be a large pathways to the metropolis below I can see the other members of groups one through four some more clearly than others now slowly descending towards the busy landscape awaiting them below.

As I exit the tube I begin to question my presence in this place. So far I have witnessed what appears to be a harvesting mission to secure resources from neighboring planets. I have heard that this current planet is in danger due to its depletion of resources. I have witnessed the relocation of inhabitants from one planet to another and seen nothing as of yet that would lead me to believe that this planet is hurting for anything as it seems to be operating just fine. At this I call out to my guardian who I know is standing by somewhere off in the wings. I ask for help understanding all that I have witnessed and ask for guidance on what is to be learned from being here. On cue Malachi a tall Paladien guide with long wavy flowing hair comes to my side. I stop in place on the top of the cliff ridge and turn to look at Malachi and then the city beyond. Why do these people take resources from other planets when they seem to be doing just fine? At this Malachi begins his slow finesse of information transference. Words spoken inside my head begin to match pictures I can see through opened eyes. The people of this planet developed themselves to a point of dependency. They harvested their own resources continuously without regard for replenishment. They took from their planet at a rate in which the planet could not give back this lead to a need to seek out resources from other planets. Because they used and depleted their own minerals and resources and continued to grow their quest for advancements they used to a point of no return. Their entire way of life depended on these advancements and therefore they had to seek out replacements for their overuse.

The people of this planet put emphasis on understanding their problems and figured out solutions to continue their existence with minimal impact on those planets surrounding them. In order to do this they had to review what lead to their problems in the first place and found their solutions by cultivating many to become scientists and study the effects of what they had created. Overtime many of these scientists began to study their planets inhabitant’s and what effect they had on their planet, their environment, and the entire universe they found themselves apart of. These scientists developed a method for studying other planets as well. They recorded planetary patterns over resource use and advancement to help asses where a planet ranked on a risk meter. The scientists created a system for harvesting resources from other planets that would allow their planet to acquire the resources it so desperately needed while also not depleting the host planet of what it needed to thrive. They created a process where each planet would go through a harvest and then be allowed to go through a re-growth cycle before harvested again. This was the main shortfall in their planets own development. Their expansions lead to a cycle of overuse and once they depleted the planet they were unable to regain a healthy cycle where balance could be achieved.

Knowing full well that I have a body stored on this planet I ask my guide what my purpose is here. Although this current planet can no longer make its own resources they seemed to have devised a way to ensure their own survival without impeding on the growth of other planets. So why might I have a body stored here? Seeing now clearly the massive structures of the metropolis ahead of me Malachi allows my mind to soar across the length of the city below. He guides my mind to find a set of three bullet shaped buildings angle towards the mirrored sky. Seeing the shinny metallic structures set amongst the green hillside I knew this had to be where my suspended animation body was stored. Taking my mind now through the wall of this metallic structure Malachi showed me the inside of this building. With a hallowed out center I could see along every square inch of this circular chamber there were glass vessels mounted six high and ten around to the walls. Speaking into my mind once again Malachi tells me these are the scientists. The scientists decided to freeze their lives here on this planet to bring messages of depletion and overuse of resources to the surrounding star systems. They found it there duty to bring what they had learned into the mental awareness of the inhabitants of other planets. Being a planet that had developed to fast for its own good and now depending on the neighboring planets this was a way the people of this world felt they could give back and bring messages of warnings to those planets in danger of experiencing the same outcomes. You have chosen to bring the message of your planet to other planets as a warning. You hope to save many other planets from experiencing the same outcome your planet now lives with. Even the vessel you find your body in is a potential space ship ready to leave this planet if necessary. This planet is a ticking time bomb. You have sworn not to deplete other planets for your own sake and therefore must teach others to follow the harvesting principals in order to insure depletion is not experienced. If the planets don’t heed your warnings your planet will not have other planets to harvest from and will inevitably cease to exist. Your mission is to education about the harvest and proper use of resources. Every planet is interconnected and must heed these warning for full awakening to their full connected potential. Hearing the message of Malachi I know my place here amongst the scientists of this planet and find a harmonic resonance with the message. I feel compelled to find a way to speak this message for not only my home planet, but for the survival of all planets.