Original Channel - Part 1 Space Station

Original Channel - Part 1 Space Station

(Unedited / Straight Travel Record) - Book includes 2nd visit with Remote Viewing recap to dive deeper into each world experienced from FROZEN SOUL perspective.


Space Station

Upon arrival to this new terrain examination of the scenery gives me the impression that I have been dropped onto the surface of the moon. Landing on what appears to be finely ground dust the surface of this planet is covered in whitish gray powdered sand that looks and feels soft like ash. Because of its weightlessness the ash like sand swirls up into little cyclones with each gust of wind that sweeps by. All around this planet the sand dances around oddly shaped trees that sparsely cover the landscape.  The trees appear barren exposing only smooth grey bark to the outside elements. Each branch of these peculiar trees curls into a spiral or end up corkscrewing at interesting angles. There sits a black atmospheric sky laced with bright white stars that holds the backdrop to this entire field. Knowing this is not moon I have come to explore almost every detail could have persuaded me otherwise.

From below the ground I can hear the distinct hum of something high pitched and electrical. About five feet in front of me I begin to see a square panel from the surface of this planet illuminate. A large phone booth shaped kind of elevator begins to emerge upwards from the ash covered ground.  This see through glass elevator is the size of two phone booths put together large enough to hold multiple individuals at once. Riding along the inside of the elevator is a unique looking individual. As the slow assent happens I have time to examine some of the distinctive qualities that my new welcome committee embodies.

The being is cloaked in a robe with a high collar that moves half way up its face. There appears to be five short tentacles protruding from the top of its head holding onto five eyes that move to their own accord. The body appears to be that of a slug with no real definition except two long arms that have possibly three digits on each hand. The slug has a thick tail that seems to be the method for movement and helps to stabilize the large body above. Without seeing a mouth or really anything below the eyes I can understand this being is pleased to have me here. I move towards the elevator and follow my guide as he turns his back to me and begins to descend down a set of hidden stairs below. I understand we are now moving down into an underground environment where I assume most of the activity of this planet is taking place.

Following the circular stair case we move down what feels like three levels. As we reach the bottom step we are placed onto a grated metal walkway that extends outwards towards our left hand side and directly in front of us. This walkway seems to follow the entire length of this underground chamber hugging the walls in a U shape, one path to our left and a path directly ahead of us that bends along the far wall. This walkway seems to suspend a few stories above whatever lies below us in this underground chamber. As I follow my guide we chose the path directly in front of us. The metal walkway seems to run adjacently to a very large open platform over my right shoulder. Staying on the grated walkway in front of the platform and I can see that the open area on my left side resembles a large aircraft hangar. I begin to recognize that this entire facility is an underground space station. A few stories below us in the open hanger I can see there are multiple space ships docked onto the ground. As if on cue the entire facility begins to hum with a much louder electrical tone than I had witnessed above ground. I see at the far end of the hanger over my left hand side that a piece of the roof had begun to dislodge opening to the black sky above. A craft speed right into the station and within seconds the doors begins their process of closing once again. My guide had stopped apparently knowing I was engrossed in what was happening. Once the ordeal was done he continued his movement across the metal grates to the far end of the walkway.

Our path has been leading us towards the far wall of the space station. The grated metal path we have been on now bends to the left to continue to run adjacent to this internal wall of the facility. I see what appears to be a bay of possible room openings that move in perfect sequence following the entire length of the wall down towards the door that just opened to the sky above. Following the path we pass by the first hallway opening right at the corner bend and I see a long hallway that leads deep past the interior hanger walls to what feels like a pretty expansive final room. Feeling an urge to follow this hallway my guide had other plans and continued moving down the path. A few feet later I see my guide stop in front of the second opening. As I come up to this space we take the inlet deeper into the internal workings of the space station.

Moving only feet into this hallway we are greeted by a large glass wall. Imagine visiting the baby ward at the hospital and getting to see all of the new babies lined up for viewing behind that glass wall. This is the exact encounter we were greeted with except instead of babies I saw almost a conveyer belt of fully grown humans being worked on by Paladien beings. The humans were not moving and had a whiter than normal glow to them. There seemed to be two Paladien beings working on every one human. The Paladiens had long flowing hair were very tall and quite void of any emotions. Here my guide begins to talk.

Our kind works with the Paladiens, we have an agreement that we help them and they help us. We each have something the other needs and this creates a good relationship between our two planets. The Paladien people help us harvest what we need to do our space exploration and in turn we help them in harvesting what they need for the continued success of their race. The beings of our planet like to explore this star system in order to do this we have created this space station to assist us with our travels. The Paladien people have assisted us in our exploration and also use this station to perform their experiments on the human race. After speaking these words a commotions can be heard on the outside metal grates. Stepping onto the metal pathway just outside of the viewing room I see what appear to be five or six Paladien beings walking in a rushed manner on the far path.

Looking like angelic beings these individuals wore breast plates of armor, have long flowing hair and radiate a glow that is undeniable. The entire group minus one individual walks straight into the first hallway opening I was inclined to visit. The last one follows the curve and move to where my guide and I are standing. As if knowing what to do my guide silently moved away and allowed this new teacher to step forth. Knowing what I had just witnessed and already picking up on my thoughts the Paladien begins to answer my questions and helps to fill in the blank spaces of information that I seek to know.

What you have just witnessed is the fulfillment of a contract made between human and alien race. When a soul departs its body it is moved into the sixth dimension where lift time review is done and next life lesson planning is made. A soul has many opportunities to experience itself on multiple levels of existence and one way it can chose to do that is by making contracts with other souls to learn life lessons, gain wisdom and teachings, or help their planet to name a few. Our Paladien race has a staked claim in the survival of Earth and its humans, just like many other alien races also have contracts and expectations of the Earth. Some souls incarnating onto Earth chose to make a contract with our or other alien races to help in many different ways. One of those ways we partner together is by allowing a human to carry the soul of not only the human but also our alien race creating hybrids. Those hybrids that prove valuable to us we take back to our planet to help insure the survival of our race those that do not display adequate acceptance of he alien soul will be left behind and that is why so many feel not fully connected to their life on Earth as a human. When something like this happens it is understood that the soul has fulfilled a part of their agreed upon contract. We also intervene by bringing humans here to space stations such as this to take away certain illnesses as well as create other illnesses that will help to assist with the human race and our contracts with Earth. Some souls chose to make contracts with aliens as well as their human guides and due to this we have the ability to intervene when needed. You must understand that this is decided on the soul level and in that space the soul knows what is best for their ultimate progression and divinity. With this the Paladien sent love towards me and allowed me to feel at ease with the entire situation.